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  1. Cyberraga
    There´s something weird about the maquette! If you look closely at the pictures from Chet in the Prod. stills and the NECA figure her skin looks waay more detailed and almost biomechanical than this one and has very long tail (in fact the Bros. said that she has a very long tail that uses quite a lot) but this one has like a really smooth skin and a very short tail. Maybe this is how the predalien looks like at the beginning of the movie...?
  2. Nomad
    Good words Meathead320! Respect!   ;D    P.S. The only superity of super facehuger is that he is carying a queen embrio. No spikes, tubes etc... looks like regular.
  3. mikelonewolf
    Well Godzillaboy the predalien queen has 2 arms because it is a defrent species then the normal human queen. It spits the chestburster in it's victums mouth so the predalien queen only produces predalien drones. But hey, we all have our own oppions
  4. zen
    THANK YOU MEATHEAT320!!!.I've been trying to explain it but every time i give a logical theory i get two stupid theorys thrown at me that makes no sense at all!!!!!.Now people,combine comments 58,67,68,69,70 and 92!!!.ITS THE MOST LOGICAL ANSWER YOU CAN FIND!!!!!!!!!.
  5. Meathead320
    It is supposed to be a young Queen. This has been stated by Colin Strause on the boards. Like an in-between stage. Not yet fully grown. The host throat raping is just her way of reproducing before she is large enough to lay eggs, when she would become virtually immobile.    The fact that her host was a Predator is just a coincidence, and should have nothing to do with how she is reproducing. She is not even close to being fully grown.  Hypothetically, if it would survive it would grow far larger, gain the extra set of arms of a normal Queen, and grow an eggsack. In other words, it would eventually grow into a regular Queen, reproducing in a regular way as seen before, but just be a little bigger/uglier than a regular Queen. Nothing more or less.  Aliens eggs spawned from her would still be born with a clean slate of pure Alien DNA. Her reproductive organs would then not contain any predator DNA. Otherwise all of the Aliens she is making in the movie would have predator features too, and clearly they do NOT, therefor the Aliens do not genetically dissolute over time, and it is NOT cumulative. This immature Queen’s, and any other Queen’s reproductive organs are pure Alien parts.
  6. leprechaun62689
    Great design.   Its not technically a queen because we've seen a queen before.  We dont know what predaliens do because we've never see them before!
  7. The Chosen One
    yes i know, but it wern't in the film so it dont really count! lol  peace to you all may we rest in peace once the requiem is opon us  lets fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Foundationman2
    Actually there was one Super Facehugger. It wasn't meant to be one though. They actually made it for alien three, but ended up not using it, save one clip. In the extended version with the ox, when the guy holds up the facehugger, look closely, its not a normal one.
  9. The Chosen One
    the predalien has simply inherited atraight from the predator DNA thats why it can impreganate/reproduce!  stop this nonesense about super queen facehuggers, thats not in the films. Peace
  10. scarface
    actually if you buy the aliens omnibus you can see a space jockey.......they look like retarded pink elephants.:).....besides....maybe theres a change in the embryo of the alien cycle. if there is no queen or drones present at the time, it may be able to change the genetic makeup while still inside to become a queen....its a radical theory, but so is throwing up eggs in someones mouth:)
  11. Galmorzu
    Just so people know, there WAS a Space Jocky Alien hybrid in one of the comics.  I actually have the full splash page of it scanned on my computer at home.  I'll see if I can't put it up online somewhere for everyone to see.  It's definitely kind of strange looking, with a ridge that runs from its "nose", down over the mouth, and connects back at the chin.  It isn't solid, so it comes apart when it opened its mouth, but it did look kind of funky.  In the comics, it showed up briefly bursting through a wall, covered in aliens as it rampaged through everything.  The aliens attacking it, it crushing aliens while trying to go after the humans ship taking off.
  12. Nomad
    AS I said before, it is wrong to judge about aliens or predators just watching the theatrical versions of the movies! THERE ARE A GREAT NUMBER OF BOOKS AND COMIX ABOUT THIS CREATURES THAT EXPLAINS ALOT!!!!!!
  13. comandantedavid
    And Nomad is right - ALL the aliens are hybrids.  Hence the human skull within the face of the original alien.  Even the alien queen in ALIENS must be a hybrid. I like the point about "jockeliens", I always thought the alien's hybridized evolution might be cumulative, meaning it picks up traits from new hosts and those traits stay with it even as it goes on to yet another host (notice, the dog alien still has a humanoid mouth).  Maybe it got its exoskeleton and biomechanical look from the Jockeys (the eggs aren't very biomechanical after all, more organic and leathery...), and that would explain why aliens with more sustained contact with humans (resurrection and avp) are more fleshy - think about it, from the original alien until now every movie has fleshier, more human-like aliens.  Now we have an alien with some predator flesh and a predator skull in its face.  I think its all very consistent with the arc of the movies overall.
  14. Foundationman2
    They threw out the idea of a Super-Facehugger before the Alien 3 release. The Facehugger that infects Ripley is just a normal facehugger, no dark grey skin, or spikes everywhere, just a normal facehugger. Yet the alien inside turned out to be a Queen.
  15. comandantedavid
    Why are some of you so insistent about SUPER or QUEEN FACE HUGGERS?  These creatures did not appear in any theatrical release of an alien film.  One shows up in the recut of Alien 3, but not in the theatrical release.  And remember that in BOTH versions the facehugger (super in the recut, normal in the theatrical version) lays both the queen and the dog alien (which is just a drone from a different host), so facehuggers apparently can impregnate the host with either sort of alien.  It probably depends on the conditions, or on how far the face hugger is from a hive.  In no movie is the alien's biology as straightforward as many of you suggest.
  16. Nomad
    Aliens also feal electro-magnetic changes in enviroment because of their long heads that actually work like electro-magnetic sensor. They do not need to have yeys, thry already feel everything what's going on around them. P. S. it's not my gueses, it is a fact from the World of Fantastic magasine.
  17. Clark
    It's impressive, yeah, but... I don't know. There's something about it that just looks wrong. It's not elegant. Not 'Giger elegant', anyway.
  18. zen
    The aliens have a unique adaptation,the embryo takes the dominant genetic information and copys it(thats why they\\\\\\\'r silicon & carbon based),this way it has all the strangth but none of the weaknesses.Why it does this is so it can be more powerful then its host,that way if it came against another member of that species it can easily over-power it.All xenomorphs are hermaphroditic(I think i spelled that right).The drones are capable of laying 1 & only 1 egg,the queen(through the egg sack) can lay any number of eggs.If a hive is without a queen then an alien drone will turn into a queen to save the hive.During this stage the \\\\\\\"young queen\\\\\\\" can lay any number of eggs through the mouth while the egg sack is developing so a hive can  start faster.Although a drone has only a 1 in 1000 chance of impregnating the host with a queen,the same can be said for the face huggers.If the space-jockies did create the xenomorphs then its a perfect bio-weapon.A weapon that copys the gene info then covers up the weaknesses with its own strangths can easily bring any civilization to its knees.Its the perfect bio-weapon.If a queen or \\\"young queen\\\" does face hug a host then the alien inside will most likely not be a queen but rather a drone.As for the dome covering the \\\"eye\\\'s\\\",my guess is that they hear the way dare-devil does,and they produce a very low or high frequency hum which whould bounce off the walls,acting like sonar,how else whould they know where Bishop was?(not through scent,because he was an android).And how else did they know where Choppers was?(not through sight because he was invisible).If one thinks about it its the perfect sight,you\\\'ll know where every thing is.I\'d add more about the anatomy of the aliens from books and comics and movies i saw/read but i had a brain fart and i cant think of anything else to add.Sorry.
  19. Nomad
    James, avp:r starts were avp ended, so facehuger that imprgnet    ;D   Scar in the first movie was a superface huger and little predalien bastard - alien queen Chet.  And Wolf is her uncle     ;D     ;D     ;D  
  20. KungVanargand
    I am in the state of believing that this movie will realy rock everything away. And the way things look, like the Predalien are just the way they look. Im very satisfied by now. Cant wait to see how that reproductiv system works. Sure will be eekie!   ;D  
  21. James
    The ONLY way you can make a Queen Alien/Predalien or whatever, is by having a Superfacehugger, Which means the Face Hugger is a queen and it produces a Queen Alien depending which type it impregnates.  Thats the only way QUEENS ARE MADE.!  So on the predaliens ship at the start of the movie there must of been a Super Face Hugger On the Preds Ship what get loose and goes onto a Predator!
  22. locusta
    to be honest, the design far to much reminds me of the "Species" Design. Or am I totally wrong? And it´s far too fleshy. I´m not sooo pleased with it. sorry. But I hope it will appear better on the big screen.
  23. Nomad
    What i cant understand people is why are you calling predalien a hybrid. All the aliens are hybrids, there are no THE origin alien! Think about it: aliens that hached from from humans appeared later than predaliens, because redators found xenomorfs before mankind! And what about space jockeys? Non of us ever saw how so called spacejockeliens    ;D   look like! And this xenomorf type is maybe the first one. So predalien can be a Queen as easy as an alien, it only matters what creature was infected with super (sounds stupid) facehuger. It will just look litle different because aliens take some genetic features from its hosts thats all. Dont think that you know everesing about aliens if you saw only films, read books and comix, play the games and you will understand this. Hope someone will find my coment usefull and interesting.
  24. Darrin
    am i the only one that noticed that all these aliens have stupid looking teeth. Jeez these guys cant even get the teeth right. f**kin idiots.
  25. Godzillaboy
    THATS WHAT I WANT TO KNOW!!!!! I don't understand how the Predalien can reproduce if it's a drone?   ???     :-\   Unless....ogh no....   :o  
  26. The Master of Masters
    AdamJZ how can it be a queen when a normal facehugger got scar?  __________________________________  The predalien can reproduce which ina way makes it a 'queen' lol    ;D  
  27. The Master of Masters
    godzillaboy...good question!    ;D    but before alien 3, the was no such thing as a 'super facehugger' or a 'queen facehugger' it was mearly chance if the chest burster was a queen! but im sure the brothres strause have said the predalien is a queen, or kinda of a queen because normal/drone/warrior alien's cannot reproduce.  To answer your question? tho...i aint got a clue!    :P  
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