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MTV AvP2 Interview

Okay, this one really deserves a news post of its own considering the amount of spoilers in this MTV Interview. Directors Greg and Colin Strause talked to MTV:

“Type the words “Alien” and “Predator” into Google, and three thoughts on the state of the franchise become clear: The fans consider 2004’s “AVP: Alien vs. Predator” to be a mockery of all they hold dear; they maintain hope that some filmmaker, someday, will capture the magic of the comics, novels and video games that established the brand; and finally, that the new red-band trailer for December 25’s “Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem” kicks some serious ass. “The studio knew that, although the last movie made a lot of money, it didn’t really resonate solidly with the fans,” admitted Greg Strause, one-half of the filmmaking duo billed as the Brothers Strause. “To get the same people back into the theater a second time, it was gonna be a bit of an uphill battle.”

Read the MTV Interview for lots more stuff or click Read More for the most interesting points. Thanks to Lovely Man for the news.

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  1. vrex70
    who gives .I think overall it will be a decent movie though they did give away a bit too much in the more question why does the alien versus predetor movies take place in the modern times while the games and the alien movies take place in the future.Even though i don't care when it matter how good.
  2. Bio Mech Hunter
    @Aran  Well judging from what we've seen so far, and the attitude the Strause Bros. have displayed in various interviews, I'm pretty damn sure they will.  I'm disappointed that we, apparently, are not going to see any human "birthed" aliens slaughter preds. *sigh*
  3. Xenomorphine
    Yeesh... How could anyone seriously believe Ripley wasn't chestbursted by a Queen? Just look at the thing.  If you needed any proof, just look at 'Alien Resurrection'. The Queen there was because it was cloned form the one inside Ripley. That's enough.
  4. Bio Mech Hunter
    Logically, the only "pure blood" aliens would be the eggs & the facehuggers. All other forms (chestbursters, warriors, queens) would be subject to genetic modifications of the host. Therefore they'd be hybrids regardless (including those who gestated within a human host). Which makes perfect sense.  However, if the predalien in AVPR is suppose to reproduce, it would have to be a queen (although I would've liked to see a standard predalien warrior). I'm all for a (predalien) queen, but it's the execution that has me concerned. Unless the Strause Bros. give a good, believable, in-universe explanation (in the film, of course) without screwing with canon and what has already been established in the previous alien films, I'd be okay with it.   ;)  
  5. Dual Blade
    Naahh people      :P   AVP 3 should be set AFTER ' Aliens' plot holes are easier to fill in (at least I reckon so).  I know we shouldn't get are hopes high on a third ... BUT if this movie does well A THIRD is what will get for sure.
  6. Blades
    AVP III  in space, finally that woul be cool and its gotta be set before Alien on desolate planet. with just predator's and alien's no humans.. just one big battle (like a documentary).   Maybe have humans at the end of the film scientist or something. And they should also show us who Yutani is and learn more about ''the comapny'' and would'nt be a shock if Yutani was a woman? because the alien movie's are about the a female lead (girl power). what do u guys think? p.s are we geeks? I really need 2 know?    :)  
  7. thegodfather
    Must Build Time Machine! This surely now is my most anticipated film for next year. (I'am in the U.K) and it's coming in January 18th woo hoo! I'd love to have AVP3 set just before Alien, set it on LV4-26 on the otherside of the planet, have the Predators extinct then have all the alien warriors wiped out, then the lone (dying surviour on the ground looking from afar to see the ship land and have the survivour die. Fade to black with the music from Alien with voice overs from ASH/KANE/LAMBERT & DALLAS as they approach the ship and the final line of the film 'A cave of some sort?' And the final images:- A face Hugger flying towards the camera from Alien then end. That would be cool.
  8. [CaM]Spoon
    Im not sure if im readin this right but the predator has mutiple fangs?  Does this mean that it has teeth like in AVP which looked so damn bad? I thought the face was gonna be like originals? that sucks.
  9. Dual Blade
    You right carnalien ... But I still imagine they are upon the alien life cycle we haven't, or could dare imagine.  If this movie does well (which am sur as heck hopping, AND WILL) then another AVP 3 movie would diffinately be on the cards ... followed by Alien 5 and Predator 3, am only guessing.  If they do a number 3 then I would love it to be out there in space, after the events of ' Aliens' ...  Maybe going back to the planet LV 458 (I forget the actual planet no. name).  I have extremme thoughts on that this movie WILL succeed so much, and not just by fans BUT also the critics.   ;D     ;D     ;D    GO BROS!!!!
  10. carnalien
    all this talk of predaliens/predqueens and all these other hybrids! im getting scared that if they use it all in avp-r there will be nothing new and interesting to see in avp3, itll have all been done before. i like to see some mysteries stay hidden for another day
  11. xenomorph36
    to ppl who keeps saying it's not a big deal should think before they talk. when 9-11 happend, since i was not an american i didnt really care about it. but i'm sure those that were involved cared a lot more and had more effect on them. same thing for the pred queen. some who likes preds more may or may not care whether it's a pred queen or not. i for one would not give a crap if they did some major modification on predators. those of us who have been a fan of the alien franchise for years are pretty much pissed off that they changed the whole alien biology just because they did not have enough money    ::)  
  12. Predhunter
    Well, i think that it makes every sense to create a Predqueen, and i also think that was a brilliant and brave. FIRST,  because it think the audience needs something new (there were 4 aliens movies). AND SECOND, why do you think Ripley was chestbursted by a Queen? Aliens seem to acquire several  characteristics from its host. Temper, bravery and lately, fisical characteristics. (Ripley was a great warrior... ). I think it´s a natural resorce  that the Aliens have to perpetuate the species, to improve it and to servive...
  13. RougeHunter
    PredQueen... not a bad idea I'm sure it could work (cross fingers) I like the idea of Wolf (One bad mofo) In the interview they metion Predators being killed on the ship...nice idea. As for the chest burster from the kid...WOW I never thought that anyone would do that!!! I like the idea it shows that this movie has moved from the kid like atmosphere of AVP and back to the blood and gore that both movies deserve I hope that this movie is more Predator fighting Alien and humans just dying and less human living. Anyone know where to find the grenn band tralier in a better format so I can actually see it.   8)  
  14. Sulaco
    They deleted me after I hashed it out with P. Anderson... anyway maybe they should show us the warrior aliens building those hive's { busy little creatures!} also the aliens are the right size, look how big that f**ker is jumping on the car!
  15. Blade-N-Burner
    I think the predalien queen is a great new addition to the saga, besides the repetative appearance of the original queen is getting a little old. Thanks to these new ideas we'll have plenty more "AVP's" to come!
  16. Chet
    wow wtf is up with the people whining about the Pred Queen? Chill the F out! I dont think its a bad idea its new and it helps for budget reasons and it saves money so this is just a movie just CHILLLLLLL!
  17. Krycek
    Jesus, look at you guys. Shame on all of you that are jumping off the boat because of the Pred-Queen. We are getting a rated R AvP? Isn't that what everyone wanted? I'm surprised that this website is still up and running considering how much every doesn't like AvP-R. God, grow a sack and deal with the fact that both movie series have changed over the years.
  18. xenomorph36
    on a side note , i agree with xenomorphine. they did say there is no queen in the movie, meaning it may not be an actual queen but it will just serve the same purpose. i hope they dont tuch anything involving queen cuz thats one of the reason why i like the creatures  so much.
  19. xenomorph36
    i'm always pretty positive about the movie but now i hear this sack of bullshit. predalien-queen. wow the brothers f**ked the alien franchise even MORE than PAUL. way to go. seriosly pred queen my ass.
  20. Xenomorphine
    There is no guarantee the Predalien is a Queen, in any way.  Saying it serves the same purpose is not the same as saying it is one. They might just mean the same thematic purpose.  I still find it weird that they thought the first two films never showed Predators wearing armour or that they had no idea wearing more would be a good idea when hunting things with acidic blood in them.
  21. Aran
    He is not on Earth on some mission, guys. He got entangled in the scout ship & the Predalian & his SOLE job now is to eliminate all trace of it. So obviously ( & logically ) he has to arm himself to the teeth & bring with him a medi-kit in case he gets injured. ( which he definitely will.)   I guess the story of AVP-R is more of Wolf just taking out the humans & aliens & hunt the Predalien. He wont rest till the Predalian is killed. Then he can take off his mask & turn the atomic bomb on his wrist pad ( so cliche huh? ) or maybe a pick-up crew will reclaim his ass. either way dis is a movie dat sounds awesome.     8)  
  22. SublimeDBC
    "The med kit's also back because he gets kinda f---ed up in one part," this referring [possibly] to the part where the predator gets impaled by the predalien..just a thought. Maybe he heals himself after the battle though he gets pretty f--ked up in that battle and most like dies soon after.
  23. Psykorgasm
    Sounds amazing. And...LOL @ all the fags moaning about the Predalien Queen. Stop going on about it, at the end of the day there's nothing you can do to change the outcome of this film. You can never please anyone, jeez.
  24. ClockworkHorror
    What's with all this 'pure breed' stuff? The alien is an organism that takes traits from it's host organism in order to best adapt to what'll be it's new environment. With that as it's lifecycle every alien is pure bred. The notion that there can be hybrids is ridiculous. I mean, the alien that burst out of the Space Jockey's chest would probably have a set of characteristics taken from that species. What makes Human spawned Aliens 'pure' bred?
  25. Bio Mech Hunter
    I believe Meathead320 has hit the nail on the head regarding the alien's genetic strains. That's exactly what I've speculated. lol   :D     ;)    However, the only problems with the notion that she's an immature pred-alien queen are: 1) aliens go into hiding when developing into an adult and don't start hunting, gathering hosts, etc. until fully mature 2) aliens grow at a rapid rate and queens are no exception 3) point #2 coupled with the "behind-the-scenes" explanation that the queen from the first AVP was being pumped with growth acceleration hormones that vastly speed up the time it takes to reach maturity (and the time it takes to gestate, obviously).
  26. Axlotl
    Well, it does say that there is no queen. which might mean no pure queen, or might mean something else. If there is no queen of any sort, perhaps the hybrid, being the eldest alien, assumes a "leadership" role amongst the fledgling, queenless hive. If the hybrid is the leader of the hive, maybe she has all the available corpses brought to her for egg-morphing to further the hive. Could even have a scene early on where she fights the drones that where born out of the wreckage face huggers for supremacy.
  27. The Chibi Kiriyama
    I don't know...this sounds cool, but...I still have that feeling that this is going to be a nice movie to look at yet a mediocre addition to the canon. I mean...come on...a Predalien serving the same purpose as a Queen? Hmm.
  28. Bio Mech Hunter
    Regarding the recent pic of Wolf and the alien warrior in the sewer, perhaps the alien is not standing fully upright yet Even still, he does look a little small next to wolf. lol Human-gestated warriors are typically a good 7"-8" taller than the average predator (when standing fully upright). So either Wolf is unusually large for a pred, or he's taking some "performance enhancers". Lord help the Strause Bros. if they shrank the aliens. There'll be an army of pissed fans pounding on their door. lol    :D  
  29. Bio Mech Hunter
    I'm disappointed we apparently aren't going to be seeing a standard pred-alien warrior in action, but I'm all for a pred-alien queen. So long as the Strause Bros. use the films AVP is based on (i.e. not the comics, games, etc.) as a starting point and follow a logical path to a good, realistic conclusion (however, sound logic is unattainable if an individual's knowledge is sorely lacking). That's where the AVP comics, games, etc. had failed... miserably. They differ so much from the films that I dislike them. Including this whole "predators are god-like warriors who can take on vastly superior numbers of mindless aliens and still come out the victor" garbage. *thinks of the pred-alien's dreads again and coughs up lunch*  But beyond the whole "accuracy & realism" argument, it's only fair that alien fans are treated the same as predator fans. Now I'm a HUGE predator fan, and even though I'm still an alien fan at my core, I still want to see aliens slaughtered in combat against preds just as much as the other way around. There's a nasty misconception that alien fans in general want to "win" and nothing else. When in fact, all we want is a faithful portrayal of both species locked in intelligent, realistic and intense combat. Here's hoping.   ;)  
  30. Meathead320
    I think what we are dealing with here, is a Queen, that is immature, and just happened to have a Predator for a host.  All it says is that a Queen is not a purebred, BUT it confirms my idea that even if the Queen has extra characteristics from its host, the eggs it makes will be purebred, and not pass on the extra traits.  Meaning a 2nd gen alien, from an egg made by the PredAlien Queen, if the host is human for the gen2 alien, it will be the same as an Alien from a Queen that had a human host.  The Queen is not exactly a purebred, but the Alien does not need to worry about genetic dissolution, as all the eggs are made with a clean slate.  I don't have a problem with this, even if it contradicts what was in a video game.
  31. cockroach
    i think that the reason the predalien is so small (compared to aliens QUEEN) is that she is still growing ... i like to think of her CROWN growing in the same strength as rhino's/elephants grown they're tusks... grow with age etc... shame theres gna be no queen facehugger shown tho :(  bring on the requiem!!!! & REMEMBER NO BLOODY AVP2 FOR UK...alienS vs predatore REQUIEM all the way!!!!!!!
  32. 666
    yeh soul i kinda know what ur sayin, but thats paul for ya! anderson is cool guy he just cant make good films! i mean he has soo much potential..but he screws up.
  33. 666
    Hell yeah! choppers, double wrist blades was awesome and he looked like pred frm p2 which was cool! its a shame he died quick. Other than that AVP sucked! hopefully AVP-R will be awesome! hard, violent, gore, blood, scary and like the original,  Lets stop complainning bout chet? being a queen, its different and who said a queen has to be big and pure bred or whatever, the dog-alien (runner) was cool! and the pred-alien will be too (apart from the dreds) lets chill.  now lets all get some sleep...and hopefully more info or whatever mite come out tommorow. AVP3 (in space!) that does sound good..  nite nite
  34. Soul
    The arm "scimitar" was gay, too long, unnecessary, and takes away from the brutal simplicity of wristblades.    The nets in AvP were retarded, they looked like rope with little motors or some shit tightening them as opposed to the net in Predator 2, which was super thin metal wire.  The Shuriken is an autistic version of the Disc.  All of these things about the first AvP were just ugly, unnecessary modifications of what was so excellent about the weapons in Predator 2.
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