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NECA Updates AvP Requiem Section

NECA has finally gotten around to adding AvP Requiem to their ever expanding list of franchise licenses. Not only that but we’ve also got a new picture:

20071018 NECA Updates AvP Requiem Section

At the moment, there isn’t much on AvPR’s page, only a little page on the Alien Warrior figure. Expect more pictures in the upcoming month. Thanks to Tangent for spotting the picture.

Update 20/10/07: NECA have released a lot more pictures on their site.

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  1. zen
    What if theres different races of aliens?.The queen in ALIENS was big and bulky and produced those drones,where as the one from AVP was slimmer and made different looking drones.Im just thinking aloud,i might be right or wrong,but that whould be cool!   ;D  .
  2. Godzillaboy 2008
      8)   The figure looks cool.I would just lOvE to have it sooooooooo much!!!! I bet the Predalien will look even better when it comes out in a figure
  3. Mr. Teal
    what i meant was, if a facehugger infects 20 humans all of which are different race, age, sex, height etc the alien's would look 95% the same, but if the host happen 2 be a dog or whatever then the alien would differ like the dog-alien (runner) as seen in alien 3. As far as the tubes on the back, giger design it, it may have no meaning other than it look good! we as geeks look 2 much into things lol
  4. Xenomorphine
    Also, the one in 'Alien 3' was going to have the tubes. The initial design didn't, then Fincher came in and looked at it, saying, "Where are the stove pipe things?"  The team stayed up the whole night to mould them. Then he came in, the next morning, looked at the new design and said, "Take them off." All that effort for nothing! :)   The true reason for them lackin gis director choice. The main biological theory appears to be that canines don't have sweat glands and that, depending on their function, perhaps that genetic template means they're eliminated fomr the resulting Alien - the same thing applies to the dreadlocks for Predaliens. Because it has them, they therefore can't be hair, as we understand it, but something else entirely, which neither humans or canines have the genetic code for.
  5. Xenomorphine
    No, if Aliens looked the same, if they came fmor the host, it would be perfect. Trying to claim they've got variation is illogical: All of those in the colony from 'Aliens looked identical. All the of those on the Auriga looked identical. All of those in the pyramid looked identical.  The reason why they've kept the crappy spikes instead of tubes (the tubes look superior), is because they've been using what are basically the same suits since 'Alien Resurrection'. Those ones looked different because they were contaminated by human genetics.  If you want Aliens to have variation, then that's what the host-influence is for: Have them emerge from differen thosts if you want variation. Don't claim they're bound to look different every time, because there's no reason for them to do that.
  6. zen
    No one fully knows Nomad.They could be for breathing or they could store food.Maybe in a future movie,comic or novel they'll explain it.But for now no one knows   ;)  .
  7. Mr. Teal
    Interesting, why does alien wariors have tnis long pies on their backs? Runers dont have them and queeny have long spikes _____________________________ _______________ _  Queens, Warriors & Runners are all different therefore the tubes wont be identical or they wont have them at all. The dog-alien or runner didn't have them because they couldn't fit them on because of the size of the dog-alien being smaller. but from a film point of view it may be because the alien inherits some charachteristic's and not other one's, i mean if every alien looked the same from different host's that would be boring.  Hope that kinda explains tings?    ;)  
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