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What can I say? We seem to get all the news in big sprouts. AvP2 news all in one, then merch news. Go figure. Anyway, we’ve known about it for ages but Dark Horse has finally put a profile page up for Steve Perry’s new Predator novel:

“Deep in the Alaskan forest, ranger Sloan comes across the torn and bloody carcasses of Grizzly bears. Searching a human cause for the massacres, he discovers a team of poachers hunkered within the Alaska wilderness, waiting for the chance to score a big kill. He also finds evidence of the most fearsome killers in the universe: the Predators.”

Also online is a clearer version of the cover. You can view the profile page here. Turnabout is due for release on February the 27th. Next up we have the profile page the upcoming Predator Omnibus Volume 2 as well. And last but not least, the preview for AvP Vol2 is also online. Enjoy.

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