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Bad News About The Trailer

So, it’s been two weeks after Comic-Con and I think everybody is understandably pissed off we’ve got no trailer. Well here’s some news to piss you off even more. We spoke to somebody at Fox and asked them what’s happening with it. First they told us, that they were hoping to have it out by the end of August. Now they’ve said the end of September… if we’re lucky.

Given the piss-poor marketing of AvP2, along with the dodgy release date, I’m concerned about how AvP2 will do when it’s released. I want a good movie, sure, but I’d like it to make money too. Otherwise no more sequels. So, barring a miracle, we’ll be waiting for the trailer for quite some time. Why do I have this feeling that the fans have been screwed over again? :angry:

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  1. Hudson
      :-[   Game Over Man! Thats it....this whole chain is cursed ever since they did a Alien 3....f**k..maybe Scott or Cameron will return..who knows!
  2. pretrixalated
    I am in shok that they would do this!!!! I was hopping for at least mid august but end of september????   >:(   and what is this stuff about the studio not liking the film? I have a bad feeling at the pit of my stomac that this film will  get canceled!
  3. stealth bunny
    it makes you think that the best has already been and gone with both sets of films (alien,aliens and predator),the creatures have never looked as good since these films,i think no new films will ever live up to these!
  4. KillZonewithbladesandteeth
    Okay, sometimes in the business these things happen...I am willing to bet that both the Strauss Brothers and Fox wanna play this carefully and my gut tells me that judging by the reaction they have gotten so far in Amsterdam and from what Fox were saying they might have a bit of a gem on their hands and they wanna get it right. We've waited this long... four weeks is not that much longer,huh?
    Well, da Strause r cool, dey r alien fans lik me :) but im jus guna be patient cause its guna come n dey can keep pushin but dey should kno dat dey will hav to let it out 1 day.... N i mean FOX. But dis is da buisness world, da movie r not 4 u fans, but da whole damn world. N besides deal wit dis enjoy every moment of ur life. Look at da bright side, at least u feel excitement... n i dont mine FOX delayin da movie n trailer, its fine 4 me n trust me u dont wana kno how much i want to watch da movie but ima jus be patient cause its da buisness world, besides wad can u do but complaining, it wastes ur saliver....
  6. PredatorKing 2776
    2 AdamJZ  The Bros didn't specifically state that the trailer would be out now. It was Greg's guess. About a week or so after Comic-Con. Thats it. He NEVER stated that it would be out know. But I'm sure they both are mad at Fox like we are because it aint out yet.
  7. grim
    Darkness i have to agree on ur post i think we have been screwed once again i mean PA movie was bad so wah atleast the teaser was nice to show i mean the brothers say they have a much better film ............... i hope so...........i hopa all this wait is worth it..................
  8. YouCrazyJesus
    Hahahaha! Oh, that's just funny. See the reason why they are delaying the trailer is because the movie isn't about Aliens Vs Predator, its about a Clown Vs Predator.  It starts off with this new clown right. He is trying out his new flower gun thing, so he goes out in the back yard to give it a test. Anyways, little does he know that there is a stealthed Predator right in front of him, taking a whizz. The Predator doesn't detect him because he has spent the whole afternoon making fairy floss at the local ice cream store. So the Clown accidentally shoots the Predator, and the Predator gets pissed, and engages the Clown, thinking the flower gun thing as an actual weapon.  Anyways long story short, the Clown kills the Predator by shoving his big red nose and wig down the Predator's mouth, and then grabs a pogo-stick and finishes him off. Then an Alien (which looks like a large dog covered in a garbage bag) kills the clown. Then the Alien kills itself.  True story.    ;D      :'(    God............... What a disappointment.
  9. Chris
    @ aaron  f**k strause? HELL .. WHAT ary u talking man .. you fool Oo ...  Strause are not the persons you should complain man .. okay? So JUST COOL DOWN ..  FOX is the only one you should complain because they decide when where etc.  greetz
  10. PredatorKing 2776
    2 SHREK  The reason why the Pred does not have the markings, or at least different ones is because he is most likley from a different clan. He is supposedly been sent back from his clan to check out what happened with the previous movie. My guess is that the Predalien grows to adulthood onboard the Pred ship and causes it to crash back down to Earth a group of Predator clans chooses the fittest clan and the fittest warrior and it happens to be him. He either killed alot of Aliens (with different markings of course) or he has killed some other extraterristreal creature many times. But thats my guess(s) so who knows.
  11. El Diablo
    "There doesn't need to be marketing THIS EARLY for a movie that wont be released until the end of December."  If you look at the traditional marketing strategy for this kind of film you would find that most movies would have brought some kind of awareness to the project at this point, especially when you factor in that principal photography began over a year ago. Most major releases with the kind of built-in audience that these franchise titles have would most certainly have released production stills or even a teaser poster at this point. Everything that has leaked so far has been near accidental. Maybe Fox has a strong advertising campaign planned for this movie but three months prior to release is cutting it close.
  12. Warghost
    It is WAY TOO EARLY for them to be releasing a full-on trailer for this movie. There doesn't need to be marketing THIS EARLY for a movie that wont be released until the end of December. You're all being a punch of impatient little pricks. I hope the directors stop feeding you all with replies. None of you whiners even deserve that courtesy.
  13. ALIENS
    1stly ALIENS own everything, wait da trailer is guna be in d end of september?!!!! IF WE R LUCKY damnit -_- Neways ive been thinkin of lettin da bros hav sum time as dey r new directors, but now i kno its FOX dats doin da dirty shit.... -_- neways its fine its all bout money in d buisness world....
  14. originalkeyes/wfigs
    i think it is the fact that people have been beliving that it was due this week that has caused so much controversy xeno,if it was annouced for september in the 1st place i dont think there would have been such a big deal   :-\  
  15. leprechaun62689
    It could just be false misleading information as a marketing thing from Fox.   If you guys remember they said that they were adding new things to the film so that could take more time.  They've also said that they have multiple trailers but everyone in the studio has to agree about which one to show.  All in time people.
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