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Aliens Criminal Enterprise

Dark Horse has updated their website for a profile page for the previously unannounced Aliens novel from Stephani Perry, Criminal Enterprise:

“Thomas Chase wakes up from cryosleep to his first day at a new job–as a pilot for a contraband drug company dropping a shipment on Fantasia, a rock-planet terraformed to hide an elaborate drug manufacturing operation. Everything from synthetic heroin to MX7 is cooked here, in protected caves guard-dogged by the savage Aliens.

When Chase’s craft touches down on Fantasia, a chain of events begins that cannot be stopped. As criminals and competitors try to take over the drug empire from the dangerous kingpin, Chase and his brother Pete are caught in the crossfire . . . with the Aliens adding blood to the mix.”

Ms Perry wrote the last of the Alien books to be published way back when and along with her father, she is making a return under DH Press’ banner. You can also find the novel’s cover on it’s profile page.

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  1. Guest
    i think aliens:criminal enterprise sounds good but people focus very little on aliens any more they should write a book focused more on alien   :-\  
  2. Xenomorphine
    A cartoon series would be fine, if it was done right (many Japanese cartoons have great style, but incredibly confusing stories, often bordering on illogical), but I don't see the point if it revolves around nothing more than glorifying the Predator at the expense of the Aliens.
  3. Yautja boy
    Well Xenomorphine,if YOU whount'nt want to watch it then you whoun'nt have to,but SOME of us fans whould want to see an animated series!.And i do'nt care if i have to walk a hundred miles through 3 feet of snow and slush!,im still going to see the AVP2 movie because i know its going to be great!!!.
  4. Kimarhi
    Well, I'm less enthused about the synopsis than I was originally, but I still think Stephani Perry is the best novelist of the Alien material out there.  So.........I hope it turns out markedly better than the rest of the stories so far.
  5. Xenomorphine
    YB:  I have little interest in watching a series where the entire point is just to see a Predator destined to survive and slaughter hundreds of Aliens.  This coming film is going to be bad enough, in that regard, but at least there's no guarantee it will survive to the end or would even face the creatures until then.
  6. Ermac
    And what's worse is that its set on a planet called 'Fantasia'. I wonder if they have ballet-dancing hippos and out of control broomsticks there as well.
  7. Yautja boy
    Hey!.I've got an idea!.AVP:The animated series!.Fox will basicaly turn anything into a series,and cartoon network will basicaly show anything after 10pm!.The series can tell the story of a predator thats finished training and becomes blooded!.And he must compete with rival clan members(or other clans!)to become leader!.And they can finish the season(or series)with the predator(now elder)going into a hive alone to take down the queen!.They do'nt have to show THE homeworlds,but they can show worlds seeded with aliens or colonized by predators!We may even see speceis like the karna!.And they can get the people who did the animation for teentitans!.Not only will it expand are knowledge of the predators and aliens,but it will be damn good television!   ;D  .What do you guys and gals think?!   ;D  .
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