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ADI Predalien Maquette

So we’ve recently gotten a boatload of Predalien images from the film and NECA sent us some awesomesauce high-res images of their upcoming hybrid figure but here comes another one, direct from those who designed the beasty in the first place:

20071102_01 ADI Predalien Maquette

“Sideshow is proud to partner with Amalgamated Dynamics Inc (ADI) to bring you this maquette from Aliens VS Predator: Requiem. ADI was challenged with designing a new character to fit in the Alien and Predator franchise, and Sideshow is pleased to bring you this opportunity to own an exact reproduction of ADI’s original maquette.”Unfortunately there are no more images yet but at a wooping $849.99 I sure hope it’s at least as half impressive as NECA’s recent unvielment. Be sure to check out Sideshows page. Thanks to Demonio Cazador for the news.

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  1. Clark
    Love the going-back-to-the-eye-sockets-like-in-the-fi rst-Alien-movie-look.   8)    First a character called Dallas, now this... Looks like the Bros have been looking at their Quadrilogy box set again!
  2. Zero .T
      >:(   That 7 inch figure is great, but that price is too high!!! NECA is basically the LOWEST price. NECA's price is only $39.99!!!The pictures are great though....
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