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New Fangoria AvPR Images

The next issue of Fangoria – which was due out October 23rd but was released early in some places – featured a few new pictures:

20071017 New Fangoria AvPR Images

The other two pictures are of Buddy Benson, played by a Vancouver actor, Kurt Max Runte being face hugged. And the last is of a face with prosthetic made up like it’s being melted by acid. I’m not sure if it’s the same actor/character from the red band trailer.

As well as the pictures, the issue featured an interview/article but apparently didn’t say much new. You can view the rest of the pictures in our forum. Thanks to Uncanny Antman for scanning these images.

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  1. zen
    Nomad:The karna are a race in the novel "PREDATOR:FOREVER MIDNIGHT".Ever read Savage Dragon?.They kinda look like him.They evolved from reptile like creatures,they are empathic(know other peoples fealings) and telepathic and there frill changes colors depending on the emotion they'r fealing.Theres also a race of cochroach/bug dudes in it but i forgot they'r races name,but they'r the slaves of the Hish-Qu-Ten and they make all the tech for them(To me the Yautja are more honorable,because the Hish use force-feilds while hunting and the Yautja do'nt).But i guess its just you and me who thinks an MMORPG whould be cool.   ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D  .
  2. Serra
    A really good picture. Thanks.   Now it's only a tiny bit of facehugger flesh missing.  And the red stuff could be hunter's blood and acid.
  3. Uncanny Antman
    Just want to note to all making the assumption, the facehugger is NOT missing a finger.  On the actual photo (and not these pictures of the magazine) all eight are visibly present and accounted for.  The pink area at the 'top' of the hugger looks kind of like two testicles tucked partially under some skin, and a labia-like little nodule sitting between them.  (Note, the left 'testicle' is in shadow, it's not as noticeable as the right one.)
  4. Nomad
    As I said the idea wiyh avp-mmorog is brilllllliant!   ;D   Ofcourse I would be a pred. But what are this other alien races? The karna   ???   who are they?
  5. eatalllot
    face hugging has always been live............not CGI........and chestburster is not detail at all.............AVP's facehuggers and chestbursters look better than that cheap effect.
  6. Warrior Angel
    idk, it looks like a penis, but that's a skinny little bastard of a chestburster!! maybe its because the kid is only 10 years old....  you know, i think gigers alien design is to show how dangerous sexuality really is..  Alien: inner jaw looks like a reverse bj Facehuger: in AVP, if you notice the facehuggers 'mouth' looks like the opening of a vagina (that sebastion or miller guy who gets facehugged, you see it in slow-mo, looks like a vigina to me  Chestburster: looooooks like a penis to me! penis biting monster!         plus, gigers sexual intentions in his artwork too.
  7. Mr. Teal
    alien and predator 4evr Mr. Teal you're right about that blowjob tounge thingy, remember gigers 'valley of the penises' artwork?____________________________________ ________  yeh i remeber    ;D  
  8. zen
    Heres my idea."The AVP-MMORPG.Choose a predator from 4 different races.Or make your own!.Battle for honor to get better weaponry for more dangerous prey with a selection of over fifty weapons!.Join one of 20 clans,or make your own!.Then climb the ranks to become the clan elder!.Are you a colonist?.Or a colonial marine?!.It's of your choosing!.Start as a marine with a rank of private,then go up to general and wipe out the alien threats!..Select one of a hundred types of aliens you want to be,then start the game on a world as a newly hatched face-hugger!.Then become queen and infect the galaxy!.Dont want to be any of those races?.then be one of ten others!.Including the karna!.With over two-hundred worlds and thousands of missions the possibilitys are almost endless!!!."So what do you guys think?.Sounds pretty cool huh?.Now if only they'd make it!   ;D     ;D     ;D  .
  9. zen
    For once i agree with all of you guys!(except for man on man & thinbar).The least they could have done whould be to show it at a different angle!.
  10. Mr. Teal
    dont forget that the tongue or inner jaw thing from the Alien was described by giger as a reverse blow job. So the alien has always kinda been sexual
  11. Warrior Angel
    tha chestburster does look like a if they applied make-up to a guys acttual penis! LOL facehugger looks cool though don't know what that purple red stuff is, might be one of its facehugger finger like Serra said....  Chestburster= PENIS!  Facehugger= MOUTH LOOKS LIKE A VAGINA!
  12. Serra
    Human flesh from the old guy. The hunter fights the facehugger breaking a facehugger "finger". That's part acid part flesh.  Or maybe not.
  13. Nomad
    Oh,poore chestburster... everyone think he is a penis, with sharp teeth  :o  . Well I dont...Ok, maybe he does...but that does'nt mean the movie will be bad    ;D  
  14. Dual Blades
    1. Everyone should note, look carefully at chesterbuster design, its more shell-like skeleton looking making it more griesly looking.  2. the chestbuster ... nice! has that look of the same alien in the first movie.
  15. Godzillaboy 2008
      8)   You can sooooooooooo tell the Chestburster is bursting out of, "Budy Benson", because if you look closly you can see the light blue shirt Budy's wearing,then if you look at wear the chestburster is bursting out,you can see the light blue shirt.Doese'nt the peaces of the puzzle go together now.    8)     ;D     :D  
  16. Godzillaboy 2008
    4:19 A.M                                                                                                                                                             The Chestburster looks like the one in Alien and Aliens. The facehugger looks like a Queen facehugger in Alien 3 a little to.Although, that guys burnt face does look crepy.It looks like "Dawn of the Dead" zombies.   :-\  
  17. comic fan
    the chestburster in the image is coming out of the kid who was hunting with his father   :o    look at one of the trailers and look at his clothes they are black and white striped and in the image u notice white and black stripes on the clothes.   ;D     ;D  
  18. Nomad
    Sorry, no idea. AVP-R comix? Sounds great, but lets wait till the movie. AVP-MMORPG!!!!!!!!!WOW! Great idea it would kick-ass! Totaly   ;D  
  19. zen
    I wish that after the movie,game and books came out they'd make a free AVP-MMORPG.That whould be totlay kick-a$$.I'd whould so play as the predator!   ;D     ;D     ;D  .
  20. zen
    Hey Nomad,do you know what the name of the AVP-R comic is?.Or is that just it?.Because i've tried looking for it and i cant find it.And if not you then anyone?   ???  .
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