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  1. Kyle Kytle
      :o     :o     ;D   I love it It look so cool alien and predator. I have create new plasmacaster cannon first one time see different. I can't bring my creat files. It just many thing picture also my create video game. I hope I wish you welcome visit my house. My adress is 130 Lakeview Dr. I live in GA, Athens. City: Colbert Zip: 30628 I want be fun time and enjoy. I want be happy.
  2. Guest
    avp avp avp avp  avp avp avp avp avp . when i die i want the avp 1 and 2 to be in my caskett WWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOO   :o     :o     :o     :o     :o     :o     :o     :o     :o     :o  
  3. Zero .T
      8)   The Predator looks....loooks.....LOOKS.... NICE!!!!!!! and COOOOL!!!!!!   8)     8)     :o     :o     8)     :o   Although the Alien could use a little more work.   :-\     :-\     :P     :)  
  4. Bender1988
    Alien is Alien -the ultimate killing machine-they ale awesome Predator- ewery one of them is individual,like Wolf, and only awesome Predators are from first and second movie,and a couple from comics,but i am shure Wolf will be in this group when AvP:R came out^^ he he he
  5. Craig
    They look pretty good, although the alien reminds me of that whale in Pinocchio with the huge forehead. The shoulder cannon and whatever that thing on the alien's shoulder is should of been removed as it just looked pasted in.
  6. aliensun
      :-X  most people want the movie 2 b good just like me    ;D  but wait till it comes out then you will see the sht hit the fan   :D  and with each movie that comes out it just makes alien aliens and predator look better    ::)  and mayb alien3    :P   and who knows mayb after 2 or 3 more movies about these badass guys alien4 and predator2 will start looking good    ;)     :D     ;D  or mayb not hahaha  oh the posters look cool 2    8)  
  7. Tommy Jarvis
    In all seriousness, I love how this website has not only more information but more content than the actual AVP-R website! Give yourselves a pat on the back. Congrats and keep up the good work! I think this website should be the official AVP-R website.  PS. I enjoy these posters more than the other AVP-R poster.
  8. Jenga
    Okay this is AWESOME. Those are the first really good pictures. I can almost pretend like Chet doesn't exist!  Way better than that campy cartoonish planet poster!!!!!!    :D  
  9. zen
    I love my AVP poster,but man Wolf looks awesome!.I especialy like the colors,its so dark forlorn and creepy!   ;D  .Can someone mail that poster to me?   ;D  .
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