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Gina Holden Interview

In a recent interview about her upcoming role in the remake of Flash Gordon, AsvP actress Gina Holden talked briefly about Aliens vs Predator to iF Magazine:

“It premieres at the end of December. It was a fantastic experience because I’m such a big ALIEN fan. The whole casting process I was just blown away I was able to read for something like that. Being the nerd that I am for that kind of thing I was like, “really, I’m reading for this.” And the when I got the part I was more excited and when I got on set, I was working with the original crew from ALIEN and sitting next to this creature, I was just pinching myself. I couldn’t believe I was there. It was a fantastic experience.”

She talks briefly about her character. You can check out the rest of the interview here. Thanks to deezelboy for the news.

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  1. Rob - - - - - - ski
    And as for Star Wars. I find it to be the best film series there is because, unlike LOTR, it was made for the screen ever since it orginated. To see what the creator sees. LOTR is my favorite book series that was made to entertain through words and using your imgination, never to be on screen where your imgination is gone by filmmakers that made it look thier way. Every book that ever has and ever will be adapted into a film suffers this. I'M DONE HERE NO MORE!!!!!!! LET US GET BACK TO AVP!!!!!!!!!! EVERYONE, SORRY FOR GETTING-OFF-SUBJECT.
  2. Rob - - - - - - ski
    They were moments that awed me and made me laugh. Then after I've read the books, I've come to realize they were put there only to amuse the larger crowd who never had or never will read the books. And at what cost? Frodo's character is weak and diminised to where anyone would feel they want to see the side stories real soon. On DVD, I hardly ever want to watch those scenes, finding more of what really draw the audience elsewhere. And as for Gimli, Merry, Pippin, they became so reduced to comic relief that only that by them being more sucessful at humor, good actors, and not trying to be in front of the camera whenever possible were they mere steps away from becoming Jar Jar.
  3. Rob - - - - - - ski
    To EpsilonOrpheon: You got a bit over senistive when i discuss very briefly about time. Me, bad-mouth LOTR? I haven't even commented what one scholar, Wayne G. Hammond said: "In the moments in which the films succeed, they do so by staying close to what Tolkien so carefully wrote; where they fail, it tends to be where they diverge from him, most seriously in the area of characterization. Most of the characters in the films are mere shadows of those in the book, weak and diminished (notably Frodo) or insulting caricatures (Pippin, Merry, and Gimli). The filmmakers sacrifice the richness of Tolkien's story and characters, not to mention common sense, for violence, cheap humor, and cheaper thrills."
  4. Mr. Fox
      ::)   you guys are over reacting, everything and anything that gets reported about the movie gets shut down with the quickness, im begining to see a pattern, you guys are never satified
  5. EpsilonOrpheon777
    hmmm interesting i dunno if that pleases me or makes me go wtf both i guess  and to Rob: yeah the LOTR movies got me to want to read the books since i first saw the trailer for FOTR i began reading and read every book before its respective movie release i think they were done excellently and you wanna talk about time?  you don't think the movies were long enough?  ROTK was already to the point of people complaining about the length... and it was the shorter book of the three.  so it would not be wise to bad-mouth the LOTR films... at least they were better than star wars    :D  
  6. Rob - - - - - - ski
    Yeah, take Lord of the Rings for instance. They reduced the books to low-life just to satisfy the greater # of fans who will never read the book than the # who've had. There so many scenes that could be done in book form without any interference with the time or a newcomer's interest. But they just decide to K.I.S.S. (keeping it simple stupid) it. The Arwen/Aragorn is put there to expand fanbase for girls. While the person-to-person fights are find, the army-to-army battles were horrid. They just "clash head-on" "clash head-on" like Riders of Rohan on the Elephants. Mere A.I. intellengence on strategy games. In the books, they've got brains on how to lead, manuver armies. The Riders went around them to fight what they CAN fight: other Haradrium on foot or horse.
  7. A Real Fan
    You guys are a bunch of losers. no matter how they make the film it will never live up to your expectains. If you think you could do better write your own script and make your own dame movie.
  8. Danger Close
    Xenomorphine: I caught that wife reference too. I didn't get as far as the underground lab... but good call. She definitly slipped a little info, reguarding how much military is in this town BEFORE all hell breaks loose. PLOT? Who knows, but it is progress.
  9. Half-knife
    I agree that some people just can't be pleased, no matter what! Bitching constantly is all a lot of people do on every board I've ever seen and it really sucks when it seems that you're constantly reading crap from a bunch of spoiled sixth graders! And the spelling (or lack there of), only seems to confirm this. Any way, there is also some good stuff. Here's a thought. Maybe there IS a secret military base in the town, and somehow they got hold of some alien eggs and tried experimentation that got loose. Maybe the Predator ship crashed back to earth and they captured the young Predalien who escaped when he grew up, and that's why the "cleaner" shows up. One theory is as good as another. I'll still see the film just because it has a Predator in it!
  10. EpsilonOrpheon777
    yeah i'm with Pvt. Hicks on this one [for once] stop bashing someone just cuz of a fricking interview for all we know she comes onto these AVP sites and reads up on what the fans are saying then what will she think when she sees what you all say? yeah that'll make her feel good about herself    :-X  
  11. TK1999
    "...when I got on set, I was working with the original crew from ALIEN..."   she sounds absolutely retarded, and I doubt very much she's seen ANY of the Alien movies.
  12. JESSE
  13. PredatorKing 2776
    GueRoux u read my mind. That is EXACTLY what I feel like about AvP 1. As for this girl, she doesn't sound that interesting but I do believe she is going to get killed gruesomly somehow.   ;D  
  14. GueRoux
    Alright to me, the first movie wasn't horrible...but it wasn't good either. What bothered me the most was the acting, which was definantly not on par with the others movies. The movie also took on alot of corny ideas. The biggest one being the chick and the pred teaming up. The pred faces were terrible...the aliens werent was too short...and the movie itself didnt even feel like an alien or pred film on account of the rating and content. What DID i like? The queen. I must say she was pretty badass.    :-\  
  15. Slasher Predator
    Well Wolf, do you know why it’s a Colorado town? Do you know why the army will be there? Look at Alien. It was blue collar in space. Look at Aliens, it was grunts in space. Now look at Predator, it was now time, always present. Now look at AVP 2. People you relate to, marines and grunts all in the present time. That’s how you map out an Alien Vs Predator movie. Yes you can set it in space too, but what if you want something you didn't see before. I don't know about you but I'm board of space. I hate a lot going on in present time now, so getting the chance to see aliens and a predator intervene with that, well I am more then happy.
  16. Xenomorphine
    The first film was entertaining. It just wasn't as good as it should have been.  Some people here, however, need to look more closely at the interview. There is, actually, new information:  "She’s the wife of one of the Colonel’s in town."  So, that's "Colonels", as in plural. We also know there's a returning female soldier from Iraq, too.  I find it interesting because this implies an oddly heavy military presence in the town, even before the main story. I'm wondering if they're going to make out like it's a sort of Racoon City, with an underground military research laboratory beneath there. If they take parts of the crashed ship down there for study, it is possible the facehuggers and so on could get loose from containers and emerge above, through air vents and all of that.
  17. swift blade
    I was just on planetavp and it pretty much confirmed that AVP2 will be R , so whoever said thats its going to be pg 13 is a f**king liar . so dont worry about it guys .
  18. MoBiUGeArSkIn
    This is probably the worst "Talk Back" I have ever seen. And I visit AICN!  Fact is, she's hot. If you were having a conversation with her and she told you true fans liked AvP1... You'd agree   ;D  
  19. Danger Close
    I don't agree that Anderson was tied down by FOX. He still made the movie and there are alot of issues. I would have given Anderson a lot of credit, I loved Event Horizon, but the filmaking in AVP was horrible.
  20. Bio Mech Hunter
    Well, I've been an obsessed fan of both Alien & Predator franchises for many years and I still found AVP to be very enjoyable. It wasn't perfect, but it still kicked some serious ass.   ;)    People need to lay off Anderson. His hands were tied throughout most of the films production. Quite a few scenes and ideas he wanted to implement were shot down by Fox, and for a while, they looked to be doing the same thing with the Strause bros. However, it seems like they're finally realizing how unhealthily rabid and obsessed AVP fans really are. lol    ;)  
  21. Danger Close
    I'm sure most fans enjoyed watching AvP. But the film had serious issues. On it's own, it was an alright film, but when you compare it to was is expected of the franchise... that's where the fans and FANS are seperated.
  22. Danger Close
    Just another typical interview where she is under a gag order. These are just side notes.  The one interesting thing was that she mentioned the original crew. Could be a cameo from Alien or somthing of that sort.
  23. DemonioCazador
    Well...kudos to everyone that's been diggin deep to get us some news about the movie...too bad it's just this, I remeber the year when the first AVP was being released, 4 months before we were already discussing a bunch of pictures, previews and trailers...not so, this time around. I strongly believe this will be a cool little picture, closer to Predator 2 than anything else, but they really need to jumpstart the marketing and promotion of this picture, because nobody except us fans knows it's even being made...    :-\  
  24. liamislegend
    Well by the sounds of it she is so gonna die im sure of it and as for the trailer were the hell is it ive been waiting for ages im slowly lossing my nerve with this and we have just one photo and that isnt the best i want this movie to work as the first was well it was ok but not what i wanted so all hope stands with the brothers
  25. Elorrra
    Yautja boy... you gotta be kiddin'. Equal? Hardly.  James Bond? Idiot. Action?! Can you tell me how many action scenes are in Alien?! Not much but it still made me piss my pants. WE want a MOVIE not stupid PG 13. Likeable waitress?Well... in AVP2 I expect more. That's all I can say, pup.
  26. jimmylace
    We've all tried to be cautiously optimistic but my god this  movie sounds terrible "on paper" doesn't it? an all-american waitress getting killed by an alien...always what I've wanted  to see. :rollseyes:  This present-day Earth setting sounds like it's it's it's going to be too much to get over for me....
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