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Toyfare Feature AvPR Figures

If you’ve been following our forums, for a good part of today a number of our members have been raving over the recent issue of Toyfare, a magazine dedicated to figures and etc. This was for a good reason:

20071010 Toyfare Feature AvPR Figures

For the most part, it’s an interview which talks about the detail in the sculpts and on the license. However, it did also mention something about the new figures coming out. Wave 1 will contain the Alien warrior and the Predalien plus a variant Predalien.

Wave 2 will be out next next year and will be 3 variants on Wolf. Turns out NECA also have the license to do Alien figures, a photo of the prototype sculpt can be seen in the article. Thanks to Demonio Cazador, I’ve uploaded some scans of the article onto the forum for all.

Update: Scans can be found on the next page.

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Comments: 46
  1. Nomad look fine, just fine, but not great.     ;)   To bad that there no news... And can some one tell mewhat are that triangle things on Wolfs chest? Some new pred weapon? Maybe Grenades?   ???  
  2. zen
    O.K.,the T.V. was on G4 yesterday showing the repeat from the night befor,i was in the other room taking care of stuff when i heard that annoying little s**t Kevin Perrera(how ever the hell you spell his name)say "sequel to AVP" or some s**h like that.I ran to the T.V. just in time to see the GB AVP-R trailer!!   :o  .I know its stupid to get excited about something as silly as that,but when AOTS showed the trailer for FF2 two weaks later they showed the trailer on T.V.!!!.   ;D  .And every time i visit this site and see something new it reminds me that its a day closer to the film coming out!!!   ;D     ;D  .So in about 2 weaks everyone will be able to see the trailer!!!!!   :D  .I hope i was helpful in providing this info!!!   ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D  .
  3. JediYautja
      ???   I'm still confused as to why NECA has stolen practically EVERY McFARLANE MOVIE LICENSE!!!  Don't mean to ramble, but NECA'S T-800 Endoskeleton looks like scrap metal compared to McFarlane's work of art. Same applies to this predator, comparing it with the McFarlane's preds...In my opinion...!
    I like the way the PREDATOR looks. Anyone saying that it sucks, is obviously oblivious to the fact that not all PREDATOR's look the same. Also, this is more than likely a "conceptual" figure, and will be tweaked for consumer purchase.  Yeah, McFarlane did a great job with the first couple waves of figures, but he's moved on to the almighty HALO thing. Plus, the ones made by his company really werent that great for poseability, and sturdiness. I dont know how many times pieces, and parts fell off my figures while trying to pose them. All in all though, the designs were great.  I am going to give NECA a chance to step it up. I have never owned a NECA figure yet, so I'm hoping to get quite a few figures each (that's how I roll), so I can dsplay a couple, and keep the others in there bubbles and such. What I've seen of their previous figures, like G.o.W., and the horror figures, I think they will probably put some good quality design, and playability in these new AvP-R figures...I hope.   8)  
  5. EpsilonOrpheon777
    i think they look great but i'm sorry, am i missing something? where are the acid burns on Wolf's face?  am i just blind or something? oh and i don't know... i'm not a big fan of the Aliens having those huge K-9 teeth.  it was always scarier to me when their teeth more resembled human teeth.  it made it seem more like a supernatural demon of space spawned from a human being, but now they're just like beasts for the Hunters to kill. oh well that's a good thing i guess. Predator Pride    :D  
  6. zen
    Wolf looks good,he's like a true blend of P1 and a comic.That alien looks better then the prototype.Also it depends on what toy you get.I've wanted to through some of Mcfarlane's toys into a wood-chipper,same go's for Neca,but there were some from both companys that i wanted to empty my wallet on!   :D  .But i  gotta say,Wolf looks a lot better then the AVP toys!.Out of those one's i liked Choppers the best!!   ;D     ;D     ;D  .
  7. csutkakoma
    "MCFARLANE GET THAT DAM LICENSE BACK! THIS TOYS LOOKS RUBBISH!"  Sorry but you compared the Mcfarlane toys to Neca? You are joking! The Mcfarlane is one of the worst figure maker company which is make the poor, low quality and devoid of all pretence stuffs.Don't make me laugh!
  8. gspida25
    I dont know what every one is complaining about. The predator looks way better than he did in the first AVP, but still still doesn't have the same touch as stan winston design was. It is still great 4/5...    ;D  
  9. Zero T.
      ???  I wonder when they are going to start making the Predalien toys.I mean the Predator and Alien look cool,but I just wont to buy a Predalien toy soooooooo bad.I wonder what the Predalien will look like?I bet it will look cool.
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