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Aliens Direct TV Ad

I heard about this new Aliens DirectTV advertisement that they’ve been showing in the US. I haven’t heard much about it but somebody uploaded it to Myspace. It starts off with Ripley fighting with the Queen and then she looks into camera and advertises this DirectTV. Check it out.

20070717 Aliens Direct TV Ad

It looks pretty good to me. To say, Aliens was made 20 years ago, Sigourney Weaver looks pretty much the same in that clip. Makes me wonder if they could still pull off a decent Alien 5 movie with her in it now. Thanks to Xenomorphine for the news.

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  1. Lonehunter24
    in mi opinion i think this may be a sneak peak at the queen that they may use in AVP2. Just think about, without really telling us exactly what tpye or if there is going to be a queen, this ad could kind've give you ideas as to what you should espect. Because also as you can tell, thats not the same queen from avp it looks a little modified.
  2. spamsoldier07
      >:(   please dont let this be aired i love the original 'get away from her u bitch' scene they have killed aliens bye bye alien5 oh cant wait 4 avp2 hope its not shit like the last 1 alien rocks   ;D  
  3. Bio Mech Hunter
    I caught both the full and abreviated versions a few days ago and it absolutely blew my mind! The make-up, lighting and editing was so damn well executed. Of course, Sigourney kicks ass regardless. lol  The Shatner/Kirk version was pretty damn awesome too.
  4. cockroach
    ha ha loves it! ripley rules. i doubt sig will ever do alien 5 but i still love the woman.  also colin - quick question... merchandise? will there be any? if so by who? tho im sure its too early to release info etc im just v impatient. love palisades AVP merchandise but the SPAWN/MCFARLANE AVP merchandise messed up the aliens head size... im fussy im afraid!
  5. jimmylace
    heheh, i was just kidding around, i am a fan of the avp idea  . its such a good idea in terms of what it adds to the predator mythos, although i think it does cheapen the alien in some respects (only when you think in terms of the first alien movie) but still psyched. I dont think anyone would want to see siggy in in an avp picture....
  6. Yutaniditch
    Hey, with X-Men 3's LOLA effects to rejuvenate Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, anything is possible now...  Trouble is that it takes an awful longtime to do that...  Imagine an entire movie with them having to 'rejuvenate' Sigourney...   :o     ;)  
  7. jimmylace
    now that really would be a "big surprise" maybe all of this is a smokescreen and sigourney weaver is starring in AvP2 and she kicks the silly looking predators ass in 2 seconds. f**k YEA.
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