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I know I only just posted up news of Sideshows Aliens vs Predator props yesterday, but I come bearing gifts of more pictures. Sideshow recently had a panel at ComicCon and they were showing off their new AvP2 props:

20070726 Even More Sideshow Pictures has a gallery online with 15 pictures of the AvP2 props. Most interesting of which, I think, is the mask. As noticed on our forum, the Shoulder Cannon was showing off a new Predator style of writing, and now, with our first unblocked view of the helmet, we can see it is covered in this new Predator writing style. You can view the rest of the pictures here.

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  1. Optimus Prime
    The new predator mask does look cool! but to be honest in the original films 'markings' went part of the predator mythology. I think the Strause brothers are copying Paul 'Im a geek' Anderson a bit to much, but if it works in the film, im up for it!  The hand-held Shoulder Canon is a cool idea! i think. Only if it is a last resort thing like the predator self detonation, and if no humans use it! because that will suck! Lets hope this movie is good! Rock On!
  2. misfit
    in these new pics , the one of the " Giger " esc alien creepping threw the sewer  looks bad ass, I love the transparent done where you can see the humanoid skull featuers. If thats the design there using in this movie,.......Oh Hells yes, daddy like ,back to basics baby.
  3. Mr J
    Kevin peter hall used a african dance when he was walking toward arnold with his arms open, I wish he was still alive. I know everyone keeps saying less cgi but they didn't show much of the pred jumping around because they didn't have the tech but you get the feel because you see from its vision always in the trees so I think more CGI should be put in the film to make the predators movements less human, more agile. The one second he moved like he should in AVP 1 was when he speared the queen in the head. I'm just glad to hear no human pred team ups thats what ruined the first one for me most of all
  4. Mr Fox
    it seems that the Predator writes that after he fights in the movie, torwards the middle to reprecent himself in a spiritual clan ritual, or a sign of honor, thats really what i always tought about the markings on predators, that they reprecent the battle scars of honor
  5. Sergeant.Poncho
    Kevin Peter Hall. God Bless Him. He was the guy who knew how to make the Predator scary. It aint just about the Mask. OK This mask looks good I agree, But if Ian cant move and act as a Predator then the good looking mask does not matter. And I think Ian made an awful job in avp. But I hope he went thrue the first Predator and second Predator just to se how a real Predator move and act.
  6. Gul Kalvo
    So I guess we just have to look at predator2 spainsh dvd at the right to get the complete predator (well we have not seen the legs yet...)  I agree with the hairdryer look...It looks soething more Trek than predator  I will wait to see it on screen. You will no get as good predator acting as in Pred 1& 2 if the guy in the suit is the same as in AVP
  7. ArielAleXCo
    the alien is from alien 3, look at the box!!   and yeah... I did saw the other pictures but I think they were taken with an "granangular" lense from the top, so they look a little strange, BUT...  the perspective from the production photo, and the other from the front actually look amazing... thats what im telling, not that i dont like the badass look from the eyes. ^_^
  8. Angus
    I bet a million dollars that the avp2 figures will use the same body again. The mask on the avp 1 leading pred was pretty shotty if you ask me, lets hope the quality of the work is better this time round. I'll still buy it what ever it looks like.
  9. Mr J
    I wish the shoulder cannon was smaller, good tech doesn't get bigger, the Predator 2 shoulder cannon looked the best, tribal and small, not like a hairdryer. Still....
  10. BigD
    They look more like alien or some prey's teeth to me on the mask. I like how some are chipped like they've been there for a while. Lets hope this pred has some balls not like AVP 1 preds that got their butts kicked. GO PREDS!!
  11. BigD
    somebody get me a towel.  I know I promised myself I wasn't going to get excited about this film but damn it I am. IF a third film gets made they should have it like AVP2 the game, sometime after ALIENS or ALIEN 3 just after rippley has died.
  12. Invisible Darkness
    Lets not forget, these are just Slide Show Pictures. Those pictures are taken in a completely different light. If they look this good now, just imagine how fantabulous they will be in the movie with the proper lighting effects.
  13. Invisible Darkness
    This mask is very similar to the mask from Predator 2. It's a different color, but very close in design. I do like the new, subtle features of this mask. The "Spikes", or "horns" are very cool. Giving the mask a Battle-Scarred look is a great way to show that this Predator is VERY battle tested. I like the writing on the mask so much better than Andersons' "markings" from the first. Having the Predator rub a bit of Alien blood on its' mask makes the Predator seem to only be instictive. Having writing on the mask gives the impression of intelligence rather than instinct. I love the look of everything so far. The brothers have said all along they wanted to get back to the "roots" of each series. They seem to be backing their words so far. They have made subtle design changes. Changes might be the wrong word. They went back to the originals and just added a few small things.
  14. Oh Mama
    Is it just me or does the picture of the mask from the rear make it look more elongated ie is this the pred / aliens mask? or does he just have extra long locks    ;)  
  15. Jortron
    I suppose the writing is growing on me, I just hope they don't go overboard.  The new writing style is very creative.  It seems more tribal and hunter oriented.  Great work!
  16. Jortron
    I also like the Celtic mask a little more, personally.  But the Celtic mask doesn't really work for the main predator in a movie.  This mask will do just fine, not really psyched about the writing though.  I think the scratches and spikes are enough.
  17. Xenomorphine
    Wow. People are already claiming the film is going to be "awesome", just because some tiny spikes have been put on the helm. :)  Come on, guys. They already had the moulds from before. It's not going to be some sort of incredible challenge for them.  The very coolest thing on that page isn't even any of the stuff to do with the new film. It's that truly amazing representation of the creature from 'Alien' passing through some chains.
  18. Bio Mech Hunter
    Man, this is great stuff! Where's the freak'n trailer already?! lol I CAN"T WAIT ANY LONGER!  The new mask kicks serious ass, but I must say that I personally like Celtic's mask a little better   ;)    And PLEASE, for the love of God, don't turn the aliens into mindless cannon fodder. Especially for only one pred.   :'(      ;)  
  19. Predboy
    I cant help but fall in love with the shoulder cannon. It just looks so damn great.  And for the smart ass comments that might be posted after this, Im not saying that in a sexual way.
  20. Elorrra
    Maybe this Predator is some kind of artist? Those symbols are BURNED with the acid blood..! He just sits and paints. Now that's some image...   I LOVE IT!!!!    ;D  
  21. Danger Close
    WOW! The new Mask rocks, They nailed a very cool look. I'm not sold on the shoulder cannon but it looks good. The only point on the mask is the writing, I hope it's a little more subtle in the movie.
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