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  1. Optimus Virus
    A drone/warrior transforming into a queen is stupid...  but my idea would be   the pred-alien has the ability to vomit an embryo into a host for a short period of time, hoping one of the host chest burst's a queen..that would be sensible. the pred-alien would only be able to vomit embryo's for short period of time tho...and it's not a queen its simply got this reproductive method somehow thru the predator DNA now thats way better   What u guys think?   Rock On!
  2. zen
    Ermac:Iv'e been a predator fan since i was about 2 years old(NO S**T!).And every time i find out something new about the preds or about the aliens i deal with it.Ya,i may not like something at first,but i push on and except it.Thats what a "TRUE FAN" does!.And dont you ever call into question of my not being a fan again!.And dont diss someone for the way they write!.Thats just rude and insulting!.Ya its ok to point out a word that was'nt spelled right,but what you did is  just mean!.For all you know YAUTJA could be a Harverd law professor who comes here to relax.I was shocked to see what they did to the pred faces in AVP,but i excepted it,so just stop bullying people because you did'nt like something!.If i took your attitude about things i'd go on a homicidal rampage!.Its life!.Deal with it!   >:(  .
  3. Jango1201
    Personally, I think the Predalien is a good concept simply for a change of pace. I have more of a problem with the actual drones in this film from what ive seen so far because those things will just never look as terrifying as the originals (alien and aliens). So lets see how this sucker will play in the movie when we all see it!
  4. Predalien
    YEAH wad is dis nonsense horrible predalien, looks like a girl wit pony tails n a clown. WTH is dat! Da jaws r on da cheeks, hardly useful... y hav it den? n da hair makes it look bulky on da sides if u want da hair place it at da back of da alien skull MAN horrible horrible!!! da hands r so BS i want d alien hands from ALIENS n. N da color? horrible ALIEN is not YELLOW! DAMN!
  5. Zero .T
      :o   I can't wait to get my own Predalien and Alien Drone action figures on Halloween day!!.....   :o     8)   Now, I just want to see AvP2 even more now,the Predalien and the Wolf are my fav. charecters sooooo far.   8)     8)     8)  
  6. nchurch81
    I hate to join the ranks for th nay sayers... but first I want to say that really think that Chet looks pretty damn cool.  But...  I do take issue with his hands.  Yes I'm a picky bitch.  I just don't think anything on the aliens should ever be bulky.  The aren't thick and meaty monsters.  ADI keeps designing the aliens with these bulky clumsy in articulate hands.  I preferred the spindly fingers look in Aliens.  And yes, I do think that the aliens are still a little too fleshy.  I repeat, though, I still think the aliens in the movies, in particular Chet, look very cool.  I just am picky.
  7. zen
    This comment is to the predalien in the pic:You fugly,you fugly,yo mama says you fugly!.When i say predator you say yautja!.PREDATOR,YAUTJA!.GO HISH!!!   :D     :D     :D  .Seriously though,the predalien looks awesome!!!!!   ;D     ;D     ;D  .
  8. jasonlotr
    I think the directors should have thought about this creature a little more carefully. One, they are mixing two of the greatest horror monsters of all time.  And personally it looks like they just added mannibals and dreadlocks to an  alien.  I think this movie will be good but I think this will be a big blow because they did a bad job on this.
  9. Bouncer2000
    @ermac I really think you got nothing better to do in your freetime then to worry about tese franchises. get a girlfriend and chill a bit! if this movie sucks in your eyes, then keep it for you and stop bothering other people here.  but... you really make me laugh. such a good fanboy.
  10. JordanLee
    Um, lighting a wee strange for an alien? Coloration could be a little better too, but as far as design goes can't really beat it. And Ermac, for saying "it's just a movie" you sure do seem to be getting quite upset over what the people you don't even care about say. Just saying.
  11. Sulaco
    It's just good 2 see something new... aliens vs predator is like sex, drugs, and rock n roll, I take what I can get! So what if Chets breast plate looks like a facehugger!  So what if Wolfs face looks a little like Scar! So what if the acting is a little Dawsons creek! I miss the disk over the shurukin, but damm this movie looks sweet!
  12. :-(
    ermac i know where your coming from, but i think you are never going to get what your asking for. Just give up on this franchise and leave this site. Im only interested in this movie out of loyality to the original.  Bye
  13. Axlotl
    my views on this: The translucent cowl is perfect. I don't mind the mandibles. I can live with the yellowish color. but the dreadlocks? they look so bad. The way they stick out the side of the head, makes them look extremely rubbery and rigid. If the must have dreads, they should droop down like a predators do. also, how come no one is discussing the new method of impregnation? its a really big change...
  14. hudSSon
      ???   I hope when we see the movie we have still some suprises and don't see in all the boards not the best scenes..    ::)   Yesterday I put AVP in my DVD-Player again and I regoniced for the first time that the whole AVP-movie give us only 10 - 15 min aliens vs predator scenes...    :'(   what a mess
  15. Optimus Virus
    PREDALIEN-K. Just 2 months guys are you READY _____________________________ _____________  Im the uk, gotta wait three months!!!!!!   >:(  
  16. Starkiller
    P.S ive got a can the wolf (what a great or any predator see a alien without his mask, as alien dont give off heat...because paul anderson was knocked for this (among other things) in AVP  Thanx!
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