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IESB Interview The Brothers

On the tailend of the LA Comic Con, we seem to be getting a fair bit of news now and along with our report and Q/A stuff, we’ve now got an interview from IESB:

“It’s a standalone film. We really wanted to do something to set this movie apart from the last one. It does pick up where the last one ended, though, with the birth of the Pred-Alien. We actually rewind a little bit and see the birth of the Pred-Alien once again. But from there it’s a standalone movie. The cast of human characters is completely new and an interesting group of people so you don’t really need to have seen the last one to enjoy this one.”

Haven’t had time to read it all yet but from the sounds of it, it does seem to be pretty interesting and gets into quite a few things. You can read the whole thing at IESB. Thanks to fluxcap for the news.

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      ;D   im so glad its a stand alone movie. colin and greg are my fav directors better than the ridiculous movie from paul w.s. anderson that wasnt on the scale of 1 - 10. its alien domination 1 predator against about 50 aliens new weapoons this film luks mint. colin and greg please direct an avp 3
  2. Foundationman2
    They said that the ending would tie the films together... Sounds interesting. Kinda sucks. They tease us with all this stuff which is going to make December 25th seem a century away. After that, I'll be good. So far, this and Resident Evil Extinction are the only movies I've actually wanted to see. One down, one to go...........
  3. DAVE
    Its a Predalien Queen, n YES I LOVE D IDEA! OK Da dog alien took characteristics from a dog, why not a queen alien takin it from a predator? PREDQUEEN! Dis makes da ALIEN more possibly real but stil SCI FI but possibly real. Gd JOB bros
  4. Foundationman2
    I wonder about the Predalien. When the chestburster came out of that girl in AVP, it came out in only a matter of seconds after she woke up, but when the predalien came out of scar, it may have been several hours after he had been facehugged that it finally came out. I know alien queens have a longer gestation period, so isn't it possible that the Predalien has some Queen characteristics?
  5. Starkiller
    to nomad,   Dec 25th is the U.S release and  Jan 18th is the U.K release  Dont worry i have to wait till january aswell lol. Its only like 6 weeks dont forget, the tempatation is better than the actual thing.    ;D  
  6. Nomad
    Is there any possibility that we will see clip from comic convention? Does 26 of desember is the day of premiere only in America or in some parts of the Europe?   ???   I dont want to wait till january.
  7. bobcunk
    "It's a standalone film. We really wanted to do something to set this movie apart from the last one.  yet it left off were the last one ended?" i think he means its not about lex or the elder pred. its like predator 2  its not conected to the first one ecept that they mention the events of it.
  8. Dualblade
    Boi, this film will errupt   ;D     ;D     ;D    I know that the brothers have struck GOLD with this, hell am doing my best to sell this film to every person I meet, I want it to do well.  I did like anderson's treatment but as I had mentioned on another post it just didn't execute in the way WE all really wanted it to.   If this movie dominates (as it will) then that AVP 3 movie won't be so long away.
  9. Starkiller
    i agree predalien-k the ship in the trailer of avp-r looks like the ship from p1.   I think the ship we have seen in the trailers ins't the mothership from avp1, I think its the ship wolf is on and a pod is going to be realesed (like at the start of predator) to earth on this pod is the wolf, the mothership from avp we will see in the movie.
  10. Starkiller
    Yeh iv'e often thought about that, mr teal  i suppose the movie will start will the usaul 20th fox thing then the predator ship scence and then the titles and the ship crashing, like alien 3 starting (quick shots) then the movie will start with the father & son hunting, then after a few charcters have been set up, the lone ranger 'the wolf' will come down and the fun and mayhem will begin woohoo!
  11. Mr. Teal
    I wonder how avp-r is going to start, like when the titles come up, what kind of music they use and what the predalien scene is going to be like, i really hope at the end of the movie they use the 'population trailer' music is got a sad yet emotionally sound to it?
  12. Optimus Virus
    PREDALIEN-K. | 05 Nov 2007 23:4374 Optimus Virus it will be here before you know it   ______________________________  hopefully? lol    ;D  
  13. Mr. Teal
    i agree optimus virus with ur comment about predalien scene being like alien 3.  p.s zero t 34340989 or whateva ur name iz stop causing trouble    >:(   bitch
  14. aliensun
    so we see the predaliens brith again but i cant see the movie makers showing us a big alien vs predator fight on the ship at the start of the movie it would b like the first blade movie with the big action at the start and then the rest of the movie couldnt top and with only $40-45 mil when alien 3 was 90 mil in 1992 i think but wolf vs the predalien i hope gose down as 1 of the grate fights on movies
  15. Starkiller
    One thing I like the trailers and clip is the detail of the both the alien & predator, for instance when the wolf looks up at the alien (in the store showdown clip) his shoulder cannon moves up with a slight delay just like in Predator and Predator 2, to me thats great   because when i was younger i'd do the same thing while pretending to be the predator, this movie is got action, violence and gore and hopefully it will have depth and an atmosphere and good characters and story like the original films!   So far from what iv'e seen overall, I lke 90% and thats good.   peace to The Brothers Strause
  16. Optimus Virus
    The ship in the trailer that is crashing to earth is the one from AVP. The Wolf comes after, he wasn't on board that one, then the fun begins, I think the 'pred-alien on board and killing predators' scene will be like the scene in Alien 3.   I mean they aint going to show the pred-alien rite at the start of the movie, they will only show a glimpse...get the suspense. We will see Chet in the middle or late in the movie.  Rock On!
  17. Xerxész
    Zero.T201.369!  Not of necessity has to be on the AvP ship. Just think about it: the team is looking for the hunter and his son at night in the forest. And then we see Wolf's thermal vision mode so Wolf is in the forest at the same time. So he comes later than the crash-landing of the scout ship. So he comes on an other ship. Am I right, Colin?    ;)  
  18. Zero .T 201.369
    YAUTJA....Predators arn't wusey's you know,they can fight back.Out of all the Predator movies,books ect.. I have never seen a Predator run away from a Alien or a human.   ::)   It has to be on the mothership, if anybody thinks they can prove me wrong, than tell me.   ::)  
  19. Xerxész
    Semaka: In the red band trailer it is not Wolf's ship. That ship is going to explode so it is the crashed scout ship.  And don't forget guys that the main AvP ship is redesigned. So it could be that we won't recognize it.
  20. Semaka
    look at the r-band trailer, and stop it exactly at 1min and 49 sec. There is the ship, behind Wolf, is small, I think that is his ship, and he wasn't on the main ship.
  21. Semaka
    yeah, but, i still think that Wolf isn't on the ship from AvP. Because he isn't hurt from the crash, and i think in the trailer, there is a scene with Wolf, and behind him is a ship, smaller than the one that crashed, i think it is his ship, although I think the ship is going to blow up.
  22. YAUTJA
    i think the guy hanging frm the tree is part of the hunting party lookin for the crashsite or the father and son, who gets caught in the wrong place at the wrong time
  23. Semaka
    It is the ship from the 1st movie because they will REPLAY the birth of the Predalien. But we don't know for sure if Wolf was on that ship, he could be returning from hunting, and he heard that the Mothership crashed on Earth, and came to see what has happend, and then he finds out about the aliens (because we can see in the trailer that he hangs a corpse on a tree in the woods, like in Predator movie. I think after that he notices the aliens.
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