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AvP The Ultimate Showdown DVD Set

AvPR’s release date is drawing closer and that means it’s time for Fox to start milking the money cow. And in what is starting to become a long line of “Ultimate AvP sets” we have an Aussie exclusive: Alien Vs. Predator – The Ultimate Showdown: DVD Collector’s Set:

20070922 AvP The Ultimate Showdown DVD Set

“EzyDVD are proud to announce the Australian EXCLUSIVE release for this Limited Edition Monster Box Set featuring 2-Disc Special Edition versions of all 7 Alien/Predator films along with a stylish diorama of a Predator warrior skewering a freshly-hatched Alien! Don’t miss out on this intimidating, must-own collection!”

That about says it all really. It’s a repackaging of what will no doubt be the Quad DVDs, Collectors Edition Predator DVDs and the Unrated AvP. But on the upside, it has a cool little figurine set. You can get this limited edition set off of EzyDVD. Thanks to The Necronoir and Leonard for the news.

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  1. Zero T.
    I think I know more about AvP2!!!!The underwater scene!!!Go to myspace.(go to search,then type in""to learn more about the underwater scene.   ;D     :-\  
    Oh, man! This really erks me. I have spent way too much money on as much Alien and PREDATOR stuff as I could this! Why? They should just quit it already, and focus on the upcoming release of "REQUIEM". This is ridiculous!    ...and why the hell is Australia getting this? Isnt both franchises American creations? What gives?   ???     :'(     >:(  
  3. Scarecrow
    This dvd is crap...dnt buy it...i visit this site everyday, as it iz on my way to work lol. Im bored of this showdown dvd.  Can we have some new news please!  Safe!
  4. zen
    I agree with Nostromo,im tired of big shot companys putting out dozens of box sets right before a new movie and not including it.And i happen think that thats very funny frankaster   :D  .
  5. frankaster
  6. zen
    Found out why Adam Baldwin didnt want to be in AVP2,hes in that new series CHUCK.He must think it has real potential to pass on a movie like AVP2.
  7. Zero T.
      8)  I wonder when Fox is going to make Aliens vs Predator 2 toys?I mean common!!!....They made a new AVP DVD set and action figure!!!!Why can't Fox make AvP2 toys a little earlyer than this.I mean I can't wait till Jan. to get AvP2 toys!!!!Thats to long!!!                          But any wase,The play set is cool.
  8. Sgt.Torque Reikan
    "This isn't very good for fans of the franchises. We already have all the movies, and the ones we don't have special editions of would be a waste spending loads of cash on the others just to get a crappy toy."   ditto
  9. The Chibi Kiriyama
    This is so stupid. I already have the Quadrilogy and if I wanted the Pred movies I'd buy the collection for that.  The only way they'd tempt me to buy is if they had footage of Fincher telling Fox to **** themselves.
  10. Bio Mech Hunter
    I agree with you, Xenomorphine. The "preds are god" angle" is getting way over the top now. This has been going on for years and enough's enough. Stick to the films, stick to canon.   ::)    This set would potentially kick some serious ass for the newer fans, but with all the rehashes (without any of the substantially deleted material some of the films had) and the advent of another cheap collectible. As for us long time fans who already have these releases, Fox just doesn't really seem motivated enough to make it worth our while. *sighs*
    i also hate it when someone puts out a newer verison of movies on dvd and the person already has it already why should we spent over so much money for dvds that already gotten before but now days they make newers ones feels like every month seems like. agree?
    i agree with you zen about what you said about the predators and the aliens being equally match and i have all the aliens and predator movies on dvd and i'm not going go out and get that since the figures of that box set looks dorky. i love the alien and predator movies and been a huge fan of them for about 17 years and already i have 21 dvds based on them why should we go out and buy something we already have in our alien and predator dvd collection. i have the first dvd set of alien movies, then the quad, both different dvd covers of predator and predator 2 and the alien vs predator orginal verison and the unrated dvd of alien vs predator.
  13. predatorrudy
    i agree, i already have the Alien Quad and i only have the Pred 1   and you're guys right, why earn so much money if i am only saving up for something more important. There's no room for me to put this new dvd anywhere.. anyway!
  14. The Big Bad Wolf Inc
    How many dvds do fox need to realease? i mean ive got all the alien & pred films ive got just the normally version's with the original covers (which i wanted) dont buy too much shit! they making money off suckers! lol  This nu dvd sucks...what a waste of £ / $
  15. zen
    WO,$350 bucks!?!?!.Thats insane!!!.i saw the quadrilogy for $69.95,the unrated AVP for $24.95 and the collectors edition of P1 for $24.95.And the SE P2 for $19.95!.And my toys look better then those....things!!.Who are these guys trying to kid!?!?!   >:(     >:(  .
  16. Krisjohn
    Last I heard (read) about AvP-R HorrorClix, the position was that there weren't going to be enough potential new and distinctly different models to make it worth doing.  :(  I still hold out hope though.
  17. zen
    They should make 3 more trailers,1 about the Wolf,and they need to play the music from P1/P2.The 2nd should be about the aliens,and they should play the music from A1/A2 and last but not least they've got to make a trailer for the humans and play the music from AVP    ;D     ;D  .That whould be awesome!!!   ;D     ;D  .
  18. Krisjohn
    *fetches the Google cache of the page*  Holy Carp! A$350 !?  I paid A$50-something for my Quadrilogy box set.  I'd love to know how the five extra discs and silly plastic models justify the other A$300.
  19. zen
    Ya they are!.In the comics the preds get whacked left and right!!.Im a big fan of predator,but come on!!!.The preds are highly trained warriors and the aliens are vicious and psychotic!!.They should be equally matched!!.Yet the pred always wins   :P  .
  20. zen
    Heres an idea for Fox to spend there money,they should team up with WB and make Batman vs Predator!.With Christian Bale as Batman (hes right up there with Adam West!) and Ian Wight as the pred!.WHO WANTS TO SEE BVP!?!?! .RAISE A HAND!!!  ;D     ;D     ;D  .
  21. zen
    I first saw the pic above and i got all excited.I thought it was AVP2 horrorclix!.But its just a movie box set.Its almost as lame as the set i saw for AVP with the two cardboard bust's that they were saying was made of porcelain!.And i agree with Commander Griker,WTF!?!.If fox put as much money into the films as they do with all of this other manure they'd have a movie thats longer the Dune!!   >:(  .
  22. Optimus Virus
    What a waste of money!  They've released that many versions, its a joke.  I really hope no one buys this DVD that'll show fox  Haha
  23. JD
    I hope that no one buys this collection.  I hate it when people have all the DVD's ALREADY, and they still go out and buy this even tho the have it all already.
  24. Redfield
    This isn't very good for fans of the franchises. We already have all the movies, and the ones we don't have special editions of would be a waste spending loads of cash on the others just to get a crappy toy.
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