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AvP PSP Game Cover Art

Sierra have posted a small thumbnail of what the cover art will be for this upcoming AvP PSP Game. Looks like they’re calling it Aliens vs Predator Requiem. Not sure if they’ll keep that name for the UK release or not.

20071004_02 AvP PSP Game Cover Art

As you can see, it’s similar to the recently posted wallpapers. Also, according to Amazon, the US release date is November 20th, and the UK release date is December 7th. Thanks to csutkakoma for the news.

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  1. AboveTerror
    Man I've seen the screen shots for this game and it looks preety damn sweet for  the PSP not to mention the game cover looks great. I sure as hell don't know why you loser don't like it that much it VERY nice. The reason we buy a PSP is so we can play video games when ever and where ener. Sure as hell I can't playu ps2 on my work breal(idiots)plus I've always wanted a AvP game on a conseil besides a PC and the PSP is great. I can play plus wait around in line to but my beer.
  2. Venenoso
    I don't get it, both Aliens vs Predator 1 & 2 were succesful games on PC, why the hell not make a 3rd and cash in a big load of money and at the same time make the fans happy? What do we need this PSP crap for? Yes I got a PSP but I regret I bought it, who sits in their home playing PSP if they have a PC, Xbox, or PS anyway?  It's like they just don't want their own franchises to succeed.
  3. Krisjohn
    Just an FYI, the local game store I'll most likely buy this from found it listed in their supplier's database as "AVP2", thus it didn't show up with a search for "Alien" (that just found a couple of versions of Alien Syndrome).  So if your favourite local gaming store can't find it, there's a tip.
  4. Starkiller
    Good cover! its same as the original avp movie but with the new predator 'the wolf' but still it is good! but not great! i wish i hadn't sold my psp! i really wanna play this game
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