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Aliens Omnibus Review

We’ve just uploaded a review I did for the Aliens Omnibus Volume 1. Like the AvP Omnibus I reviewed a month or so ago, the Aliens one is a collection of the first few Aliens comics released by Dark Horse:

“But as it stands, this comic is still an essential for any Aliens fan – and even Predator fans if you have that spare £10 to fork out on several hours of Alieny goodness. One tiny little downside, however, is it’s size. It’s a lot smaller than the AvP Omnibus. But don’t let that fool you. If you have a choice between this and the AvP one, I’d recommend this over it.”

I enjoyed the Aliens Omnibus far more than the AvP one and if it wasn’t for one comic in the Omnibus, I would have awarded it a 5 out of 5. But be sure to read the entire thing.

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