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New Reproduction Cycle

Well the community has been abuzz with speculation regarding a caption on one of the USA Today photos regarding the Predalien “The new creature can regurgitate in it’s victim’s mouth”. I recently dropped Colin a line to ask what’s what and he sent me this:

“This was suppose to be a secret, but oh well. I went on to your forums to set things straight. It really is one of the coolest scenes in the movie, and is like the rape scene in Alien. Very dark and evil.”

And as promised, Colin has been active in the thread regarding reproduction in AvPR. You can read Colin’s first post here. He reveals some information about it and reasoning.

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  1. Zero .T 201.369
      ::)     :-\     :-X   GROSSSSSS!!!!!!!! Predalien Master 2000: That way sounds absolutly NASTY and GROSS   >:(     >:(     :-\   It does make some sense at the end though.   :-\     :)    P.S:You are a.....PERVERT,PERVERT PERVERT, AND MORE PERVERTED GUY THAN MY COUSEN!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Predalien Master 2000
    Let me explainmy theroy....I think that the Predalien has 2 tounges, a head biteing jaw, and a impregnating tounge.Then the Predalien finds a host and then it will impregnate the host throught the mouth or butt.After that the victem will be in a coma intell the Predalien is done impregnating the host throught the mouth or butt. After that the host will wake up after a few hours intell the hybrid chestburster burst out of the victem's chest.   :'(     ;D     ::)     :)  
  3. zen
    Scarface:How do you know that the preds dont have genitals?.In the movies its always coverd up with armor,in the comics its always coverd up with armor,in the books it never says they dont have genitals.So how can you be so sure?   8)  .My theory makes the most sence!   8)     8)     8)  .
  4. scarface
    most likely the reproductive cycle of the host is carried over meaning that since the preds dont have genitals they reproduce via the regurgitating...we might recall that were going to see someones planet too so keep the theory open to suggestion.   ;)     :)  
  5. Commander Griker
  6. Optimus Virus
    A drone/warrior transforming into a queen is stupid... but my idea would be   the pred-alien has the ability to vomit an embryo into a host for a short period of time, hoping one of the host chest burst's a queen..that would be sensible. the pred-alien would only be able to vomit embryo's for short period of time tho...and it's not a queen its simply got this reproductive method somehow thru the predator DNA now thats way better   What u guys think?  Rock On!   :-X  
  7. aliensun
      ???  who knowz in alien 3 the alien in that has 2 jobz protek the queen thatz in riply 4 3 2 7 dayz and 2 get food so the queen has longer 2 grow in alien it could b said that that 1 had 2 make the queen 2 which is what the predalien is doing and the alien has lotz of survival wayz about it 1 big 1 is the egg that lives long after the queen is dead and gonebut in the end its just a movie just hope itz a good 1    ???   oh and how did those eggs get on the ship on alien 3   ;D     ???     :-X  
  8. PredatorWarrior
    why does everyone of you keep arguing about the Predalien being a queen, maybe it's not a queen, and mayeb becuase of it's genetics, it's the predalien that's able to do this new reproductive thing and only the predalien, and there has to be a queen in the film too and only the queens can lay eggs, so booyaa   ;D   this movies gonna kick ass
  9. Aran
    Who wana bet with me dat the ending of the film will have Wolf eventually be killed by PredAlien but then an army of Preds appear out of nowhere & capture the PredAlien?  Since the Strause bros said the ending will be a cliffhanger & wil have a continuation in space.  Just a hunch.    8)  
  10. Space Disc Jockey
    I don't support the egg-morphing method. Remember that the idea was brought up, before Cameron thought of introducing a Queen to the cycle. So, the egg-morphing cycle should be thrown out the window. The method does not fit with the "Alien" characterstic, anyway. Maybe it would work for another type of creature, but certainly not the xenomorphs.   I think Queens should be born as chestbursters, just like the Alien drones/warriors. For an Alien warrior to change sex and start to develop into a Queen, because it can and wants to, does not make sense. Now, if this is something only a PredAlien could do, since it's a "freak", then MAYBE it would be ok. But a normal Alien drone/, no.
  11. wmmvrrvrrmm
    From Alien III, Fasano's screenplay of Vincent Ward's story  THE ALIEN CHEST BURSTER  SLITHERS out of Ripley's mouth --  INTO JOHN'S!! Reptilian tail whips about before disappearing down his gullet.  John falls back against a computer console. Gagging.  Fights to speak.  Ripley raises herself up on one elbow. Alien mucous drooling down her chin. Hair matted against her forehead.           RIPLEY       Why?              JOHN       Choking.  It was the only way.  He drops the open book in front of her: She sees the etching.   JOHN  Gulps back the oozing slime. Struggles to his feet.
  12. Predatorzero....
      :D     ;D   I'm on the website right now!!!!   ;D   It is sooooooooooooooooo cool and awsome. Thanks Zero .T!!!!   ;)     ;D     :D     8)  
  13. Zero .T
    Sorry zen wish I could tell you, but if I tell you then everybody will know and they will have a chance to buy them before I do.   :'(     :'(  
  14. Xenomorphine
    Try as you might, there's no way both the new methods can co-exist with what we know. If any adult can transform, there would never be any natural Queens. Adults would imply move out and become one. Likewise, if they can orally implant someone, why were the Nostromo and Fury Aliens doing that? What was preventing them?  It could look really atmospheric on screen, but it makes too many things obselete.  If we don't see 100% proof of it becoming a Queen, we can, however, salvage it. There are ways ot amke it fit, then. The victims being eggs being to crete Queen facehuggers and teh oral method being to create regular adults, for instance.
  15. James
    Yeah thats all true...  Well we know that it takes a super-face hugger as seen in the Cut version of Alien 3 to produce a Queen Alien.   As far as we know, its not possible for a normal drone to just become a queen right? (however, would be a cool process to see maybe at the start of a film with all the aliens forming a group and kinda selecting a queen and see what happeneds next?)  But the Aliens would know which egg the queen is in, so all they would have to do is take the human host to that egg.
  16. Space Disc Jockey
    Now, this molting into a Queen idea...well, if there is no Queen, when there are Alien drones running around, you could argue that's when egg-morphing could occur, but let's not bring that into play for the me, yes, Queens should be born through a chest-burster, (as we have seen in previous movies). In ALIENS, I assumed a Queen was born through a chestburster, which probably bursted out of Newt's father (sure, the chances are low, but there's a chance). I'm hoping that the PredAlien is just a Queen that is "maturing" (molting). I don't like the idea of an Alien warrior, suddenly becoming a Queen, just because there is no Queen present.   Hell, how would this apply to ants and bees? Is there ALWAYS a qeen bee or queen ant born in a hive?
  17. Space Disc Jockey
    So, once the Queen has enough warriors to help construct a hive, she goes into hiding within the hive and matures, thus she becomes full-grown, produces an egg-sac and starts to produce the hundreds to thousands of eggs, which do the process at a slightly slower pace, but at a much grander scale.   Now, when the Queen is running around "regurgitating" the embryos, I think the process of the embryo being created inside of her will be faster than a facehugger, but the time in between the creation of the embryos will probably not be in a matter of minutes, but certainly not as long as human pregancy, for example.  Ok, so again, the Queen quickly creates enough Alien warriors to protect her/create a hive for her to hide in and grow and egg sac. This is a survival tactic that makes sense. This method is far more quicker than a human being turned into an Alien egg, which in my opinion, conflicts the idea of a Queen anyway. The Queen is the ONLY one that should produce the eggs.
  18. Space Disc Jockey
    Here's my opinion on this new method:  First of all, this regurgitation method makes MUCH more sense, than the egg-morphing idea (which is also neat, but I don't think works for the Alien cycle).   To me, this is just an alternative "face-hugger" and an interesting survival method.  When the Queen is young and not ready to reproduce the masses of eggs through an egg-sac (and assuming there are no other Alien warriors around, at the time), the Queen will run around and quickly plant hosts with embryos that are probably in much more advanced stages, than face-hugger embryos, thus the embryos that are regurgitated will burst faster. The face-huggers have a slower process of "imprenating". but there will MORE of the face-huggers, when the eggs are layed of course. There is an odd balance to all of this new method...
  19. Xenomorphine
    (1) What have Predator genetics got to do with it? Aliens from humans don't have guiant phallic organs on their crotches.  (2) Praetorians are pointless. We would have seen at least one in 'Aliens' and there weren't any.  (3) Yeah, this is more efficient and it fits right in with the concept of what they are. Unfortunately, it contradicts natural Queens. What would be the point of them if any Alien can just move away from the nest and become one of them?
  20. YAUTJA
    cud b right PREDATOR WORIOR, lyk in a trailer we saw 3 chestbursters rising up, maybe their frm the same chest( previously impregnated by predalien )?
  21. James
    Some of you do really know NOTHING about Aliens do you???  Im SHOCKED that no one has mentioned the (Praetorian) Alien, which are the aliens that look after the hive with the queen, there are only about 2/3 of them and they look the same as the queen aswell but they are the size of the drone.  This Alien is mentioned in the comics alot and also the games, but they are choosen for new queens if they are needed.  Do some REASEARCH PEOPLE!!  egg - facehugger - chestbuster - aliendrone -Praetorian (if Selected)  - Queen alien.
  22. Predator Warrior
      ;D     :o     8)   this movie just keeps looking and sounding better and better everytime, can't wait for this, maybe the predailen regurgitates in maybe one or few people, and then when one of those aliens comes out, it might be a queen, there has to be since we saw those pics of the face hugger, who knows?, this movies gonna kick ass and i hope there's more AVP, Alien, and Predator movies after this, i'm 22, been down with these franchises since i was 9, so fox, keep making these sons of bitches,lol p.s.-aliens+space marines or aliens+space marines+predators would make awesome sequels, with the right story of course..
  23. zen
    I have the OCT and the NOV issues now and the Strause brothers have not disapointed me once!.May your crops always be fruitful and may the Black Warrior and Hive Queen watch over you always!.ROCK ON!!! l,,l_   ;D  _l,,l .
  24. Dual Blades
    We need to allow our minds to open fully, think outside the box.  comandante    :D   you've hit the nail on the head, exactly, these directors are allowing themselves to expand more upon the Alien and Predator universe without completely altering anything of which we've seen.  egg - facehugger - chestbuster - aliendrone - Queen alien.  What we may be seeing is a predalien spieces (chet) in the stages period of growing to a full fledge Quen Predalien so it does not have the capacity yet to produce eggs, The regurgiating part makes complete sense  Nice one Strause bros, still backing you 100% on this movie.
  25. Zero .T
      :o  The reproduction of the Predalien is weird,but cool.                                                                               Great news everybody!!!!!! They just put  2 NEW Aliens vs Predator Requiem action figures on a certain website I know about now!!!!! The figure's are the,"Predalien and an Alien worrior." That's right... NEW AVP-R ACTION FIGURES ON _ _ _ _. com!!!!! The price starts at just only $34.99 a figure!!!!(the shiping cost is $9.25) So hurry on _ _ _ _. com. now!!!!!    :o     :o     8)     8)  
  26. comandante
    What do we know about predator life cycles?  Maybe the marvelously adaptive alien picked up a trait? (Big alien fan, not so familiar on predator lore past the movies...) I think the strength of the alien/predator movies has been willingness to do something new every time - if filmmakers feel too much like they have to redo old gags over and over, the series get boring.  I'm reserving judgment to see how well this film works as a movie.  Lighting, timing, mood, and filming will matter more than alien life cycle.
  27. Ric
    The Dreadlocks make more sense if you dont perceive them as being "hair" hehe and the original Giger design for the alien 3 Ox had horns.... still wish they'd used that design... looked like pure Evil!
  28. Ric
    The Dreadlocks make more sense if you dont perceive them as being "hair" hehe and the original Giger design for the alien 3 Ox had horns.... still wish they'd used that design... looked like pure Evil!
  29. Semaka
    It kinda looks like he has muscles like the predator. I don't like tough the ideea making hair on the predalien's head. Come on, this is wrong, the aliens that are born from humans don't have hair, neither the alien wich bursted from a dog (ox), they have lots of hair, but the alien didn't have hair. This sucks big in my oppinion. The predalien head seen from side, looks like a praetorian head (alien between Drone and Queen, that's the creature between drone and queen), so it might turn into a Queen, and if you look exactly in the trailer, the pipes on his back are sharp at the ends, the alien queen has sharp pipes on her back, so the Predalien, might be, a Predalien Queen (the creature is young)
  30. facehuggrrrr
    To me, in a few of the new stills, the predalien's chest almost resembles an upside down face-hugger. I wonder if there's any significance to that, or if it's just simply part of the creature design, or if it's just my crazy perception/imagination, and I'm completely off-base.
  31. Ric
    One thing about egg morphing... i just "effin" hated it... turning a victim into an egg? FFS! Dont get me wrong.. that was one creepy scene in the director's cut of the first one.. but this new development makes much more sense than that one... one question though.. would egg morhping produce new drones or simply new facehuggers? Those "eggs" were too big for a facehugger!
  32. zen
    Also in the novel AVP:Prey it says that in a hive without a queen one of the drones will turn into a queen to save the hive.So if a drone turns into a queen then whoul'nt there be a stage in between?.If there is then i think it should be called a "young queen" stage   8)  .
  33. zen
    In the novel ALIEN 3 (which was based on the movie) it says that an alien drone after it bursts has one and only one egg in it,this egg is implanted into the host through the second mouth( <- ).There is a 1 in 1000 chance that the new alien will be a queen.So,if the drone lays one egg through the mouth,and the queen lays any number of eggs through the egg sack then whould'nt the phase in the middle allow them to have any number of eggs that can be implanted through the mouth while the egg sack is developing?   8)  .
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