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AvPR Interview with Chelah Horsdal

We’ve just published a new AvP Requiem Interview, this time with actress Chelah Horsdal who plays the character of Darcy Benson in the movie. Here’s a little bit:

AvPGalaxy – What about the scenes that you hated filming? I mean, AvP2 was shot in Canada, the weather up there must have made for some horrible shoots?

Chelah Horsdal – It wasn’t so much the Canadian weather that was miserable…it was the film rain . We shot a great deal of this film at night under huge rain towers…far too many nights had us huddled together trying to stay warm despite being soaked through to the bone. Our wardrobe team worked especially hard to wrap us up with dry blankets & hot water bottles between takes…

Check out the full interview here. Props to Corporal Hicks for doing this one. Just a little note, the interview was actually done a few months ago but due to the powers that be, we couldn’t publish it until now. :wink:

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