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  1. zen
    I agree with Spidey3121.You didnt complain about the weapons in P2,but your bitching about the ones in AVP & AVP-R.And you complain about the new pred noises but you did'nt complain about them in P2.Whats up with that?.Can someone explain that to me?   ???  .
  2. Zero .T
      8)   The NEW mask defently looks better than the ones from AvP. It kinda looks like it could be a mixture of the mask from Predator the movie,and the Elder Predator's mask from Alien vs Predator.I think the Wolf Predator has some sorta conection with the Elder Predator from Alien vs Predator.I think the Wolf Predator from "AvP-R" is the Elder Predator's son!?   ???     ???  
  3. Spidey3121
    Makes sense that a shoulder mounted cannon could be hand-held. I see no problem with it. I have no trouble with the Predator having new weapons in this movie. Of course they have to work well on film but i don't see why the thought of a hang held plasma gun or a whip angers people. Were people upset when Pred 2 added so many new weapons to the Pred Arsenal that weren't in Pred 1?
  4. Zero .T
      :o   THIS VIDEO IS FREKING COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The weapons kick butt hard!!!!!!! I wonder if the Predator will have/use his self-distruct bomb weapon?   ???   Or the Net Gun weapon,or the Arm Blades?   ???   What am I saying, those weapons are old.Mabye there will be new improved weapons that are bigger,and stronger.   ;D  
    Everything seems to be described with confidence in the design of the creations. I like the idea of the hand held plasma caster. The helmet looks great, and it's cool how he goes into detail about the kills.   :)  
  6. Tun
    Everything sounded good, except I don't like the idea of the pump action shoulder cannon turned shotgun. seems silly, especially because a human gets a hold of it. But hopefully it will fit in alright.
  7. zen
    HEY EVERYONE!!!!.Next tuesday on CBS(i think) at 8pm (roughly) NCIS will be on an abandonned ship and Anthony Danozo makes a reference to the movie ALIEN.Just thought you whould like to know,espeicialy being since AVP-R is coming up!   ;D     ;D     ;D  .
  8. Optmus Virus
    I think people dont listen, watch or understand things properly before posting! on here. I understood what he meant when he said 'first' film he meant 'AVP' and the predator being heroic like in the comic books. U really have to understand where he is coming from.
  9. Deco
    The Predator in the first film WAS NOT  a heroic figure!he was bland feeling and he looked awful, how dare Tom compare him to the legendary Broken tusk! hahaha
  10. Optmus Virus
    good video, shuriken looks good! not sue about the plasma caster being handheld..makes the predator more human. I think they have learnt from there
  11. Jango1201
    I bought the helmet when it first went up for pre- order, i cant wait to actually hold it in my hands when it arives.  Watching this video makes me wish it was next year already...    ;D  
  12. YAUTJA
    the new gun is gr8, pump action style is cool, nothing  new with the shuriken.notice how he said the last characters were bulky comic book style and this time they get 2 make them more meaner...i think their chuffed they didnt hav 2 make the same mistakes again, i personaly hav faith in ADI and the final creatures will look awsum.
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