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NECA Announce AvP Requiem Figures

Well we’ve all known about it for sometime but NECA has finally announced its upcoming AvP Requiem series:

“This winter, the two most devastating forces in the galaxy face off again, and the human race must scramble to survive in Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem. NECA officially announced that we would be an official licensor of collectibles, action figures and more for Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem at this year’s San Diego Comic Con and today we give an exclusive glimpse at this highly anticipated license. Feast your eyes on this teaser of our beautifully sculpted Alien Action Figure! Part of Series 1 of our upcoming Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem Action Figures, this is the best Alien action figure yet!”

20070828 NECA Announce AvP Requiem Figures

As you can see, they also released a new picture of the Alien figure. Looks far better than the SD2007 images. You can check out the whole release here. Thanks to CelticP for the heads up.

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Comments: 35
    i love giger's design too its the best design for any alien movie ever could have done. i think the size of the new alien figure from neca could be around 7 to 8 inches maybe but i'm just guessing. i hope they do a good job with the new predator with the duel shoulder cannons. i have all the figures based on the aliens and predator from kenner toys to mcfarlene toys and i have to say i love them all just wished for the first AVP movie they stuck with the orginal giger's design and with stan winston's design of the predators. it was cool the design in Alien Resurrection the aliens looked cool but using it in AVP wasnt a good idea.
  2. carnalien
    @predalien91: i dont mean any offense by this, but if u think gigers design is awesome shouldnt u want the aliens to have smooth heads? this new design has varied quite a bit from giger's original design in my opinion.
  3. zen
    I watched predator the other day and i realized that the preds in AVP also had med packs!,they just never used them!.But hey,does anyone know if the wolf uses the one from P1 or P2?.I whould realy like to know!   ;D  .
  4. zen
    I liked the ones from AVP,they where like the aliens in the comic aliens vs predator.But i've gotta say,the ones from the aliens movie always looked creappier!   ;D  
    i think it looks pretty good so far and i hope that they do a cool job with the predator figure and the pred-alien figure too. too bad mcfarlene toys isnt doing the figures for Aliens vs Predator but it surely does look pretty damn good.    8)  
  6. csutkakoma
    I love it and i love the neck too. With this neck the alien looks more massive. I have to buy one!   "will they show thhe predalien and the predator?????"  I think yes!  "Make sure to check back at NECAonline for updates on Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem collectibles and more!" from necaonline   ;)  
  7. locusta
    looks good and I will get it. But still I´m a bit sad, that they just used the same AVP bodies. Ok, the new head and the neck design (apart from the neck proportions) is GREAT!!
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