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Aliens Omnibus Volume 3

With the release of Aliens Steel Egg, Predator Flesh and Blood and the second omnibus in the AvP series, it’s been quite a month for Dark Horse. They recently updated their website with the profile page for the 3rd volume in the Aliens omnibus series:

20071018_01 Aliens Omnibus Volume 3

“Aliens Omnibus Volume 3 collects complete story arcs of Rogue by Ian Edginton and Will Simpson, and Labyrinth by Jim Woodring and Kilian Plunkett, and the acclaimed tale “Salvation,” written by Dave Gibbons and illustrated by the incomparable Mike Mignola.”

Volume 2 of the Aliens series is due out in December and this one is due out in March next year, a month after the second Predator Omnibus. You can check out Dark Horse’s profile page here.

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