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Gamespot AvP PSP Preview

Yet another preview of the AvP PSP game can be seen on Gamespot. This one gives a detailed account of the beginning of the first level in the game:

“In the first level we played, we found ourselves in an outdoor jungle environment near what seemed to be a human-research facility. After nimbly hopping up some tree trunks and running through foliage from a close, third-person perspective, we spotted alien wreckage, as well as human targets. We slipped into stealth mode, stalked onto a branch, shifted into first-person mode, and obliterated our first human target with a bolt from our plasma caster (basically a nasty, shoulder-mounted cannon for you Predator neophytes). Then, we jumped down and finished his astonished friend with our wicked hand blades. We couldn’t find the triumphant yell button, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t there.

After that, we stalked into a base only to be attacked by two xenomorphs. Too fast to blast, we had to cut them down. From there, we went deeper into the facility and noticed a sneaky xenomorph hunting us from the ceiling. How quickly the hunter became the hunted as we used its slow approach to nail it with a plasma burst–like an alien Orkin man.”

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Comments: 3
  1. the patient one
    it sounds alright, but so far ders nothing u can do in this game that u cant do in predator concrete jungle. have 2 wait n c i guess
  2. DemonioCazador
    Interesting details, so seems like there is a research facility with Xenomorphs!! Cool! And the fact that verything starts ina n outdoor jungle area sounds pretty cool too!!  Oh man!! I can't wait!
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