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Fangoria Preview AvPR

In the latest issue of Fangoria they’ve put up a preview of AvPR. Turns out they visited the set during production and had chance to look around:

“Shivering against the cold, they huddle for the warmth and laugh congenially with one another, their voices quivering as their teeth chatter. Reiko smiles widely and says “I’ve done action-on TV shows – but nothing on this scale.” The others nod as water drips from their hair. Just as they begin to warm up, the call comes in that they’re ready for a fresh take.”

It talks about the Bro’s previous pitch, involvement and a little about the scenes being shot. Pvt Hicks was kind enough to transcribe it and post it on the forum. Be sure to pick up the latest issue of Fangoria.

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