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  1. Pred King
    The Alien looks good but you no wut the PREDATOR is gonna fuc* them Aliens up..I cant wait to see the predator tear thru them aliens with his new weapons and gadgets..I hope they look good..But the predator is by far superior than the alien and many people argue but only cuz of there interest in either film..The predalien should have dreads i dont see why not who cares about traits and like i said who is to say what traits it will take on, its an unknown alien species.xeno to be correct..Plus it looks better..The alien franchise had its day...The Predator franchise is what is going to keep AVP 2 going guarentee..The predator this time im sure will come out victorous..hahaha i cant wait to see the look on the ALIEN turn..
  2. Mr J
    Corporal Hicks | 01 Aug 2007 08:12103 a news post...about figures.    get off my back already, I've seen alot more rude and insulting stuff on this forum than anything I've ever put on.
  3. Mark
    At the endo of the first AVP, when the alien popped out of the predator, it had the predator like jaw split thing going would be cool to see that continue..
  4. GSO 3030
    Yeah, for all we know this sculpt could look very different from the final version on film.  Especially if there are multiple designs in the film.
  5. Bio Mech Hunter
    Well, the size of the hands were the same in AR & AVP and they look about the same size here. Same goes for the feet, just different design (including the return to the humanoid leg design). The whole two elongated digits, thumb and such was first introduced in Aliens.  Although I kinda like the partial-fleshy designs that have been prominent in the more recent films, I agree that the pure bio-mechanical look is superior and needs to make a return. I'm suprised Colin & Greg haven't brought it back, what with all the hubbub about taking the alien back to it's "roots" (with part 2?).  However, were not going to know for certain one way or another until we actually see them in the film. This is just a sculpt, so we can't derive any legitimate conclusions until we see "the real deal".    ;)  
  6. Meathead320
    Hmm, the hands and feet are smaller like in the AR version, not the giant ones of AVP.  The pelvic bone area is much smaller (not missing alltogther like in A1 and A2), reduced from AR and AVP.  The bumps on the back of the fore arms are now gone (again an improvement), and other than the shoulders, the skin looks less fleshy, and slightly more of a move back to the biomechanical.   Some here have mentioned the neck, yet it does look lessfleshy too.  Better than in AVP and AR, not 100% back to the A2 look.  I would have said the skin should be even less fleshy, get rid of the pelvic bone, which is now a hip protrusion alltogether, make the feet smaller, and have there be NO raised ridges on the tail, but it is not exactly like the AR or AVP design, simmilar, but not exectly.   THe minor differences are at least in the right direction.  I would have added the fore-arm guards from A2 back as well.  If the A2 look is what was intended.
  7. gameoverman
    Head - 5/5 (ribbed for her pleasure   :P   ) Neck - 3/5 (too bulky!) Tail - 3/5 (prefer the old tail - the new one looks too much like an amphibian) Arms - 3/5 (too fleshy and muscled) Hands - 2/5 (two longggg fingers and two short ones looks stupid) Feet - 3/5  (dinosaur feet but not as bad as AR) Spines - 2/5 (too long, rubbery and thin) Torso - 4/5 - (skeletal design looks nice but less biomechanical than the first one)  Overall - better than the AR and AVP designs, but not by much.
  8. ALIEN
    Sry 4 postin twice, but i jus can't watch da movie cause of my thetre which sux! i hav to wait 4 1 fckin hr n my dad doesn't allow me to do dat. Neways, there is an image of da predator unmasked 4 avp2 as seen in there is an image of da predator n he looks awesum. Looks like an elder predator cause of da blue hair but dont wry da head looks like da 1 in PREDATOR n da jaws look BCK TO ROOTS! Gd job colin i knew u were a pro aliens n predator fan! ima get da DVD can't wait 4 da trailer. Colin if u can reply to me, wad is da budget 4 da movie?
  9. ALIEN
    Personally to me, dis alien looks like da 1 from ALIENS n da body looks like a fusion of ALIEN RESURRECTION n AVP. I like da big neck n trust me, da neck is from d alien in ALIENS. Neways jus to say, D ALIEN FROM DA NECK N UP LOOKS LIK DA 1 FROM ALIENS. YES ITS BCK TO DA ROOTS! i m satisfied wit da alien except i jus dont like da leg designs, reminds me of AVP which sucked ass.
  10. cherubo
    I do believe we will see other alien types considering the rural small town setting which contains many animals such as dogs, horses, bears, etc.
  11. bender
    I hate it when people speak on behalf of film makers, like they're personal friends or something. 'has to stop now'?? this is a forum isn't it?
  12. Mr J
    Corporal Hicks | 31 Jul 2007 08:3576 MrJ and whoever it is begging Colin for random questions, this has to stop now. I find it annoying and I bet Colin does too.   what are you talking about? I'm not asking him about stupid little things, I think we all would like to know more about the sound effects
  13. GSOlyons 3030
    I guess they were heavy armor preds, that would make sense.  And he does look slender when he did the ninja spin attack at the end.  I laughed my ass off, but it still looked cool.
  14. GSOlyons 3030
    You can't be too upset with the body design, it does look similar to a res body.  which i liked.  As long as it is not the weird alien from the end of Alien Res, then I am pretty thrilled.
  15. Bio Mech Hunter
    I'll have to double check, but I don't recall the necks being that thick in Aliens. As was said before, this might just be a bad sculpt.  Regarding the Predators looks in AVP, I liked it. First off, the body type WAS quite slim. It just doesnt look like it with all the protective armor and weapons equipped. When Celtic was stripped, he's far more slender looking. The mandibles, "lips", forehead and such moved much more realistically, and considering they were young adults, the shorter mandibles and extra teeth made a lot of sense. The only problem was the elder. Maybe ADI's budget ran short when they got to him. lol
  16. Otnip
    I think the dark atmosphere of the film will help with its design, like in Aliens. Cameron wanted more movement and flexibility with the suits to make sure they could BE scary, not just look it.
  17. DB
    Tolerable - but less than impressive. I hope ADI's suits reflect how their Alien is supposed to be this time. Tall and slender as opposed to short and bulky.  Looks like the ridges keep going even at the end of the head, don't like it - ruins the dick look. Seems they fixed a mistake only to make another. At least in shadows where you can't see details it will look like the old head.
  18. RidgeTop
    Not to mention ADI is every bit as good as  Since Jurassic Park 3 and Terminator 3, Stan Winston hasnt done much anyway. not to discredit him, as he did create the predator, but still, ADI is full of way talented people, I think from what we have seen so far they have learned from their mistakes in the previous AVP film that were mostly the fault of Paul Anderson.
  19. RidgeTop
    I think the design is perfect and some people should stop complaining so much about this movie.  we really know nothing about the film (this is an action figure people) not to mention we are lucky this movie is even being made.
  20. Mr Fox
    You Guys are something else, that thick ass neck is from the 1986 design of ALIENS, yes as in Alien 2, dont belive me, google pictures of Aliens and see what i mean
  21. Gul Kalvo
    ADi has did it again. I have to agree with all disspointed people. Big teeth (maybe the figure is a bad sculpt). Fleshy looking (look ant those shoulders, even the tubes on the back) And the tail...  But the worst rhing ADI ever do has been the predator faces. Following the alien design, I am afraid we will see the ridiculous faces we have seen in AVP.  It lok like FOX doesnt want to spent the money in Stan Winston. They do not understand that the creatures are the main characters for most of us?  Just a coincidence...Decadence on the series have started with ADI since Alien 3 (Their best design), and now with the AVP predators
  22. CelticP
    Whats he gonna say? "Uh...its an alien...toy...ok.."  Yes, its very Res/AvP, but dont blame the Strauses, blame ADI...they love that look, thats the only kind of alien they can
  23. GSOlyons3030
    I would like to see a more slender Pred in the film in comparison to AVP.  They looked like WWE guys, hopefully they are more agile and stealthy.    Are the dreadlocks supposed to be longer like in AVP?
  24. GSOlyons3030
    I was also pretty disappointed with the AVP1 toy line.  First off, they were a bitch to find in the US. Second, the Scar Pred can barely stand and the mask doesn't remove on mine.  Third, they have those huge chopper blades on their forearms.  Predators have enough blades on their arms.  And the plasma cannons are so huge they would probably fall over backwards in reality.    Are there any other companies making figures for the film?  Also, I feel alone on this, but I actually like the smooth alien style more.  This alien seems to bulky and ridged for me, even though that is the original design.  The neck is huge, but I like the tail
  25. Mr J
    thats a shame about, they make great stuff but did a sloppy job of AVP 1. I hope they get somoene with skill to make the next line. Spawn the movie? with luck better than the first but I'm not here to talk spawn. I always loved on the AVP 2 game how the doctor was forced to lock himself in a room while aliens were killing everyone outside and so he was forced to eat bodies in the room with him until mariens came. creepy and shows that he's got as much revenge in mind for the alien as ripley did. next avp should be a dead clone of the AVP and AVP2 games, they had a perfect atmos with the lighting and noises to distract you.
  26. Bio Mech Hunter
    As long as the Strause Bros. don't have the predator doing flips, cartwheels, spins and human martial arts (i.e. the comics) I'll be okay.   ;D   lol  Fighting performance arguments aside, Iun White's portrayal was very much in line with Kevin Hall's. The body language and movements were very close. Albeit he was portraying much younger Hunter's.  Oh! And for the love of God, Strause Bros. PLEASE no praetorians!    ;)  
  27. Mr J
    If it is set on Earth why not spice it up and throw in a dog alien. I think it would be creepy to have the local pound with all the cages ripped open huh? but i know that won't happen. I don't know what everyone is getting so worked up about, its the same alien they used in the first AVP with a bumpy head instead of smooth. plus this is just a figure not a screenshot of the film. I had ideas for a good script idea, some are someone is locked in a room and can hear the face huggers in the airducts crawling around trying to get in. A way to get the human in the picture while they fight is having someone under grating like Aliens with less space kind of like newt in the ship where you can crawl while and alien and pred fight up above, maybe some acid can spill on the person. the dog kennels but I was thinking on an off world planet.
  28. Danger Close
    I might have just confirmed my last point. I went to SPAWN.COm and looked under thier Intellectual Properties and ALIEN and PREDATOR are NO longer listed there.  So there you have it. Not really confirmed by McFarlane, but it would appear McFarlane Toys no longer has the rights to the Alien and Predator franchise.
  29. Bio Mech Hunter
    I really liking this new design. Lov'n the new ridged head design (especially the back end) and I'm glad they kept the tail. I like the design for the neck, but it does appear a tad large. The two top incisors really should be scaled back a bit if it's any indication of what they're suppose to look like in film. I see the new warrior and the first thing I think is vampire. lol The early pre-production photo didn't look like that, though. So hopefully they didn't change that aspect.   Personally, I rather like ADI's design. Not quite as much as Cameron's vision but I still think it's pretty damn good. I think a lot of fans need to lay off ADI and Anderson. lol   :D  
  30. Danger Close
    Perhaps not, he released his 2008 line-up and no AVP2. I can't recall for sure but I'm sure McFarlane released the AVP line-up before the movie release, so if he is doing them, he is cutting it close.  He is trying to fund his next SPAWN film. He is doing it independantly from a major studio, so I would think he needs the cash.
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