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New Trailer with Death Sentence

As I pointed out last week, the green-band trailer will be shown with Death Sentence which comes out Friday. Here’s your proof: a Trailer Programming Info Sheet found by JaredK21 on the forum. Look under Death Sentence and you’ll find Alien vs Predator Requiem. It also says that it will be two minutes twenty-five seconds long.

20070829 New Trailer with Death Sentence

Surprisingly, the trailer won’t be seen with Halloween. I expect the trailer will be online either tomorrow night or Friday and will be more story-based.

EDIT: If you’re in the UK, the AvP2 trailer is not currently attached to Death Sentence. I’ll let you know when it’s recieved in the UK, or at least when Odeon starts to recieve it. (Hicks)

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Comments: 47
  1. MoRe
    The acting better be good because in the end, no matter how much gore there is, if I don't care about the actors/characters the movie will not be scary and it will be sh*t. If the brothers say it is in Alien style then they should know it's not about the gore or action it's about the characters.
  2. Stealth Overture
    They should of put the trailer on halloween, as more people will go to watch that! and i hope the trailer doesn't show too much!  I really cant wait for this movie, is guna be better than the first I think.  Happy Hunting!
  3. zen
    OH!!,I forgot to say that the one with horns glows in the dark!!!.And the red one is see-through!!!.HAHAHA!!!,There soooo awesome!!!   ;D     ;D  .
  4. zen
    To commander Griker and PREDALIEN-K:I have them to!!.I got them when i was a little kid!!.I've got for the preds:The bright red one,the one with horns and the one with brown armor!!!(Thats my favorite one!!!).And for aliens i have the simple drone that came with the pred with brown,a big one where you pull his legs forward and spikes stick out of its head and i've got one where ya pull its legs and its head moves down and it shoots out a flying alien!!!.There so awesome!!!.I always wanted the elder predator and the giant dragon-like alien!!!!  ;D     ;D     ;D  .
  5. D2
    bad choice. I think Death Scentence will be an awesome movie but it is bound to flop at the boxoffice and is releasing in only 1900+ theatres which means not many will get to see the trailer. They should have attached to Halloween which will open 20+ million.   Well let us hope they attach it to Resident evil 3. And then in october with saw 4 and then in November with Hitman.   At end of november till december 25th they can start the tv marketing and online markting campaign.
  6. Jonesy
    Im worried about bad acting and the story too. i think the red band trailer was probably able to hide alot of that, if there is any.  I guess this is probably the trailer where the little girl talks about the bogeyman and then at the end they play Silent Night. I was about ready to give up on this movie after hearing that, but the red band trailer has restored my hope. It still was essentially just a bunch of action and kill scenes though. You can make just about any action movie look exciting by doing that. We really wont know if this movie is any good or not until the first sneak previews, which Im sure are at least a month away.  I did read that one guy that worked on the movie saw it and said its a "guilty pleasure" though, which could mean just about anything, except that I dont think we can expect another masterpiece like Alien or Aliens.
  7. Pred-Xeno
    Nooooooo   :'(  I'm gonna go watch Halloween so I guess I missed it but I think it would've been better to put the trailer on both movies or if they had to choose one they should chose Halloween I think it would bring in more attention.
  8. brian
    is it going to be on this site or you would have to go to the movies and go see dead sentence to see it. because at the end of the writing it says "it will be online tommaro night or friday night"
  9. xenomorph36
    why death sentence? they should have shown in halloween. anyway i'm looking forward to the trailer but i'm a bit worried that the acting and the story is going to be cheesy. i hope i'm wrong...    :-\  
  10. carnalien
    it should be good, but i doubt it will be slower, or reveal more then the previous trailer. its not supposed to show/tell you everything. thats wat the movie's for.  but yer that doesnt mean im not lookin forward to it!!!
  11. brian
    when it says that the trailer will be online tommaro night, does it mean on the avp galaxy website where it says latest news. hope it is and hope its better than the first one, the first one was not that good. hope this one is slower and more story about the creatures and what it has caused. and the space ship comming to earth in a slow motion view not just a freaken two second thing.
  12. lone hunter
      ;D     ;D     ;D  I hope the'yre gonna show sum new stuff in the trailer, it's what I think anyways.......YAUTJA ARE #1, THE WOLF IS GONNA OWN THOSE ALIEN'S A$$'S!!!   ;D     ;D     ;D  
  13. scarface
      ???  another question:what if the predalien gets stronger with every fight won like on the game   ???     ???  ....i think if thats the case then the queens got a new general   ;D     :P  GONNA f**k THAT PREDATOR UP!!!!!!  -IM THE JUGGERNAUT B**CH!!!!
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