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AvP2 Props Descriptions

Some new profile pages of the AvP2 props have been added to Sideshow Toys; Shoulder Cannon, Mask and Shuriken. There’s new high-res pictures as well as other interesting details. Here’s the main bits:

Cannon: “The Predators’ plasma cannon, sometimes called the Plasma Caster, automatically locks on any target. It emits a pulse of energy that can easily burn through any target of metal, wood, or flesh. The Plasma Caster’s technology is advanced far beyond the weapons of any human or alien target. In Aliens VS Predator, the plasma cannon is adapted as a hand-held weapon, ready for quick and dirty work.

Mask: “During a hunt, the Predators wear a technologically advanced mask that offers protection and adds to their sensory abilities. The mask is equipped with multiple vision modes, including night vision and thermal vision. Fellow warriors appear white while targets appear red or green. Predators can use the mask as a targeting device, zooming in on their prey for precise kills at long range. Protecting the Predators, the mask acts as a pollution filter and shields their flesh from the acidic blood of the Xenomorph aliens, and the weapons of interfering humans.”

Wasn’t there something in the AICN review that said one of the humans picks up the shoulder cannon and uses it to kill aliens?  :undecided: And the bit about the mask mentions that targets appear in red or green. Assuming, green is aliens still and red is humans? Hoping, that means the blue thermal vision and not the red one seen in AvP. Thanks to Prey-seeker for the news.

Update: Colin has posted several times in the comments. There is no night vision and the thermal vision mode does match the original films. The cannon does go hand-held but it’s a last resort thing.

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  1. X2
    Hello! great website! any ideas anyone, when the so called R rated (18) trailer is coming out!  I want to see if this movie will suck!  like fate is telling me it will I hope it dont coz' im a huge fan of alien & predator
  2. lol
    that would be impossible.  the original script has a load of preds getting killed in the beginning and now we know that there are vision modes that track other preds. so now we've got a pred body count. hopefully the predalien will kick wolf's ass at the end
  3. PredatorKing 2776
    I take back what I said. Of course I can wait. (It'll just kill me) I might watch the trailer when comes out but do what Fawdrey said, stay off these sites a month before the Film comes out so I'll be spoiler free. Oh, and to Pvt. Hicks you'll have to tell me many times before I get it through my Predator mask.    8)  
  4. tHe_wOLf
    The trailer will come soon enough.  A friend of mine were at work discussing the lack of information and content that we have been shown for this movie.  It sucks that huge budget movies, even ones that are a year off like The Dark Knight get all of this press and a trailer out.  Anyways, that may just be the anticipation for this movie talking.  I just want to see a predalien.     ;D  
  5. Predboy
    For some reason, Im starting to lose interest in knowing more about this 'wolf' predator, and Im starting to want to know more about the aliens. I dont know if its because almost all of the news we got have to do with just the predator and that we hardly got any news about the aliens, but I guess Im just crazy.
  6. Optimus Prime
    This film is getting worse and worse. I dont think the director's or the people making this movie actually know what the original film's are about or what fans really want! But i suppose it's early days and were just speculating, let's give it a chance and if it does suck! then we'll rip the film apart bit by bit!  I really hope this film is good! and undo what the original AVP destroyed.
  7. Invisible Darkness
    Since AVP did not do well at the box office and they have a small budget for the sequel, there wasn't a need for a trailer 9 months before the movie is released. The brothers have stated one of the reasons for not showing a trailer as of yet. They have been waiting for all the big summer movie to come out before they release the trailer. Since the big movies have been released, with the exception of Bourne, they will be releasing the teaser next week sometime.
  8. Invisible Darkness
    I wonder if some of you read anything posted here. Some of you have stated that it's "odd" that no teaser, or posters for this movie have come out yet. There has also been mention of other movies being released in December that have a teaser and/or poster and not Aliens Vs. Predator. National Treasure 2 is being released in December and has a Teaser, but the one thing some of you forget is this: National Treasure took in $173,005,002 domestically and $347,405,002 world wide, with a budget of $100,000,000. Therefore, since the movie did well, they can afford to put a teaser trailer out 9 months before the movie is to be released.  Avp took in $80,282,231 domestically and $171,251,996 worldwide, with a budget of $60,000,000.
  9. Meetxj9
    Well, the trailer was said to be online this week. So lets see what how that will turn out. My friends just keep saying that this movie is already a lost cause. Hopefully the trailer will get the excitement going. I'll be pissed if the trailer is just some short shoots of predator gear.
  10. slipknotpredator
    I think that the Predator using the plasma caster as a hand held weapon would be badass, imagine a injured and damaged pred making his last attemp to finish the alien threat fireing the plasma caster, i think it could work. I hope we don´t see a human using it...   :-\  
  11. cherubo
    From the comments, it seems like the Predator himself will be using it as a handheld since it is mentioned that it is the result of a modification.  Humans, logically, would not have the knowledge to modify the plasma caster.  It can also be inferred that the modification is due to necessity, maybe the shoulder mount was damaged or the laser sight was damaged.
  12. GueRoux
    I must say it IS pretty weird that there isnt anything out there to promote this movie. I mean by now I would expect, at least, a teaser poster. What's with all the secrecy? Will it all be worth it?
  13. Romantic Alien
    Jeez did you hear Colin? He doesn't have to keep posting and posting and posting! JUST WAIT!!! The best thing to do is to play xbox live and gears of war and have fun (if you have one) or just do something rather than just go to this site constantly for latest information. Cuz you guys are just being so anxious and stupid and fighting. Trust me your better off just doing something else rather than just come here and ask questions. JUST WAIT! THE FOOD WILL BE READY JUST GIVE IT TIME TO COOK!!!! iNStead of eating it raw!   :D  
  14. Mr J
    I'm soooo glad the pred vision is blue again, the orange/purple/yellow version totally ruined it for me. What about the classic heart sound while the predator is looking around, and not and to be a nerd when cloaked the pred should have the outline within an outline within an outline.....and so on. And if the directors actually post here if there is a alien/pred hybrid PLEASE tell me it DOES NOT have dreads? Aliens from humans don't have hair. I think it should just look like a brown ALIEN 3 coloured alien with the jaws and perhaps some fancy somewhat different ribs. Should have got HR Giger to design it if he was willing.
  15. Mr J
    I would like to know if the predator's face under the mask looks better than AVP1, that one looked more cheap and fake than 1987's predator 1. I hated how the jaws extended too open, despite the face preds don't exist, it looked unatural.
  16. Danger Close
    Calm down everyone! If they release too much info it wll spoil the movie. The Bros. are fans and they seem to care what other fans think.   I'm not trying to kiss ass but c'mon, Colin has come hear and he knows our concerns and how we roast Anderson. He has said that the cannon could be handheld if needed. Wait for the trailer... if it's bad, whine all you want. He has no control over when the trailer is releaed, so all we can do is wait. Besides, don't you want to see the movie in the theater or do you want all in 2 min. clips for the next 6 months.   I can wait... actually, I will probably stop comming to these sites the last month before it's release so I can enjoy the film, spoiler free.
  17. PredatorKing 2776
    TRAILER PLEASE!! Coling, Greg, we are all dying! This movie is going to be so cool. I'm positive that your(Strause Bros)  movie is going to be a whole lot better than AvP 1 sp please at least give us a date when a trailer will be shown Please!!!!!! Were all so sad   :'(   we need redemption, with an AvP 2 trailer, that would be nice!   ;D  
  18. PredatorKing 2776
    So Colin, the shoulder cannon with be where it should be. Not hand held, right? Please, please say yes. Also I heard that the heat laser shown in the first movie will arrive again, Colin could you comment on this also please?
  19. PredatorKing 2776
    So Colin, the shoulder cannon with be where it should be. Not hand held, right? Please, please say yes. Also I heard that the heat laser shown in the first movie will arrive again, Colin could you comment on this also please?
  20. shred predator
    I agree the trailer will set us straight- Most thanksgiving/christmas movies already have trailers out(with alot of special effects), i will say no more
  21. Mr Fox
    i swear, you people like to cry about everything, me included, but its getting really tight to deadline and still no Trailer, thats not really a good thing, because of that thou, we have the right to ask questions regarding the movie, im sure a trailer would set us straigt, Wink Wink
  22. Harry72
    @Cpl. Hicks: Yes, you are right. What i mean is that the hunter will modifiy/personalize the plasmacaster to a hand-held weapon. Maybe the pred will use it this way if the lasersight is damaged or so and a mass of aliens are attacking.    :P  
  23. Rusty Nails
    Crying over no trailer to Colin isn't going to do anyone any good, it (unfortunately) isn't up to them to decide what they can or cannot talk about, or show as well for that matter. Just be a little patient. Good things will come in due time. :)
  24. Michael
    Well I mean come on movies that are coming out next year have trailers AVP2 comes out this December so what do you expect untill a trailer comes out people are going ask questions like crazy.  Time to sh*t or get off the pot.
  25. Xeno
    Hell yeah, I like these comments. Some of you don't deserve to be registered in this forum, that's my opinion. Some are crying like babies. Colin is right, wait for the trailer and for the movie. After that, you can still cry.  If you had thought a little bit about the first pic, you would have known, that the plasma-caster will be used normally. (sry for my bad english)
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