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Fox Pulls Out of Comic-Con [Updated #4]

Seems Fox has pulled out of this year’s Comic-Con event, according to LATimes. No specific reasons are given in the article except saying the material wasn’t ready.

“The studio pulled out of Comic-Con on Wednesday, just a week shy of the massive movie fan convention in San Diego, canceling its star- and filmmaker-studded panel, saying clips from its slate of effects-heavy films just aren’t ready… Fox movies pulled from the schedule are “Jumper,” directed by Doug Liman and starring Hayden Christensen; directors Colin and Greg Strause’s update to the popular “Aliens vs. Predator” franchise; the Vin Diesel action film “Babylon A.D.”; and “Hitman,” starring Timothy Olyphant, based on the wildly popular video game of the same name.”

It’s not the end of the world. Just means people going to Comic-Con won’t be seeing the AvP2 Trailer. You can read the full article in this thread. Thanks to CloakedHunter for the bad news.

Update #1: CHUD revealed Fox pulled out because they were told that any R-Rated material wasn’t allowed to be shown during the presentations.

Update #2: Colin posted in the forum and said that the R-Rated trailer will be still shown online as promised.

Update #3: Greg said on IMDB that the trailer will be online about a week or so after Comic-Con.

Update #4: There’s so many rumours going around at the moment. CHUD have spoken to David Glanzer (director of publicity for Comic-Con) who said that they aren’t against R-Rated material and Fox will still be appearing at Comic-Con. So it looks like Fox will be showing something, but who knows if they’ll have an AvP2 presentation or not.

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  1. VENOM
    Yea is pretty slow, da movie is comin out in december make sum poster, site or trailer man cmon! but i know wad dey r doin, dey r makin u wait wait wait wait, in ur heart u urge ur stomach growls AVP2 AVP2 I WANT IT BUT I CAN'T ARGH MUST HAV TRAILER MUS HAV TRAILER!!! AHHHHHHH I WANT IT SNARL RAWR!!!!!! AHHHHHHH
    AW man i want dis movie trailer so bad cmon but dunt wry da trailer says it all n yes it will be comin next week 1 more fkcin week -_-
  3. Predboy
    Fox will always shit us. Thats what they live for, thats what keeps them alive, when they see us diehard fans suffer.
  4. meetxj9
    Well, the brothers strause did promise us that it will be something to behold. Gore and violents galore. If the show ends up going belly up i will never believe any directors again. No matter how big of a fan they are to the franchise. Plus everyone here already have very low expectations on the movie anyway. We just want to see MORE FIGHT SCENES!!!!! PROPER ONES!!!   ;D  
  5. GueRoux
    One of things about the last one that I didnt like was that they showed too much before the film came out. I remember they had all those behind the scenes things that they did with Amalgamated Dynamics workshops along with various clips and stuff. I remember about  a week before the movie came out they showed one of the alien vs. predator fights on yahoo or something. By the time I saw the movie, I felt like I had already seen it. So, I am very happy that their's so much secrecy. I mean c'mon...what's wrong with being surprised. I'm just thankful they're making a sequel at all.
  6. meetxj9
    Its probaly another marketing ploy. Get the fans up and riled about the film. Then give them the good parts of the film as preview. Then have it released in december and hope the public will get suckered in with the hype to make a slight profit. However a film like this should have had a long preview time. Look at spiderman 3. This just raises more questions on whether the film is meant to be a sleeper hit or train wreck ready to happen.
  7. Predator Warrior
    maybe you guy's should just chill out a bit, i know how much it sux to wait cause i'm a die hard fan as well, but maybe since it's taking too long could probably mean that what they have planned is big and are working their ass's off to get this movie just right, remember we also don't want them to rush through this movie and have turn out to be a big mess, and from all the rumors about the film, it's almost worth the wait, only time will tell   ;D     8)  
  8. Ok5
    Hello i from latvia, Latvia about Russia, me name Oleg.  I wait a trailer, all will be ок, I am assured, that film will turn out better 1, though to me and 1 has liked, I cannot wait a trailer
  9. Hicks101
    I agree. I mean, this movie is supposed to be released in what, five months? There is just something really weird about the fact that any big movie has pictures from the set, so why would Fox want to keep this so secret? And the trailer will not debut until a "week or so" after Comic Con? How is it that this movie has taken so long to produce and even the trailer is not ready to be shown? Maybe it's the Strauses' fault, but like Anderson, they are trying to play themselves off as the victims.
  10. Cellien
    At this rate.. I am seriously doubting the movie releases this year.  They should've and would've shown more by now.  MAYBE there will be a suprise trailer in Simpsons.  Smartest thing they could possibly do.  Who watches the Simpons and aren't even just slight Aliens/Predator fans?
  11. cockroach
    ok i am drunk as most londoners are at this time on a thursday eve.... i love my alien films... predator i like alot... but aliens are still my heart... colin please let me know trailer will still be shown as promised at the end of july? if not then pretty please make sure the alien queen facehugger is a show in the new film    ;D   or else i will be very distressed    ;)  
  12. billy
    Xeno,  I know buddy. Redband also did one for the dawn of the dead remake that was full of some gore. :) I have some good vibes about this flick. Looks like the smaller budget might have given the brother more control.Anything will be better than avp.
  13. billy
    The regular trailer will be shown  before the films still. The redband trailer will still be seen by millions of people. All the major Nerd sites will pick it up. Ain't it cool, Chud,dark Hor. Relax people. :)
  14. Ermac
    Wow, I guess everything regarding this movie will only be shown on YouTube. Instead of debuting in the real world, it's all just another "Hey, look what I found on the internet."
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