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AvPR Trading Card Images

I suppose we can count this one as two bits of news. Basically, Inkworks has added some small pictures of some of it’s upcoming promos for the AvP Requiem trading card series. And thanks to Andy from Inkworks, I have some larger images for you:

20071004_04 AvPR Trading Card Images

What we have here is a lovely new image from AvPR. The other two promos use two existing images from the upcoming movie. You can see the cards in their original size in our forum.

20071004_05 AvPR Trading Card Images

20071004_06 AvPR Trading Card Images

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Comments: 40
  1. zen
    Well,the company said "Coming december 2007!".So the erliest whould be DEC 1st.Thit is of course they do'nt change the release date Ty.But I'm guessing.....DEC 14th   ;)  .
  2. Starkiller
    just noticed from the trailers and production stills and the artwork, trading cards etc, the wolf (what a great name by the way) has double laser sight on his helmet rather just on the left or right.  hhmmm not bad..this predator is well equiped! alien fans are gunna cry, the wolf is gunna kick ass
  3. zen
    There are at least 192 cards in the set (roughly),so the chances of them all sucking is very small.And they're only showing these cards because they dont want to give too much of the movie away.I mean,if they were to show all the cards one whould know everything about the movie and then not that many people whould go see the movie because they'll be like "Oh,i already saw the cards,so i'll just wait for it to come out on Bluray".So please will some of you people stop judging the movie because the cards suck in your opinion.Just wait for the movie comes out befor you judge it.Who knows,maybe you'll like it!   8)  .
  4. crazypredator2
    one super cool predator ! will get those cards for sure. can't wait for the movie,or  neca's figures of wolf predator,.and aliens from this movie.
  5. Tommy Jarvis
    Am I the only one who think these cards look cheap and corny? Granted, we're only provided with 3 cards. I mean, seriously, they're making a card out of the lousy production still of the predator holding the alien's neck. Don't get me wrong, the picture itself is alright...for a off camera shot. But making it part of the collection? Big Lame.
  6. Dual Blade
    avp2, please tell me that your not judging THAT picture on the movie?  You do realize that the movie is based around the present day, you know house, shoping stores ( or shopping mauls), street lights, cars, all the things that convey a contempory day.   ???    Not to attack you in anyway because that isn't my intension but why do so many people judge quicky on a partly scene and figure that they have the whole entire film maped out?? The reason WE (or most of us at least most of us) think that this movie looks good is :  1. The R rating for one 2. The darker tone element ( Gore and violence) 3. More (as far as we can see) action, both human and creature interaction. 4. It feels ( at least in my opinion ) more like what an Alien vs Predator movie should be, am Not expecting perfect but at least a good measure of greatness.  THATS why I think the movie looks good!!!!!!!!!!!!    ;D  
  7. Craig
    Trading cards? Who buys these anymore. Card games ended started and finished with Pokemon. Only hardcore collectors will buy these.  The Predator does look nice but with the shoes.... just doesn't suit the mood of an AVP film.
  8. zen
    I did'nt notice until now!.Wolf has some sort of spiked things on his chest that look like chunky throwing stars!.A new weapon mayhaps?!   :o  .
  9. zen
    Im sooooooo gonna get me a box or 2!.I just hope i get that one!.And as for his face,well from what i've seen its not so bad.They could make it look like the ancient pred from the prdator homeworld comics,man was that guy ugly!.Great job Bros.!!   ;D     ;D     ;D  .
  10. YAUJTA
    this pred looks top dog! like a mix between the 2 originals...great.- i saw another PAUL ANDERSON botch up yesterday, R.E.EXTINCTION, it was almost as bad as the 2nd one. ( jst a heads up if u were lukin 2 go see it)
    looks awesome to me so far so good. the predator looks fantastic looks like the predator from predator 1 which is great. lets see more pics of aliens vs predator and i want to see some pics of the alien and predalien too.    ;D  
  12. chrisr232007
    Looks great man I wish it was dec 26 all ready dam.  This movie is going to rock and make everyone forget about the first AVP.  The Wolf looks great like the first to Predator movies and the trialiers look like these to bros know what there doing when it comes to makin a movie.
  13. Dual Blade
    Although its all in the present time, it will be the tone of the film that will give it its edge ...  ... BRING THIS FILM ON!!!!!!!!
  14. Dual Blade
    Woooooooooooo!! I love the look of that predator, a well slender body that would have given the actor ( Ian ) enough space to perform.  From what I've seen THAT skin tone looks beautiful, DAME!!   ;D     ;D  
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