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    aliens vs predator 2 is the best movie ever. the wolf is the best predator ever and who evers a alien fan   :-[     :-[   im soo sorry u get dominated.  its all about the predator killing aliens hahah
  2. Nomad
    Only a part of his face looks like shit, another part looks great. Combine them together, add bloom, cg, lighht etc... you'll have a fricking great looking predator.  Who of you think Wolf will look damn good in the movie?
  3. Godzillaboy 201
    I agree with you BIGAL-2000.He does look like he has went 10 rounds with a Queen + another Predalien!!!!   :o     :o   Cool face though....   8)     :-\  
  4. mikelonewolf
    I wonder if wolf is going to live then the mothership will come and pick him up with the dead predalien(if the blue vial dosent work because it's half predator) and take it back to their homeworld and study it.   :-\     ???  
  5. Suzie
    The Wolf isn't an 'elder' predator just an experienced one! if he survise this im sure he will be...but looks like chet is going to kill him...poor wolfy  I love u all x
  6. Rafael S.
    I think if Wolf is an older Pred should have more mature colors every were. The pink color makes Wolf look more younger while if he had the red inner maniable it would look way older and more experiance. Thanks for the comment mikelonewolf |
  7. mikelonewolf
    well Rafael S. maybe it's pink because that means he older then the elder in avp, meaning that the older they get their faces change like more spikes,more mandibles,and horns. Any why this predator is definatly a elder to the elder in avp WOLF IS GOING TO KICKASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WATCH OUT PREDALIEN   :)     ;)     :D     ;D   :shocked   8)     ::)   :
  8. zen
    Have any of you ever see'n a burn victem?.If so then you know that years later the skin whould be scarred and it whould be red.And is'nt the preds blood a green color that glows?.So whould'nt the acid scar his skin,leaving it bright green?.
  9. Sgt.Hudson
    i mean come on. how do u want his face to look like after he's been hit with acid?and in my opinion the strause bros. decided that if they gave us new clips and pics we'd stop bitchin but i guess it's impossible.
  10. REYALS
    MAN!!! Eveyone is a critic... It is, what it is, so quit your bitching. I dont see anyone out there doing their "version", so leave it alone. As for this bust, it works, but not for the price range.   :-\     ::)  
  11. XenoFox
    :\ they really should wait till after the movie is released before they reveal his face, i think the movie movie crew is doing some awful marketing decisions with the movie, i mean. In the trailers alone you can see how just about everyone dies, and now theyre releasing pictures of wolf`s face before the movie even is in theaters.... spoilers anyone? This, dissapoints me. :P
  12. PREDATOR34
    ye dunit look gud whoevers a alien fan haha suckers its alien domination this film cnt wait for film i think it makes the predator look good
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