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Low Quality Greenband Trailer

Can’t believe it took a whole week for somebody to do this. Anyway, somebody has captured the trailer and uploaded it to YouTube but can also be found on DailyMotion. Grab it while it’s hot cos it’ll probably be removed soon. Can’t really see much but I’m a little disappointed. The silent night music doesn’t work for me and I think it should have been a lot more story based.

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  1. Punk19
    Alright that was what I was looking for all along. I loved how the ship crashed. I'll now save up my twenty bucks for the ticket, popcorn and drink at the theater. My dad probably won't like it, but I want to see it a week after Christmas. I don't care what he says, I'm gonna see the film alone. No parental guidence this time around.   ;D  
  2. boostedlsj
    ^^^wow nobody is ever happy are they?  seriously man  get over yourself   and just be happy   the mother f**king movie will be out eventually
  3. Guest
    look at that redband trailer agian that pred has 3 plasma cannons  1 on each soulder and one in his hand    watch the part were the guy gets his face burnt off by the alien head poping form wolfs shot iam calling it what it is a hand cannon  the guy shooting the alien head off with the preds gun was the hand cannon i think he got it when the pred got killed by predalien or when pred grabed him up  or pred droped it and dude piced it u p killed alien and pred grabe dude up and took it back   the green trailer was ok i guess it was red with out the gore and few extra  scenes nothing big deal about it
  4. RougeHunter
    Not bad...well the picture sucked but the movie looks good. Didn't really hear the  Slient Night (off in my own little AVP world) but you never know.
  5. MYM
    I think it describes the story fine. What more is there to show? A predator mothership crash lands filled with facehuggers who take over a small town. Then!!!!!! A Predator shows up. People get killed, Aliens fight a Predator, and shit EXPLODES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Not saying it's a bad story, I'm just saying that it is pretty spelled out for ya.
  6. WarMachine
    Dude wtf since when can some random person fathom the plasma caster, you'd think it'd take a pred to know how to use it, but even if you could I still think the idea of using it as a gun is kind of lame,     ::)   But I always thought the ones they found in AVP were just like the barrels to the guns, those devices on the pred's back was the battery...whatever not important
  7. Rob - - - - - - ski
    Star Wars 3 made about $54 million on it's opening day on a Thursday. So even on weekdays would it make big at the boxoffice before the first weekend when you would regularly go to the theater. As for AVP2, it's opening day is on a Tuesday. It has 4 days to do bigger than average weekday earnings before it has it's first weekend and the weekends after will go on as if it never had those days. Based on the popularity and it wide release, it could make anywhere from $20 to $40 million on the weekdays, and make $30 to $40 million on the first weekend. Sum so far from $50 to $80 million. And if drops on the later weekends won't be as bad as AVP's, it likely could even pass the $100 million mark. A first for either franchise.
  8. Rob - - - - - - ski
    Actually I think it'll do well at the boxoffice. Christmas day is a weekday and those weekdays before the first weekend act as a big bounus. There were many major  films that were out were out for the past few years that had weekday openings. Harry Potter 5 had the smallest opening weekend out all previous ones, $77million. Yet it was opened on a Whensday, making about $50 million before that weekend and the weekends after go on as if it never happened, and it's currently about to pass HP 4's $290 million gross, with it having a $104 million opening weekend and no weekdays before that.
  9. Green Band
    @ "Bio Mech Hunter | 08 Sep 2007 19:4643 I still can't believe the Strause Bros. chose to release a movie like this on Christmas."  I really doubt they choose the date. More like FOX PR people said that they wanted it on Christmas. I do agree with your Christmas day argument. Personally, although this movie looks decent from the trailers so far, I bet it will tank at the box office the first few days because of this poor decision. I worked at a movie theater in the past, and was also made to work on christmas day one year. There was seriously one person that showed up the whole day. It wasn't even worth being opened. They really should have shot for a Halloween release date. People are much more likely to go see a horror flick (good or bad)  during this time period. From a marketing perspective, any major religious holiday is a bad day to open a movie. But what do I know?
  10. TheUrbanPredator
    Hey guys, I've downloaded the green band trailer from youtube and I just edited it to make it look clearer, I mean a lot clearer. I'm gonna start uploading it right now and I'll tell you when it's done.   ;D  
  11. frankaster
    I should use that silent night song since the begining, you know it really felt out of place that song in that moment, I wanted some family or a group of people wit chritmas stuff and an alien sneaking them from behind or something, like an alien stealing the presents....   :P   y just wanted to use a better use of that song
  12. ArielAleXCo
    --quote----- Bio Mech Hunter | 08 Sep 2007 09:44 18 Wow. The quality of the trailer on youtube is absolutely horrendous. Whoever uploaded it shouldn't have bothered unless they were able to acquire it with considerably better quality. undecided  ------------------------  Ok. so go to the movies take youre camera and record it yourself....  .... i hate leechers.... i hope you are not one of them. -_-*
  13. ArielAleXCo
    very nice... about the silent night... could come out nice.. you know like freddy krugger childish song... but in that edition i think where are mising the sound effects....  silent night with Reiko firing the machine gun... not so xmas-ish.
  14. Bio Mech Hunter
    I still can't believe the Strause Bros. chose to release a movie like this on Christmas. I don't think too many people are going to be saying "Okay guys. Let's hurry up and finish unwrapping our Christman gifts and eat breakfast SO WE CAN GO SEE AVP:R!! F*** YEAH!".   ::)    I see what they're trying to do with the Silent Night theme. And frankly, it doesn't work with that song, imo. Otherwise, it's a pretty good idea. Just poor execution.  Both poor decisions, imo. lol   ;)  
    You guys are reading way too much into this Silent Night theme!!! It wasn't put there because it wanted to sound cute or stupid, it was put there because the movie is coming out in Christmas!!!! That's it, it's kind of like saying the most peaceful time all year is going to be the most terrifying time of all year because Aliens and Predators are coming to kill us all.  You guys are reading way too much into this Silent Night song, Brian Tyler, look up his f**king name! And keep in mind this movie is going to be rated R, if you didn't like that trailer, well just look at the redband trailer instead.
  16. i-robot
    sh*t trailer cant even see anythin. fox plz put it online & release some cool stills? keep d stills scary & distorted like the 1 of d pred alien hybrid SILNET NIGHT? no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. chris
    trailer's better than the red band one, even tho i loved the gore & language on the red band haha...  silnet night? nope it dont work, but i suppose here in the u.k (woohoo) we wont get that on the t.v spots near the release of the film because we get AVP2 in jan, hope when fox put the trailer online they get rid of silnet night! maybe put some music from the original Alien trailer, you know that scream sound! (u know the one i mean) that will totally work its scary and it pays homage to the classic! haha.. lets go! roll on christmas (or should i say january) lol  Aliens vs. Predator Requiem / Alien vs. Predator 2
  18. Optimus Prime
    I like the fact that there wern't too many additional scenes, keep the the plot a secret! knowing too much about the film will only spoil it when we watch it in the cinema! lol  The quality was crap! but hopefully we will get the proper one from fox, im not feeling the silnet night at the end maybe it mite on the better quality trailer, but i doont think a christmas song works with alien or predator but lets just wait and see!  Rock On!
  19. YutaniDitch
    So this is what people have been waiting for...just some copycat scenes from Alien3, and the song is definitely misplaced...with no story elements whatsoever...   So, who said this was better than the RB trailer...?  This one is actually worse than the RB because of the ridiculous song (thank goodness we won't be having that here in Europe...) and this trailer additions are just Alien silhouettes doing what we have seen a million times over...  I hope the European or Internet ones are way better than this...   >:(  
  20. zen
    THIS IS GOING TO BE THE GREATEST MOVIE FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR!!!!!!.BOOOYAAAAAA!!!!!!!!   ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D  
  21. shinigami
      :(   hmm somebody grabed a vidoe camera and filmed the trailer, guess thats why the quality is shit. Well i hope that soon they will upload a normal quality trailer. Btw the trailer was great dipite the shitty quality.    ;D  
  22. SHREK
    pretty shit quality this bits i could make out were the bits i saw in the redbanf trailer...but sum bits with the alien sneaking up on the doctor looked very scay indeeed. when will a proper version b put online??   ???   and i though the silent night was fine
  23. Bio Mech Hunter
    Wow. The quality of the trailer on youtube is absolutely horrendous. Whoever uploaded it shouldn't have bothered unless they were able to acquire it with considerably better quality.   :-\    Aside from that, the trailer looks great... from what we can make out. I haven't seen the green band trailer 'till now (and I'm not interested in any films it's attached to), but it does look like it kicks some serious ass. Honestly, I can't believe it took this long before someone uploaded it on youtube. lol   :D    I'm not thrilled about the "Silent Night" theme playing at the end montage. Like chocolate and mayonaise it just doesn't work together.   ;)  
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