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Just a little update on the whole situation. Colin posted earlier today and said everything should still be on course for this month with the trailer. If it doesn’t come out this month, don’t say I didn’t warn you all. Anyway, that’s not my main news. I’ve got another revelation. Somebody pointed me over to this post of Hicks on Alien Experience:

“You want the hard facts? The trailer is being reworked to include footage from the latest scenes that have been filmed. And the scenes were not shot because the studio didn’t like the last cut of the film, as I’ve said in other threads, they were scenes that the filmmakers had always wanted to be do, but due to time and money constraints during principle photography (which was only 3 months) they didn’t get done.”

So what are these new scenes you’re wondering? I’d completely forgotten about this but several months ago we found out they were considering featuring Alien/Predator homeworlds but didn’t include them – most likely due to budget reasons. Think something along these lines. I can’t see how this will fit into the story though so maybe the homeworld will only be seen from space on a Predator spacecraft. Remember, the directors spoke about their AvP3 idea set in space? Could all be connected. Either way, this explains why the trailer is being delayed.

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  1. Slasher Predator
    Yeah, on how much I agree with everything you said, I still have a huge amount of faith in these brothers. There doing one of my steps I said.   step C. Base it off of both movies, P1, P2, A1, and A2
  2. YutaniMerc
    thanks Slasher Predator, its nice to know somebody else feels as i do. we have been waiting for this trailer for longer than i can remember!! but every time we expect to see it its pushed back again and again. were being lied to constantly!! not only that but we havnt even been given any (but 1) good screenshots, decent 'true' plot outlines or anything remotly satisfying. there selfish big brothers that wont even give us a taste of there yummy looking cookie
  3. killzonewithbladesandteeth
    Anyway I digress, I think its hard to transfer what you do in the medium of graphic  novels and comics to film especially for AVP and regardless of what the fan boys demand and think they should see in the movie I still think its gonna kick ass I think The Strauss Bros have a point to prove and are wisely keeping mum on a lot of it to let the film speak for itself. But the only way I think to get the true adaptation of AVP is animated and it was ashame that the animated film got cancelled just something to think about. Maybe AVP3 should be  graphic  if Fox seeing now the quality of what they've got  by allowing more money to shoot more stuff  they must be. From a business stand point they didn't wanna risk too much capital in a second film despite the miracle of the first one turning in the money it did. They knew they could justify this sequel but I think they were geniunely surprised at what the Colin and Greg have achieved with it.  Sorry to go on about it so but I just thought it should be said
  4. killzonewithbladesandteeth
    you know I was thinking (uh-oh) that despite whether AvP2 succeeds and even if there is an AvP3 ( one can hope)  I really think the only way we as fans of this genre are gonna get the movie that will satisfy everyone is to have a serious budget animated/CGI film. I think that is the only way you will have a successful adaptation of the graphic stories.  Here's my point: I have noticed a lot of slagging off of Paul Anderson about AVP, and while I do have to agree it was not the greatest I still liked it but from what I am led to believe Fox looked at and tossed out the window something like 40-45 script ideas a lot of which I am willing to bet were in the vein of the graphic novels but would have just been too much-much more than Fox were willing to spend on the idea.(More to come)
  5. PredatorKing 2776
    sorry, not anderson, by that I meant his movie. Lex tated that these creatures (Predators) specifically "bred" and brought these creatures to Earth to hunt. She said it while talking to Sebastian in the small hyroglific chamber. And yes they probally do want us to use our imaginations to make up what happened. ha is right, they just can't tell us the straight up truth.
  6. EpsilonOrpheon777
    i don't remember anderson specifically saying the Predators created the Aliens.  i mean he suggested that they've been "using" them for a really long time... but that's no different than what we know from the comics.  maybe they want us to fill it in the way we want hah
  7. YutaniMerc
    wheres this damn trailer!!!!!!!! how long we got to wait, pull your damn fingers out fox and gives us the god damn trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. PredatorKing 2776
    The Space Jockeys created the Aliens is the first Alien film, the AvP story line through the comics, books and movies, nothing is known about SJ. Anderson made it pretty clear in AvP 1 that the Predators created Aliens. Your theory could be correct too EpslionOrpheon the Preds could have killed SJ and took their experiments away for hunting purposes. I doubt that we'll see any homeworlds in AvP 2 or that the orgins of Aliens will be explain, but who knows?     8)  
  9. Slasher Predator
    I think this will be a really good movie. Its being made with step 3 I named above. Its being based off or bringing back stuff from the old ones. Its going to be good.    ;D  
  10. EpsilonOrpheon777
    oh ummm wtf said that the Predators genetically engineered the Aliens?  cuz i'm PRETTY sure it was the Space Jockeys that genetically engineered the Xenomorphs, and eventually the Predators caught onto their sick plans and stopped them.  i like to think they shot down that Space Jockey ship onto LV-426 during their brief and quiet war with that race.    :D   what do you guys think
  11. PredatorKing 2776
    Intresting Yaujta Boy, I would have to look that up. I never actually believed they had a homeworld. But remember, according to you this was in a comic or book, not movies so who knows.
  12. Yautja boy
    Well PredatorKing 2779,i was skimming through a comic(or was it a book?)some years ago(can't remember where)and it said that the aliens did have a homeworld,but they were'nt at the top or bottom of the food chain,they where somewhere in the middle and the preds went down fully armored and the first thing they found where the alien eggs.Not sure how they worked,they brought them on bourd and overnight they lost 1/3 off there crue,creating the very first predaliens!.seeing there potential,they took the predaliens(who where locked in a section of the ship)to a desert world to hunt,and then found out they made hives in the canyons which had queens.Afterwords when they started finding newer races they whould use an egg,creating a new hybrid(drone),and when they found humans the drones they produced where the weakest of them all,so they started making the young(50 human years or so)hunt them for the blooding rituel.Then again,i could be blowing smoke up my own ass!   ;D  .
  13. Warghost
    This sounds a lot like the Predator: Bad Blood comic-book storyline. In that one, a Predator is instructed to go kill another Predator, on Earth, who's gone on a murderous spree. It not only kills humans, but kills its own kind. I suggest picking 'em up on eBay or something. That's what I was reminded of when they mentioned that this was a 'lone Predator sent to clean up the mess.'
  14. PredatorKing 2776
    I think that there might be another captive Queen Alien on board, with an egg sack and see lays a couple of eggs which attach to other Preds and make more Predaliens. (scary but it could happen) then with all of the hybrids running around the ship's mainframe control system crashes causing it to fall back to Earth in the small Colorado town. the hybrids escape as well as Queen who lays more eggs in town and normal looking (non hybrid) Aliens are born.  Second thought is the one Predalien sneaks to the controll system and destroys it basically doing what I said above, except there are no more Predaliens and there is still a captive Queen on board who lays eggs when she escapes in Colorado town and normal Aliens are born from humans.  Personally I think the first one is correct because someone from the AvP 2 movie production team stated that there could possibly be more than one hybrid. Also the fact that there is only suppose to be mainly one Pred, if the many hybrids don't go around killing like I stated in second idea then some Preds would have survived the crash. But with many Predaliens all Predators would most likley (sadly including the Elder, not Wolf) die.
  15. PredatorKing 2776
    KZWBAT (killzonewithbladesandteeth) I understand what you are saying. Truly and HELL NO it ain't in your head. I feel the same way. And here I shall answer (or at least try to) answer your Q and comment on what you said. 1. According to the AvP comics and movies yes the Preds did gentically create Aliens for hunting purposes from the lesser race used to breed them. In this case humans. So really the don't have a home planet. 2. I want to see Wolf kick ass too because he is an elder. Personally I think he will and I want to see him walk away victorious. However something tells me he will die in the end. I mean, seriously one Pred against what, hundred aliens. Chances are he is going to. . .lose. (Sadly) 3. I do not think Wolf will die from Predalien or Predalien die from humans. Can't really say much more on this because my guess is as good as yours. 4. The thing with the ship crashing to Earth cause of hybrid Predalien. my two guess right below here.
  16. Slasher Predator
    Well I agree, I want this Pred to live at the end for once. But you can't blame Wolf if he does get his ass kicked. What if it was you, one alone Pred, killing a huge ass amount of aliens, then when u think its all over, a Predalien comes after you. I'd be thrown right off gaurd, esp if its meant to be better then both aliens and preds.   I still think if anything, Wolf is going to die, but take the Predalien with him. I think he's going to hold him down, set off one of my favorite things, and blow them both up
  17. killzonewithbladesandteeth
    ermm..... my recollection is spurious on this and full of gaps so please be gentle in your criticism, but didn't the Predators genetically engineer the Aliens?? Creating them specifically for hunting. So, how would they have a home planet?? I'm probably wrong its been so long for me on this issue.  Wanna say thanks to Darkness and Pvt Hicks for your words and since everyone has put their opinions about what they do/don't wanna see in the movie I don't wanna see Wolf kicking ass only to get done by the PredAlien and then the humans kill the PredAlien. If this Predator is so bad ass I wanna see him do his job and walk a way still undefeated. Also, the only problem I have with the theories being bandied about here about the PredAlien killing all the Predators on that ship ( if it does pick up from where the first movie left off)  is there was a lot of them on board including some older ones who must presumably also be bad ass, how did they get beaten by one just one of these. I hate the fact that we seem to have Predators who are supposed to be  lethal yet seemingly as whatever storywriter wants to f it t hey seem to be very flawed...anyone else think that, or is it really just all in my head??
  18. Slasher Predator
    Personally, I look to making an Aliens vs Predator movie in 3 ways.  A. You base it off the comics B. You base it off the games C. You base it off both movies, P1, P2, A1, and A2  the only thing that still gets me to watch the first movie are the stuff taken from the comics. Thats it. Really alot is from the comics. The only thing it was missing was gore and a really good story.
  19. PredatorKing 2776
    Possibly not see him. From what I understand their sense of sight is not all that good. They just have good hearing. I could be wrong but I doubt this movie will resembale anything from the game.
  20. PredatorKing 2776
    I don't think it would be that cool, SHREK. I think the Aliens don't have a homeworld and I don't think that they shoul show the Pred world either. Just because of mystery and the less you know the more scared you get.
  21. R.A.
    If they're adding new scennes to the trailer then I suppose that recently new scennes have been filmed.   This makes me wonder, with these new scennes how long will the movie last, I hope it's longer than AVP, that movie was short.   Along with any director cuts or "special director cuts" editons I wonder how long would the DVD/Blue-ray/HD DVD version of this film last?
  22. PredatorKing 2776
    No offense Yautja boy but. . . It's just me, I don't think a device like that would be too, believeable. Its too comic book type, I mean for a book its cool but I don't think it would look good on screen.    :-\    the Predators are a highly advanced technological race but I don't think theretech goes that far. Although i heard from a friend of mine that there will be some super like computer on board the new Pred craft and it has the power to cancell out and controll any and all mechanical and electriacal items world wide. He described it as SkyNet from Terminator series onboard a huge mother ship that holds thousands of other Pred ships from different clans. That is where I got my idea from when I wrote what I thought was going to happen in movie on 2nd page of this . . . forum. Probally not true because he didn't have a source but I thought it was cool sounding.   :P  
  23. Yautja boy
    OK then Sigh,if they make the movie R-rated you can give me $1000,but if its PG-13 then i'll give you a sympethetic hug.Deal?.(HaHaHaHaHa!!!   :D  )
  24. Yautja boy
    Hey,Whould'nt it be cool if they turned the predators from the other movies into horrorclix?!.they could also put in the side arm bladed predator from AVP as a unique!.Ya,13 figures!.the one from predator,the elder from the 2nd and choppers can be uniques!.also the star predator from the 2nd as an experienced and veteren!.And the veteren whould be missing half his arm!.What whould you guys(and gals!)have for the 13 figure alien set?!   ;D     ;D  .
  25. Yautja boy
    I was looking at my alien queen and for some reason i looked over to the right.What i saw was my brood queen,and then it hit me!   :o  .Aliens SV Brood!   ;D  .Think about it!.Both have a hive structer and they both have queens that lay eggs!.also they both take the dominant genes from the host speicies and the dominant genes from its own speicies!!.An alien brood or a broodalien!.It whould be like batman VS predator!!   ;D  .Which one  whould you like to see?!.The only problem is getting darkhorse and  marvel to work together   ???  .
  26. automirage04
    I think of this as very good news. Fox wouldnt pony up the extra cash for those few new scenes if they didnt think it was a good investment. Hopefully this means that someone at Fox actually thinks this movie is a good one.
  27. Sigh
    Seriously, for as much as I want this movie to be good, there is no way its going to turn out decent. Especially since they are continuing off a crapy story line to begin with. Why can't we just forget the first AVP happened and start a new story? I don't blame the directors, its most likely out of thier hands. But seriously Fox, you suck these days. 1000 bucks says they change the R rating to PG-13 last minute. Paul Anderson said AVP was going to be rated R forever, and then suddenly it was PG-13.
  28. SHREK
    BTW i like the idea of the alien home world.... that it is a world soo violent and dangerous that aliens are actualy at the bottom of the food chain... i never thought of it that way    8)  
  29. Pvt. Hicks
    True, but out of the three, I definitely think Galaxy is far superior(thought they are all great sites.) This site gives updates when they happen, not a week later. Also it's more properly handled.
  30. Dual Blade
    As far as AICN news go I reeeeeeeeeaaaally don't like that site, I feel that any alien or predator movie they deliberatly rubbish it down, EVEN BEFORE  the movies come out.  When it comes to them, don't trust them, THIS IS THE SITE! ( as well as alien experience and planet alien vs predator)
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