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Alien War Concept Art

Now for some Alien War news. The creator, Gary Gillies, has uploaded some new concept art for the new Alien War attraction on the Alien War Myspace page.

 Alien War Concept Art

New Alien War Concept Art

There’s six pieces ranging from a laboratory to an egg chamber. Check them all out in our gallery. Earlier this month, it was revealed that the people behind Alien War will be adding Predators to the mix. This new attraction called, AvP War, will run along side the Alien War attraction at select times. Thanks to HauntedAttractions for the news.

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  1. MoBiUGeArSkIn
    When Alien War vanished it toured some venues under a different name. They actually took it to my High School, tarting the place up one evening. I didn't go though.  But ya now what makes me laugh about this? They advertise it... using... kids. Freakin' 18 rated horror/action films, aimed at adults... event tie in... aimed at kids?
  2. cockroach
    i went to the trocadero (london) Alien War when i was a teenager... it was great/hilarious/terrifying... can't wait for this one! the interior designs seem much improved too, love the facehugger/chestburster scene & u so know that aliens gna break out of that containment thingy!
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