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AvPR Poster Competition!

AvPGalaxy and Fox have teamed up to give away ten copies of the recently released AvPR teaser poster. All you have to do is answer ten multi-choice questions that test your knowledge of things related to AvP Requiem.

AvP Requiem Poster AvPR Poster Competition!

The competition ends on Friday 5th October. There are no location restrictions, but you must be a member of AvPGalaxy to enter. So what the hell you waiting for?! Go enter!

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Comments: 35
  1. Zero T.
      8)  I can't wait for this bad ass,thriller,to come out in the movie theater!!!! I just can't wait to see it Dec.25!!!As soon as it comes out on DVD,I'm buying it(If it's a good movie,it looks good so far?!.)I don't care how much it cost,I have 25$.
  2. Guest
    nightstorm said "i think i hit the submit button twice by accident? Will that disqualify me? "    ;D   me too.. but i think it wouldn't change aniything for me..    :D  
  3. zen
    Im not a member but even if i was i would'nt waste my time with that particular poster.Ya it looks nice,but it does'nt meet my tastes.I'll just wait for the super-kick-ass poster that everyone knows will come out!.I wish all you guys and gals the best of luck!.Your gonna need it!   ;D     ;D     ;D  .
  4. Its Game Time
    I pretty much knew them, they're all pretty easy, a couple i think i had to think for a moment but, i'm confident i did okay. The poster is Sweet!!! i'd love to get it.  Good luck all you and god bless!!!!!
  5. cdiehl
    haha.... you all suck!!! i don't need to enter into the contest!! i work at a theater... and we got 2 posters... which one of them my boss gave me! hahaha.... i laugh at you all................. jk. good luck guys. wish you all the best...
  6. Katarn84
    New to site, hardcore avp fan. I think 2 question where very tough, the others you can answer without so much struggle... if i guessed 2 out of 10 i'm going to scream... and here anyone can hear me...   ;D  
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