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LA Comic Con Q/A

El Diablo has since posted up several posts regarding things mentioned during the question and answer session with Colin and Greg Strause at the recent Los Angeles Comic Con:

  • The Bros. mentioned that there are plans for a new ALIEN VS. PREDATOR PC/Xbox game to be released.
  • The studio does not seem interested in revisiting the ALIEN franchise anytime soon due to the box office failure of the last two sequels.
  • There is a double facehugger attack that is entirely shot in-camera (no CGI). A lot of old tricks such as reverse photography were used to film the sequence.
  • The blue vial of liquid that Wolf uses to kill an Alien in the clip we saw is actually a chemical that is meant to destroy the physical remains of the creatures that he encounters, hopefully leaving no evidence of the Aliens on earth.
  • This is the first Predator that we’ve seen who isn’t on a trophy hunt. He won’t attack humans who are unarmed but he will kill anyone who gets in the way of his mission or wants to confront him. We learn a little more about the Predator as he continues his mission throughout the movie.

There’s quite a fair bit more but I’ve picked out some of the interesting stuff. Be sure to check out El Diablo’s thread for all the notes. Be sure to read on because it’s spread around the thread. Once again, thanks to El Diablo!

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  1. Rafael S.
    To me it seems fine for Wolf to kick Alien asses badly beacuse he has superior strengh and also has deal with this guys before.(no offence.) So it looks preaty fair to me. Just wait until the end of the movie wich I think the PredAlien will give Wolf a big chalange.
  2. Starkiller
    One thing I like the trailers and clip is the detail of the both the alien & predator, for instance when the wolf looks up at the alien (in the store showdown clip) his shoulder cannon moves up with a slight delay just like in Predator and Predator 2, to me thats great   because when i was younger i'd do the same thing while pretending to be the predator, this movie is got action, violence and gore and hopefully it will have depth and an atmosphere and good characters and story like the original films!  So far from what iv'e seen overall, I lke 90% and thats good.  peace to The Brothers Strause
  3. Zero .T 201.369
      :o     8)   Sounds Awsome,I can't wait for the movie 2 come out.Only 1 month left intell the BIG day!!!   :o     8)     ;D     :D     ;)     :)  
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