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No Cameos in AvPR

With their main interview online, MTV has also posted up a new article talking about the potential cameos that could have happened in AvPR:

“We actually went after a couple of people that would have been really cool cameos,” revealed Greg Strause. “One of which blew us off,” shrugged Colin. “Yeah, one which shockingly blew us off,” Greg agreed, “and the other we just didn’t have the money to do it. It would have been a really cool throwback for the fans, so we did try to do it in a subtle way.”

I can tell you that one of these folks was in fact Adam Baldwin, who we should all remember as Garber from Predator 2. This would be the guy who “blew them off”. I would like to know who the others were. Check out the full article here. Thanks to ace3g.

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