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Sideshow AvP2 Props

Sideshow, the company responsible for many Aliens and Predator busts and props has just put online three items from the up and coming Aliens vs Predator:

20070725_01 Sideshow AvP2 Props

Specifically, there are three props: A Shoulder Cannon, a Shuriken and a mask. Both the Shuriken and the Cannon have fancy brown patterns and reliefs inlaid into them. On the mask you can clearly see many scratchs and marks which supports that the Predator in the film will be an experienced hunter. Also of notice is that on all three pictures, they’re using the logo we recently reported. Thanks to Rob Boerakker for the news.

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  1. Yautja boy
    What if its the cargo ship from alien?That whould be soooo cool!The predators ship is carrying eggs to a planet to set up a colony but an egg opens and latches onto a predator creating the hybrid,which wreaks havoc on the ship,forcing it to land on earth.The hybrid gets loose with ____ eggs and sets up a hive in a barn(cows,sheep,dogs,cats,pigs,rats,snakes etc)and THE WOLF has to go seek them out and destroy them before earth becomes overrun with bugs,then after hes done he flies off to continue his mission,but because hes seriusly hurt the ship crashes and his dying move is he turns on the warning becon to warn the predators about the planet!.That whould be so awesome!!!   ;D  
  2. Xenomorphine
    Venom, there has been nothing whatsoever indicating the Predator will even face a Queen and if it does, you can safely bet it won't take the creature's head off as easy as you appear to think it would.
  3. Anonymous684
    You guya the Shuriken is the same as the one in AVP1 go online and look even watch the movie it has the brown on it and everything!
  4. VENOM
    MAN IT LOOKS SO AWESUM! 100 minutes movie alien is blackish silver predator looks awesum wit dat bronze color classic pred look! Dis is awesum! I jus hope dat in d end, da predator comes out from da sewers, SMOKEY n den he comes out from da smoke wit an ALIEN QUEEN'S SKULL!!! Dats guna be so cool although i like aliens better but i LOVE EM BOTH!!!
  5. Betty
    95% of the people going to this flick will not care about the writing on the Cannon or a Shuriken  over a disc or a scratch on the mask or if the Alien has a rigged or smooth head.   :D     :D     ;D  
  6. cockroach
    Like them all & sideshow has v good standards generally. shame no alien/s material being released... i ll have to be patient (which is v hard)... bring on next week already....
  7. Kanesson
    I've got to hand it to some of you guys, you seem to be able to interpret whatever it is Strelok is saying. Myself, I have no clue     .. No i just ignored it LOL
  8. mjacobson
    These all look cool. Likewise, they all look to be outside my budget   :'(   I've got to hand it to some of you guys, you seem to be able to interpret whatever it is Strelok is saying. Myself, I have no clue    ???  
  9. Kanesson
    Wow .. I saved and zoomed in on the pic of the plasma canon, and colin didn't lie about having there own version of pored lettering. theres a major change the symbols are all joined up and there curved in design? Anyone else see it?
  10. Pvt. Hicks
    wow Ermac youre retarded. THOSE ARENT FROM THE FILM.  this is kinda why I dont really like lots of ppl to see the new news, because they take it the wrong way and think its from the film
  11. Strelok
    I just read something the name of the movie it will be "Aliens vs. Predator" nothing else,and in this movie it have one predator who have a good story one predator will have this mask the mask it have a scratchs from a battle from others alien and this predator seem it will be a something like expert at huntings like an the first movie AvP, one predator survive to the end of the movie
  12. pmaz11
    Those look pretty sweet! like like the brown tint on the shuriken and the cannon, I can't see much of the mask but the scratches/marks are cool and what i see of it though the mask is awesome!
  13. Predboy
    So negative. The mask here looks good to me, and Im sure this movie will be decent. You talk like you've seen the movie already, none of us will know whats going to happen until it comes out, so stop talking like you've seen it already. Perhaps the predator will live, maybe it wont, we'll never know until we see it.
  14. Strelok
    one thing is sure in the movie AvP2 every predator and every alien and the predaalien all will be dead i'm sure only the humans will survive
  15. Strelok
    OK for the Queen first maybe it will have a queen but ti will be an EGG or it will be not a queen in the movie AvP2 well there will be aliens not just the PREDAALIEN but maybe  somehow it will have a egg's
  16. KanesSon
    Yup totally cool feels more like the origianal two pred films! I wana see more alien stuff tho .. but atleast know we know the pred is goin to kick ass    ;)    Trailer = Cant wait..
  17. Strelok
    the shuriken is steady to aliens acid, but the smart disk it's not in the movie first alien is the "Predaalien" it seem the movie wont be so cool. There is a scene, one Predator fight with alien,but I'm not sure ALIEN OR THE PREDAALIEN,but I'm sure  one thing the movie wont bi so cool, the first movie AvP TWO predators they die from one alien this is just not right the first predator die so quickly, and the AvP2 will be the same.
  18. Strelok
      :-\   not cool this predators will be funny this is stupid specially the mask it's not cool there is will be no queen alien the wristblades will be the same like the first movie of Alien vs. Predator    :-\  
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