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  1. AlienTailWhip
    Everyone is gonna scream in the theatre when this comes out. We have been waiting for a film like this for years and im too excited..Im glad they didnt put too much in the trailer i want to be suprised at sum point..
  2. pretrixalated
    doesent anyone notice that the alien is a litle small??? it's most likaly a dog/alien    ;D   if ya don't believe me compare this pic with the pic were the alien is on the car(wich looks fabulous I may add)   :D     ;D  
  3. automirage04
    Hmm....sounds like the bros are going to have drones (or at least the predalien) turning people into eggs... a la the deleted scene from Alien. Not sure how I feel about that. I've always been against that idea, but I'm open to giving it a chance.  Other than that, it sounds great to me. Bursting a kid = very daring choice for thier first movie, and I hope they do the scene well and it pays off for them.
  4. beranmee
      ;D   if a third film is planned these guys had better be at the helm!!!!!!!!!!!!  the first one put a me off quite a bit. But after seeing seeing the trailer and these pics Requiem looks to put the first one in the grave and build its own franchise, the RIGHT way    ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D  
  5. zen
    Well,if you look closely behind the alien you can see the tubes.The preds in AVP are 50 whereas the ones in P1 and P2 are 300,500 for the elder,and maybe 130 for the star pred of P2,so of course they wore a lot of armor!.All aliens are asexual,(read the novel ALIEN 3).
  6. Tundra Wolf
    Shit-this could be great, I`m so hoping that the female character is NOT a Ripley clone, why not introduce a GREAT actress that doesn`t look, sound and act like Sig. Weav.? There are so many possibilities for a strong female lead without reincarnating past movie`s characters!!! The jury is not out in my session over this PredAlien design. Wouldn` t it be great to have a Predator that is as agile and nimble as the first one in "Predator"?
  7. Commander Griker
    OMG they read my mind  Type the words "Alien" and "Predator" into Google, and three thoughts on the state of the franchise become clear: The fans consider 2004's "AVP: Alien vs. Predator" to be a mockery of all they hold dear; they maintain hope that some filmmaker, someday, will capture the magic of the comics, novels and video games that established the brand; and finally, that the new red-band trailer for December 25's "Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem" kicks some serious ass.
  8. demonicfirefly
    they prolly dont wear as much armor becaus eof the constraints theyd serve in battle,the ones form before didnt wear much,but they wore pretty decent armor in strategic places,but with their lithe and agile forms, i couldnt see them wearing so much armor.
  9. Chet
    Wow I can believe a little c**tbag like c**t gets away with talking shit how bout you f**k yourself you little faggot before you say anything to somebody. Anyway great pic :)
  10. Xenomorphine
    The first two films did feature Predators wearing armour. Don't know why they thought they didn't.  It's even more bizarre for them not to realise why they'd wear more when hunting things which spary highly corrosive chemical fluid when injured some way.
    that pic of the alien and the predator fighting looks so cool. i cant wait to see the movie so badly. i just hope the Strause brothers delivers us Aliens and Predator fans a very badass movie and i hope for the sequel if success of this movie that they'll do the sequel in the future like the Strause brothers said in an interview.    ;D     ;)     8)  
  12. assie
      ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D   what can i say im an ass   ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D  
  13. cunt
    optimus prime is gay. who the hell even uses that line, roll out. your a man lover, go f**k your family goat.    ;)   sad o get a life.   great image but if u lookk closely at it the pred is saying to the alien oh you like that dont u big dick...    ;D   and the alien is saying let me come..   ;)   its true   :-*   oh wolfy ps. optimus prime please just come out of the closet.   :'(  
  14. Optimus Prime
    The alien looks a bit small! unles its a hybrid or whatever (unlikely) or the predator just tall! lol  The new info sounds good, not sure about the pred-alien but lets just wait and see, mite be good! woohoo  Autobots Roll Out!
  15. Spectra666
    Predators are generally taller than aliens except the predaliens and queens. I wonder if we have a look at the predators homeworld, we might get lucky to see female predators which are supposely taller and heavier than males   ;)  
    Man it would be cool if the PREDALIEN fought with some of the regular Aliens. You know like in the ALIENS Genocide comic book. It look's like theirs no mention of the WEYLAND corportaion in this one.
  17. Jungle-Hunter
      :o     :o     :o     :o     :o     :o     :o     :o     :o     :o     :o     :o     :o     :o     :o     :o     :o     :o     ::)     :o     :o     :o     :o     :o     :o     :o  
  18. Bio Mech Hunter
    Great interview, but I can't help but shake my head on a few things. Like the pred-alien's want to reproduce, while supposedly not being a queen? I'm afraid the Strause Bros. are screwing up the alien's lifecycle (although some would say Cameron's already done that). Either they're asexual drones, or they're female. In which case they're a queen. *inadvertently thinks of the pre-alien's dreads and shutters*  I'm sure this film's going to be great regardless, but I starting to have some serious doubts that the Strause Bros. are sticking close to both the Alien/Predator films and canon/logic. *inadvertently thinks of the AVP comics, novels & games and hurls on keyboard*  The comment about the preds from the first film and their armor is a little ignorant as well. They were fairly inexperienced young blood's who were facing an enemy which is extremely deadly in close quarters and requires a different approach to combat them.  Regarding the above pic, I imagine the alien is in "mid-rise" from the water. Which would explain why it's so short next to wolf. If the Strause Bros. shortened their height (about 8') there's 'gonna be a lot of pissed fans. lol   :D  
  19. Chris
    Holy shit ... i read the interview .. YAY ... like i said ... predalien is ... well .. read by your self ;D.  Really really nice ... i like the idea, how wold gets his second cannon ... but it seems, the trailer showed us the end fight -.-.  greetz
  20. RCarrillo
    yeh many spoilers i would try not to read it but hey guys were all AVP fans so read ahead i will say all was good news to my ears very good news and yeh the pic its a B.A.M.F. if u will!
  21. locusta
    It´s sooooooooooo fantastic!! And about the tubes. I guess it´s one of the stunt suits Colin talked about. But you see them. They are just not "standing". Bug needs Viagra    :D  
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