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  1. pat
    down well right the preds should be kicking a$$ the aliens are pussy really they have to rely on each other where the preds do not i'm a fan of both aliens and preds but preds are bada$$e$ real mean they can can take on any alien and come out on top most probably dont get me wrong the aliens are ok but preds are well better look at wolf full of muscle and faith in the hunt but aliens are realy savages
  2. XXXSinisterXXX
    bout freakin time the preds dominated the aliens...BOUT FREAKIN TIME ...they should hav a war with the aliens on the predator home world ...or maybe twenty preds should sneek into the alien hive to dominate ... put me in charge ...ill giv u a movie .   ;D  
  3. Sulaco
    Zen: I'll catch up with ya in other colums, those hologram covers on the fox re releases, well for the terminator, few of them are special editions. I've got the first release of terminator dvd because they changed the sound in the new ones. Winstons the man!    8)  
  4. zen
    Sulaco:Thank you!   ;D  .I like to watch national geographic shows and some of the shows on channel 3 sometimes so i learn a lot about the behavior and anatomy of animals,im also into dinosaurs,so i try my best to figure out how they lived!   ;D     ;D  .When i got the AVP movie the thing holding disc 1 kept popping out,so it got returned.When i got my new one it came with two comics instead of one!.So now i can read one and leave the other!.Cool huh?!   ;D  .Also if you look at disc 1(predator)the center is a triangle,and disc 2(alien)has a swurl like shape.I noticed that about a month after i got it!   ;D     ;D     ;D  .
  5. Sulaco
    Zen: I'm from Seattle What are you talking like sonar for the aliens? More advanced then Earth mammals? Whales? I can tell you've done your homework!
  6. zen
    Sulaco:The distortion is probably because the predator hears in a slightly different frequency then us,like a bat or a dog,so its hearing is most likley very good,yet everything sounds off to us.If the preds coud hear the way we do it whould probably think the same thing about us(aside from the dog/bat thing).I havent read the alien books/comics but i think the aliens see things the way dare-devil does,they whould also have a low frequency hum which whould be inaudible to the preds or us but whould bounce off the walls and come back creating a perfect image of its seroundings   ;)     ;D     8)  .
  7. Sulaco
    Zen: I've got all those dvds also, lets not forget alienquadrilogy, and alien saga! Not sure about the hearing, I'm just going by the distortion echo effect in canon: sometimes I thow out bait, 2 catch a bite and sometimes just talking out my a$$ because I can't wait any longer for this movie. p.s. Where are you from?
  8. zen
    Sulaco:Where did you hear about the preds not having good hearing?.Is it on the collectors edition of PREDATOR???(i have that by the way).Is it on the special edition PREDATOR 2???(have that one too).Is it on the unrated collectors edition of AVP???(have that aswell).Please tell me,i must know!!!!!   ???     ???     ???  .I also usually go by the movies,but theres just some things that are only explained in the novels/books/games.
  9. Sulaco
    Indeed Zen: 1. I only go by the movie canon  { look what Anderson did with the laughable comic movie adaptation of avp. 2. Your right about war torn reflex: Cap. Willard mentioned this in the beginning of apocolypse now.
  10. Warghost
    The problem with the new face is definitely the mandibles. They are indeed WAY too large. Another difference is the teeth. Again, in size. Compare Wolf's face to any of the previous designs between the first two Predator movies. Everything fit together in a very realistic way. I think ADI was trying to demolish the famed 'Pussy Mouth' look, but in making those changes, they've created a cheaper movie monster.
  11. zen
    The preds might be able to see the aliens without the mask,it whould just be a silhouette in its vision,same as how it was able to see Arnold when it took its mask off.That and according to the comics and novels the preds have great hearing aswell.And they whould have great hearing because of there life style.I read in an article once that a soldier came back from a war and his eye-sight was sharper,his reflexes faster and he was able to hear a pin drop in another room(it only lasted for a few months though)   8)  .
  12. Sulaco
    Not only would a predator not be able 2 see an alien without the mask, they can't hear very good also. These factors would really even the odds if done properly!
  13. Starkiller
    Can anybody answer this question please?   how can a predator see an alien without his mask? aliens dont give off heat and without the mask a predator can only see infrared anybody?   anderson got slaughtered 4 that
  14. Zero .T
      8)   Wolf shure does kill alot of Aliens in Aliens vs Predator Requiem?   8)  Thats just what I like blood,gore, and violence.   ;D     8)  
  15. Starkiller
    Would be cool if the bros. and fox release another clip but more of the characters, oh and another clip maybe behind-the-scences, i really wanna hear colin and greg and what they have to say, Keep up the good work guys.  May the force be with you!
  16. Starkiller
    The Wolf looks fine not great like the original's but still damn good! think about it thios guy has been in alot of battles and he aint a pretty boy! just a f**king elite badass! wait till the movie guys oh and shrek ur last comment? Hiliarious....haha!    ;D  
  17. SHREK
    how can u think his face looks fine?? he looks retarded he looks fine with his mask on...maybe its cus of the angle, all the pics have been pretty crap but in the trailers they look fine and btw its pretty obvious wolf dies
  18. dreamcypher
    yeah man face looks ok to me , hes an elite predator thats been through many battles  , of course hes going to look  f**ked up when he takes of his mask.
  19. Starkiller
    The wolf's face looks fine i wasn't keen on it at first but to be honest so far from what iv'e seen of the predator he's looking to be a badass! the mask off scene iz only at the end of the movie and probably at total of 15mins lol
  20. Optimus Virus
    I am a huge alien fan but i do love the predator they are a badass race.   I think this movie will have alot of alien death but thats good! because we will get loads of action unlike AVP where two predator's got killed by one alien, what was the point of that! we hade nothing left dont worry alien non predator fans, Chet is going to kill the wolf at the end of the movie, so dont cry over this pic! haha!   Go Wolf!
  21. frasermaxx
    After seeing all these shots i believe that this movie will rockk!! I just miss Kevin Peter Hall's performace as the Predator i wish Ian Whyte does as even greater job in this than the last AVP. Way to go WOLF!!
  22. Nomad
    Iam waitlng tosee the full version. Now for all the WOLF fans!!!!!!!!!!!!! Listen to me people, WOLF will not die ufter impling on chets tail. I compared a couple of pictures and thats what I saw: on the first picture we all saw pred put his blades into chets head when she cut his chest with tail. And then the picture with chet spleating blood all over with broken blaids in its head and WOLF (not impaled already) stands close. WOLF WIIL SURVIVE!!!!!!... maybe     ;D   eat it alien lovers!    :P   Dont belive me... compare yourself!
  23. BIGAL-2000
    I'm a fan of BOTH alien and predator and to be honest, Wolf is an exceptional Hunter and deserves the praise of his skills, but the aliens have always been a force to be feared of and they'll have a big cleanup mess for wolf to deal with.
  24. zen
    True.But given the law of probability it was bound to happen sooner or later.And as for preds being dumb,how come so many aliens are getting killed in AVPR???   8)  .
  25. zen
    In my opinion no alien fan has the right to complain,i mean,in AVP the aliens were killing the preds left and right.This time i think its nice that the preds get a turn to kick some a$$!!!!   :D     ;D     :D  .When does this calender come out???   :o     ???     ;D  .
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