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The New Additional Scenes

Just a little update on the whole situation. Colin posted earlier today and said everything should still be on course for this month with the trailer. If it doesn’t come out this month, don’t say I didn’t warn you all. Anyway, that’s not my main news. I’ve got another revelation. Somebody pointed me over to this post of Hicks on Alien Experience:

“You want the hard facts? The trailer is being reworked to include footage from the latest scenes that have been filmed. And the scenes were not shot because the studio didn’t like the last cut of the film, as I’ve said in other threads, they were scenes that the filmmakers had always wanted to be do, but due to time and money constraints during principle photography (which was only 3 months) they didn’t get done.”

So what are these new scenes you’re wondering? I’d completely forgotten about this but several months ago we found out they were considering featuring Alien/Predator homeworlds but didn’t include them – most likely due to budget reasons. Think something along these lines. I can’t see how this will fit into the story though so maybe the homeworld will only be seen from space on a Predator spacecraft. Remember, the directors spoke about their AvP3 idea set in space? Could all be connected. Either way, this explains why the trailer is being delayed.

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