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Poster Competition Results

Well, the competition for the AvP Requiem teaser poster finished a couple of days ago and we’ve been going through all the answers. We received hundreds of entries, 98 of which scored 10/10. And without further ado, the ten winners chosen at random are:

  • Gates
  • Dusk
  • CelticPredator
  • wantsomecandy?54
  • DB
  • lokdil
  • Predalien warrior
  • khalen
  • zombie_sidekick
  • OneUglyMother

Winners will be contacted in due course. Given I get all the addresses, the posters should be sent out around the 25th or 26th of this month. I’d like to give a big thanks to everyone who competed. Make sure to keep checking back. We’ve got some special things in store for you all over the coming months. The correct answers can be seen on the competition page highlighted in red. For those interested in who scored 10/10, check out this post on the forum.

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  1. [CaM]Spoon
    FIXED!!!! ahahaha damn man! I got 10/10 and you mean to tell me 10 out of 89 poeple i couldnt be the one!  I never win anything.   Me cry  congrats to winners
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