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NECA’s AvP Requiem Predalien Figure Images

NECA has just posted up five new images of its up-and-coming figure version of the Predalien from AvP Requiem:

20071031_01 NECA's AvP Requiem Predalien Figure Images

“When the ravenous Aliens find a Predator host, the result is a monstrous Hybrid! Fans got their first glimpse at stills of the horrific beast last week, and today, as a special Halloween treat, NECA is proud to release the first images of our highly detailed AVP: Requiem Hybrid Action Figure!”

And thanks to Mark over at NECA, I have posted all five images in our forum in high res. The Predalien is part of NECA’s AvPR series 1 which hits the shelves in December.

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Comments: 31
    that action figure of the pred-alien looks so freaking awesome and i cant wait to get it and also with the alien warrior and the predator too. i want to add them to my large avp collection!!!!!    ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D  
  2. Zero .T
      ;D   I think I know of a website that has this figure for sale.The price starts at only $34.99.(The tax is $9.25) It also comes with a Alien Drone figure also. Just wanted to fill all you guys/girls in on what I know.
  3. Zero .T
      8)     :o   I have been waiting for this figure for 2 whole months!!!! It has good detail, an the sculpting is spectackluar indeed.   ;D  
  4. AVPNutter
    Can't wait for this movie, the anticipation is killing me. Even though I love seeing bits of the movie I think they have shown us too much of the movie already. The Predalien teeth are the same as the human based alien and not as the predators teeth should be. WHY??? Predators teeth look nothing like a humans. Dave Dormans design got the teeth bang on. Anyone agree?
  5. jakebrannan
    Looks cool...not sure if I like the dreadlocks though, its a little overboard. The facial feature changes and color variations in the alien were enough to signify that it has taken on some predator traits.
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