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AvP2 Props Descriptions

Some new profile pages of the AvP2 props have been added to Sideshow Toys; Shoulder Cannon, Mask and Shuriken. There’s new high-res pictures as well as other interesting details. Here’s the main bits:

Cannon: “The Predators’ plasma cannon, sometimes called the Plasma Caster, automatically locks on any target. It emits a pulse of energy that can easily burn through any target of metal, wood, or flesh. The Plasma Caster’s technology is advanced far beyond the weapons of any human or alien target. In Aliens VS Predator, the plasma cannon is adapted as a hand-held weapon, ready for quick and dirty work.

Mask: “During a hunt, the Predators wear a technologically advanced mask that offers protection and adds to their sensory abilities. The mask is equipped with multiple vision modes, including night vision and thermal vision. Fellow warriors appear white while targets appear red or green. Predators can use the mask as a targeting device, zooming in on their prey for precise kills at long range. Protecting the Predators, the mask acts as a pollution filter and shields their flesh from the acidic blood of the Xenomorph aliens, and the weapons of interfering humans.”

Wasn’t there something in the AICN review that said one of the humans picks up the shoulder cannon and uses it to kill aliens?  :undecided: And the bit about the mask mentions that targets appear in red or green. Assuming, green is aliens still and red is humans? Hoping, that means the blue thermal vision and not the red one seen in AvP. Thanks to Prey-seeker for the news.

Update: Colin has posted several times in the comments. There is no night vision and the thermal vision mode does match the original films. The cannon does go hand-held but it’s a last resort thing.

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