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Aliens Omnibus 2 & AvP Civilized Beasts

As you will all find out soon when my review of the first Aliens Omnibus goes online soon, I loved it. Loved it to bits. So imagine my excitment when I saw the lineup for the second volume!

“Many humans have died horribly at the claws of the Alien. The surface of Earth has been devastated to cleanse the beasts from our world. But the commercial value of this scourge has never been in doubt, especially when the special properties of the Alien Queen’s royal jelly are discovered. Will Mankind once again risk its very survival as a species in order to sleep with the Alien?”

The second volume collects Genocide, Harvest, Colonial Marines and quite possibly Tribes – the cover is the Tribes one. So if the lineup is anything to go by, volume 2 should be quite a ride! But thats not all! Looks like original Alien vs Predator comics are back on the go too. Stuck in comic limbo for years, AvP – Civilized Beasts finally has a new release date (Sep 05, 2007) and an updated profile. You can view the Aliens Omnibus Vol.2 profile here and the Civilized Beasts profile here.

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  1. pretrixalated
    I'm planing on buying the aliens and aliens vs predator omnibus's but there so darn expencive like 30$ each that's like 60$ plus taxe!
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