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No Cameos in AvPR

With their main interview online, MTV has also posted up a new article talking about the potential cameos that could have happened in AvPR:

“We actually went after a couple of people that would have been really cool cameos,” revealed Greg Strause. “One of which blew us off,” shrugged Colin. “Yeah, one which shockingly blew us off,” Greg agreed, “and the other we just didn’t have the money to do it. It would have been a really cool throwback for the fans, so we did try to do it in a subtle way.”

I can tell you that one of these folks was in fact Adam Baldwin, who we should all remember as Garber from Predator 2. This would be the guy who “blew them off”. I would like to know who the others were. Check out the full article here. Thanks to ace3g.

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  1. Hudson
    That's too bad.  It really pisses me off to think that someone like Baldwin, who is barely a star anyway, would blow off AvP 2.  His claim to fame is Firefly which is off the air anyway.
  2. zen
    Chris tucker refused to act in any movie except rush hour 3 with Mr.Jacky Chan,maybe its the same with baldwin,maybe he wanted someone from P2..........
  3. Xenomorphine
    Oh, come off it! If any of you guys played a role as insubstantial and moronic as Garber, for crying out loud, would you be keen to reprise it?!  Th guy probably wants people to forget all about it. I don't blame him. It was a crap character. He's done much better material in the years since then.
  4. gb
    i think it was a bad move for baldwin, this cud av boosted his career- im sure he'l regret it, but like i said earlier, he aint exactly a great actor anyway
  5. Venenoso
    Danny Glover is probably the one who was too expensive, he's been in a lot of movies the recent years, including Shooter where he was one of the lead roles. I sincerely doubt they even approached Arnie, but you never know!
  6. Mr. Weyland
    I guess all that hollwoodness got to his head, oh come on, he was in X-files but he don't want to do this, they should have asked Lance Henriksen again, to play Mr. Weyland on the news in the film about his disappearance    :P  
  7. Uncanny Antman
    What's with all the Baldwin bashing?  They refer to it as being 'blown off' ...doesn't mean he told them to f**k off, it just means he wasn't interested at all.  Y'all a bunch of haters or sumthin'.
  8. Optimus Prime
    soz about my spelling, meant to say if would be a cliche to have either arnie (he's too old) and glover back, garber would have been good! because of what he says at the end, harrigan (glover)  ''dont worry, you'll get another chance, asshole''   so it would have carried on nicely! man why did he pass! what an idiot! lol
  9. Optimus Prime
    Yeh it would of been good! to have Garber back with the O.W.L.F team its would of carried on nicely from P2. Oh well! f*ck him...they did say the movie is better without them, i think the other was danny glover but having him opr arnie back that would have been crap in my opinion, i mean he did say the studio is getting away from number for sequel's and that having glover or arnie back would have cliche.   Rock On!
  10. zen
    Mr.Baldwin whould have been cool,but i dont know.The predalien queen is new,so thats nice.If i wanted to see the same old crap i'd watch TV!.The preds in AVP wore a lot of armor because there very young by pred standerds,so of course they wore a lot of armor!.They did'nt have a clue as to what they were doing!.All aliens are asexual,(Read the novel ALIEN 3).And the pred homeworld is great news,it adds more to the franchise!.
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