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AvP The Ultimate Showdown DVD Set

AvPR’s release date is drawing closer and that means it’s time for Fox to start milking the money cow. And in what is starting to become a long line of “Ultimate AvP sets” we have an Aussie exclusive: Alien Vs. Predator – The Ultimate Showdown: DVD Collector’s Set:

20070922 AvP The Ultimate Showdown DVD Set

“EzyDVD are proud to announce the Australian EXCLUSIVE release for this Limited Edition Monster Box Set featuring 2-Disc Special Edition versions of all 7 Alien/Predator films along with a stylish diorama of a Predator warrior skewering a freshly-hatched Alien! Don’t miss out on this intimidating, must-own collection!”

That about says it all really. It’s a repackaging of what will no doubt be the Quad DVDs, Collectors Edition Predator DVDs and the Unrated AvP. But on the upside, it has a cool little figurine set. You can get this limited edition set off of EzyDVD. Thanks to The Necronoir and Leonard for the news.

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