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Two New AvPR Pictures!

Seems like the website Kratookfilm has gotten its hands on two new pictures from AvP-R!

20070908_02 Two New AvPR Pictures!

There are two images – One of Wolf in the sewer and another of an Alien perched on top of a car in the rain. Looks pretty damn good if you ask me. You can see the larger pictures in our forum. Thanks to Ptt for the info. Read more for the Alien picture.

Update: High-resolution images can be found here and here.

20070908_03 Two New AvPR Pictures!

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  1. SHREK
    hmmm Greg strause gave a hint of there actually be a part of the film where we will see either the red or alien home world    :o     "There’s lots of stuff still unseen
  2. I know the Pred Face
    I heard that the predator would be like kinda like an elder face with 1 acid out so he will see with one eye all banged up but has the face of Predator 1 and 2 found out on one of the guys comments on
  3. WarMachine
    Dude the Alien's always been that big, with the exception of the first AVP. Plus those are like the Aliens from the second movie as well, those were different from the one in the first movie. Plus that's not a big car.  That's be awesome if the Alien pulled some "Jeepers Creepers" shit and punched its tail thru the ceiling.
  4. Krusher
    the F'n alien is crouched over of course it looks big, you guys need to pay a little more attention to detail. The pics look awesome and wow complain a little more its avp   ;D  
  5. vortep
    Well the pred picture is verry cool as he always look. But the alien pic is just amazing!When i was little i imagine how woud be the world if the aliens go to earth and that pic is just how i imagine it!
  6. Optimus Prime
    Hey! its my good friend! zen hows it goin bro?  haha! decepticons? no! its all about the autobots lol well apart from starscream...haha! he's the best! the pics look good! the lighting a bit dodgy but they are production photo's or whatever, it will look alot better in the final cut. woo hoo. it will be better in the movie with the proper effects, angle and music etc.   Autobots? Roll out!   Haha!
  7. gb
    wonder if the movie will get str8 into the action, like the ship crashing in the opening credits( alien3 style, not showing us full detail of the cause but giving us hints of trouble on board)
  8. zen
    To ALIEN WARRIOR:The preds in AVP we're very young.Its like being a scrawny guy at 17 and then turning into Lou Ferrigno at 30.Only thing is the preds in AVP are 50 and the wolf is like,hmmmm,what whould you guys say?,300?.So of course he looks very inshape!.Hes had a lot of time to practice!.And did'nt the alien in ALIEN look like a guy in a suit?.Or was that just me?.Personaly i think this alien looks just fine the way it is    ;)  .And to optimus prime:Each of the trailers are dead on perfect for those two!!!   ;D  .Decepticons,transform!!!!(hahahahaha! !!   :D  ).
  9. xenomorph36
    pred picture is just ok, cuz we 've seen stuff like that before. however the alien pic looks AWESOME! not sure about the size but the pose and everything is something really new to everyone. we havent seen alien doing that ever.
  10. SHREK
    I dont usually criticise anythin new that gets released about avpr but is it me or does the aliens pic look like its a comic book picture - maybe cus of the lighting....and the pred pic looks too much like a man in a suit...and its not just in this pic i thought that aswell in parts of the trailer too.......   :-[  
    i think the pics of the alien and the predator looks so awesome. glad the predator looks more inshaped than the ones used in avp which i thought was really dumb. the alien on the car looks so sweet and that it looks more like the ones in aliens which is great. i cant wait to see avp-r in theaters. i just want to see more pics of avp-r and i hope they have the queen in it and hope its not the size of the queen in avp
  12. gb
    me 2 m8, always been a super nerd 4 these movies! cant wait 2 get my site up and running too so i can show off my artwork of both franchises... i think peoples guna luv them
  13. Optimus Prime
    Hey dude (gb) yeh man! i think thats cool! not sure about the silnet night at the end of the green-band trailer but lets c what happens. Gotta be optimistic  Cant wait for this flick!   Rock On!
  14. gb
    i agree about da trailers optimus prime, both seem 2 fit one character, which iz cool coz we kinda see both of them doin their thing (killin'!)
  15. Optimus Prime
    Sorry about my spelling i just type to fast! im just really excited about this film! lol  p.s i think the alien on the car does look bigger (unless it's a really small car) I think the alien may be another 'hybrid' or something, a gorrilla or something bigger than a human! we'll just have 2 wait & see.  Rock On!
  16. Optimus Prime
    The still's look cool! i like the alien on the car & the rain very stylish like the pred-alien still. I think the colin & greg got a stylish dark raw, wet look 2 this film!  The green-band trailer is feels like a alien movie and the red-band trailer feels more like a predator film. Does anyone agree?  I hope they release more stills.  Rock On!
  17. Heavy Metal SPike
    .... and if thte youtube vid you are referring to is the one I THINK it is - that facehugger is on the wall of ADI - they were allowed to keep it after the filming of Aliens3.  .
  18. Heavy Metal Spike
    Thanks for that.    The first one is from one of the scenes I saw filmed (that car is driving down Murray Street in Port Moody (Vancouver BC) with huge rain making machines overhead), and the 2nd is now my new screensaver    ;D    .
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