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Store Showdown – New AvPR Clip!

IGN and Bloody Disgusting have both posted up a short 1 and a half minute clip from AvP Requiem.

20071031 Store Showdown - New AvPR Clip!

Basically, it’s the bigger clip of things we’ve seen in the R-band trailer. Face melting, double headshot and etc. I have to say, it does look pretty damn nice. Nothing seems overdone or prolong. So kudos to the Bro’s so far. Be sure to download the clip on IGN which also has a HD version. Consider this a Halloween gift from Fox. You can also check out our gallery to view many HD captures from the clip. Thanks to Carol, Grant, bloodjigsaw, Will, frenchpred and predalien213 for the news.

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  1. Evilpredator
    When the predator decloaks, why is their no electrical or spark effects like in the original pred movies. And when Wolf locks on to the alien with his targeting system why is their no sounds effects for this, like the original pred movies?     ???  
  2. Zero .T 201.369
    I hope the 2 hybrids are:the Runner alien in Alien 3, and the...ugh   :P   I don't know what the second hybrid is...mabye another dog alien/runner?What if it's a Wolf alien?Or, mabye another Predalien!!!!   ???      ???  
  3. zen
    Well Optimus,keap in mind that the bros. said there whould be the drones,the predalien and two hybrids.So i think theres going to be a very high chance that we might see the runner!   ;D  .
  4. Optimus Virus
    There mite be another creature sulaco, a dog-alien?(runner) dont forget molly has a dog, ive got a feeling we mite see it. Now that would be ace!  Rock On!
  5. Sulaco
    I just believe the acting will suck and Chet will be another homicidal maniac like the newborn.  On a different note, everything else is complete! Hope theres still a creature we have not seen!
  6. Optimus Virus
    I love the way the wolf changes he's vision to alien mode and the triangle lock's on really cool! and when the wolf turns his head up the shoulder cannon turns up with a slight delay...this is cool! exactly like the original predator. Go Wolf! you are the man!
  7. Starkiller
    The clip rocks! it has been edited, cant wait for the film to see what the wolf does next, probably goes toe-to-toe with the aliens, at least we know the action between the predator and aliens is going to be good! AVP lacked action and violence, really cant wait now.
  8. Zero .T
      :o     :o     8)     8)   I have been waiting for this moment for a long,looong,LONG time.The clip kicks a$s bad!!!!   ;D   The clip is good,but it had one thing I did not like.Like the part when the Alien jumps down and does a backflip.   :-\   That just didn't seem right at first,It's like the alien has been training for gymnastics or something?   :D     ;D     :)     :)  
  9. Starkiller
    One thing iv'e noticed is, In AvP the aliens went straight for the predators (like it was an instinct) which was cool! And celtic put down sebastian and go's staright to the grid alien (because he's there to bash aliens) In this clip the alien went to the blonde guy not sure about this, maybe im just being too COOL SCENCE love the music really pumps u up!  I really thought the predator had dual laser sight on his maks (ace) iv'e just notice that is because in the trailers they have flipped that    ;D   so he only got one...thought the bros were goin for a theme here 'Dual' shuriken's wrist blade's and shoulder cannon.  I love the wolf. He should become a sith or something Darth Wolf    :P  
  10. zen
    Forthse of you who still keap saying the acting was bad:  Little miss ____(rimes with breasts) in FREDDY VS JASON in the interrogation room,rather then getting the feel of "HELP ME FOR GODS SAKE,SOME FREAKY MONSTER KILLED MY FRIENDS AND NOW ITS AFTER ME!!!." i got the fealing of "Each breast was only 25hundred dollers,the surgen was Dr.John Smith on the corner of Jimmy St. and Ratchet Blvd..Wanna give em a feal?.Its like they'r all natural!."   :P  .  In the words of Stuart Griffen "Heres my entire summery of every Vince Vaughn movie:Oh im incapable of loving.Oh wait im not.The end.".  Dean Kane, Ben Stiller, Jared Padalecki. Need i say more?.  So yes,the acting is good!   8)  .
  11. Bender1988
    yees. Good thing in movie-I think is that from what i saw in this clip Wolf dont be taking care about humans^^ but i want to see many kills with whirstblades-my favorite wearpon of Predator
  12. Nomad
    SHIT!!!!!!!!! I cant watch the damn clip on damn IGN   >:(   Somebody poot it on YOUTuBe, please! I waited a long time to say that, all of you people keep say that aliens or predators look bad because they look different. But they always looks different from part to part!! Just remember the first alien( 6 fingers, long spike under the head...) or P2( he was as different from P1 as AVP desighn). It will never end, face it and try to engoy.     ;)  
  13. ALIENS
    Acting is 7/10( Actors do not look scared at all! ). ALIEN is 8/10( The alien jaws are so puppet like-the stiff jaws and the huge gaps between the mouth. The alien slime was too watery.It was surpose to be slimy lik semen not watery. ) Predator is 10/10 FLAWLESS unless we do not see the face.
  14. Ric
    One little note on the bad acting comments: When little clips of the new BAttlestar Gallactica series came out .. a lot of people where complaining about the general lack of acting talent... boy where they wrong....   A couple of seconds just isnt enough to judge an entire movie... but it's looking Funky FRESH so far!    ;D     8)  
  15. nchurch81
    I hate the "terrible acting" comment... there wasn't enough acting to even know if it was terrible or not.  GOD!   Plus I think I'm done reading these comments.  Everyone just complains.  NONE STOP!  Even the fans bitch bitch bitch.  So tired of it.  I know I complained a little in the past too.  And I"m sorry, I should just give the movie a chance.  And my complaints are gone now because I thought this clip was a lot of fun.  And that's what this movie is supposed to be.... FUN.  So have fun.  And yes you're entitled to your opinions.  But not at the expense of everyone else's FUN.  Why rain on our parade?!  Plus, none of your are experts on the aliens or predators cause you're not the producers or designers.  Nothing is as it "should be" because it's all make believe fellas.  And lady, or two.    So just enjoy the ride, unless you have some genuinely constructed criticism.  Then by all means have at it.  Otherwise just watch and jo to ALIENS a thousands times more because apparently all you want is for them to remake that movie scene for scene.    Now I'M done bitching. and Happy Halloween.
  16. Optimus Virus
    I really wanna know what wolf does next? lol He's still got the whip and one sholder cannon, but he's outnumbered (but not the blonde guy is such an idiot...glad he got wasted!  Rock On!
  17. Optimus Virus
    I agree with zen AVP was more for alien fans as two predator's got whacked by one alien. Its the predator's turn to kick as that's why they have sent the lone ranger ''The Wolf''   P.S yeh i think the action was s*it but these are the expendible's im sill optimistic.   Rock On!
  18. predatordragon
      :P   Nice clip.  Anyone else notice the aliens side shot of the mouths opening looks funny lol. But they are still better than andersons ones lol  Wolf does look nice. Wish he had a bladed spear but so lethal looking those weapons in the comic serious    :)  
  19. zen
    Also for you people who are negative about the hole shoe store thing:If your prey ran into a dunken-donuts whould you just wait outside because it whould be to cheesy to go inside after it???.No!!!.You'd run your a$$ in there to get it!!!   8)  .
  20. zen
    Bio Mech Hunter:To me AVP was more like an alien-fans only movie,with the preds getting wacked left and right.So why should'nt the preds get a turn???   8)  .
  21. Sgt Apone
    You are correct about those two characters Yautja -  true, but the other main character - Kelly, the army brat woman, is absent here, and she's the other half of the main cast (this film's Ripley, if you will, while Morales would be the Schwartzenegger). Obviously she will meet up with Morales at some later point. But I think the "bad acting" griped about in this scene can be attributed to the "expendables" (certainly acid face boy!). What I meant by my statement is that I don't think this scene is the best representation of the casting choices - this certainly isn't "I Know What You Did Last Summer" or one of those teen flics - this scene probably plays out pretty early on in the film, and just happens to have a lot of young meat fodder for Wolf and gang.
  22. zen
    The acting was good by my standerds(i watch a lotta movies,so i can tell you the acting is good!)   ;D  .And people,come on!."GET TO THE CHOPPA" and "STICK AROUND"?.Ya i love that movie but those lines are so cheasy!(yet good)   :D     :D     :D  .
  23. Sgt Apone
    We - us Aliens fans - may be getting... we JUST MIGHT be getting... our Batman Begins. I certainly hope so.  Predator fans... I don't know. I never liked the Predator character. Too ugly.
  24. YAUTJA
    SGT APONE, isnt this the entire main cast? i thaut it was Morales that said "what the f...", and the guy on the floor that sayz "go,go,go" , is that not the convict? i maybe wrong?
  25. Sgt Apone
    Sad that they changed the alien jaw, though, with transparent tendons. I think they look scary - if I had never seen an alien before, I would love this design. But still, even if it were much better looking, it's still not THE alien. It's a different one.   All minor details, though. Major kudos to the directors. As soon as it was made known that the Bros were using real suits instead of CGI, I knew we were dealing with people who understand - and that 90% of the battle had been won, not kidding. How many of us have been beating our friends over the head for the past ten years with the argument that a $40 mil "hand made" aliens film would and always will be far superior than a slick $150 mil sci-fi extravaganza version.
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