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  1. Devuono
    niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!   :)     :)     ;)     :D     ;D     >:(     :(     :o     8)     >:D     :'(     :-*     :-\     :-X     :-[     :P     ::)     ???  
  2. the alien
    ya your with the aliens...we will destroy the predator   :)  ....but i have to admite that no alien has killed the predator yet.....!!!
  3. Godzillaboy 201
    Optimus Virus-Your guess is as good as mine,but is say YES!!!! Problaby incase his main claws get burned or broken, he just can use the dual wrist blades as a replacment.Get what i'm saying Optimus and everybody.Although, this is just my guess after all..    :-\     8)    P.S-I wonder if the Wolf will have arm blades and the net gun to?   ???     ???  
  4. Godzillaboy 201
      ???     ???     ???     ???  Anyone know what the Predalien will look like in the game? {If there is a Predalien}  I would like to know.
    i jst whatched the showdown clip (again) and iv noticed that its Dallas who is grabed by the cloaked pred, then wen the aliens come hes lying on the floor...wonder wot happens between that time? (pred gets distracted wif an attacking alien maybe)?
  6. Godzillaboy 201
      :o     ???   That 2nd picture looks like the same ship from Predator 2 when you look at it cloosly..."Remember in Predator 2 when that guy is in the ship, and he gets ambushed by the other Predators after he kills the main Predator."   :-\   It looks like that same ship...
  7. Godzillaboy 201
      ;D   It is defently the ship from AvP because in AvP Scar's body is on that same platform that is in the 3rd picture on gamespot."It is not a scout ship people,can't you all tell by the platform from AvP in the 3rd pic."   ;D     8)  
  8. Man Love Rules!!
    I really really really hope they release the clip shown at LA comic con. Maybe on christmas day, for us none united states residents lol. Now that would be an awesome christmas present!  Woohoo
  9. Claude Speed
    The AVP mothership screenshot rocks, looks like that is the scene when the predalien is born. The P2 style ship screenshot, I think is the scout ship that crashes, which is also very cool.   Rebellion havn't really made any good games, this will be another one, but it's definitly worth checking out for PSP owners.    :D  
  10. YAUTJA
    it looks ok, jst hope its not as dissapointing as concrete jungle...personaly i think they shud av made a next gen game (for ps3), maybe a 1st person shooter with the game play of rainbow 6 vegas or call of duty 4 (-which is awesum)
  11. Optimus Virus
    Iv'e sold my PSP but I have no intention of buying the new one just for this game, this game will be good but not great, im not a real big fan of rebellion.   The first AVP PC game was ok but AVP2 & Primal Hunt was so much better!  P.S I dont think the game will follow the movie 100% because it is being released before the game and they wasn't given the full AVP-R script   Rock On!   ;D  
  12. JD
    Seeing as there are Aliens in the ship in the game, there are mostly likely to see some in the movie!!!  since the Game will follow the movie!
  13. PredKing_Luke
    one of the screenshots is in the ship at the end of avp and where the predalien is born, i wonder if you can see the predator corpse where the predalien chestburster was first seen.   ???     8)  
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