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Comic-Con AvP2: July 27th 12:15-14:00

The program schedules for Comic-Con have been released. Fox will be showing previews of their upcoming movies between 12:15-14:00 on Friday July 27, 2007. That’s when the AvP2 teaser will be first shown.

“12:15-2:00 Twentieth Century Fox””Twentieth Century Fox “jumps” into Comic-Con with exclusive looks at some of the most-anticipated movie events of 2007 and 2008. In the epic action-adventure Jumper, a genetic anomaly allows a young man to teleport himself anywhere. The film, opening February 15, 2008, starring Hayden Christensen, Rachel Bilson, Jamie Bell, and Samuel L. Jackson, is directed by Doug Liman. The cast and filmmakers will screen footage. In Aliens vs. Predator, opening December 25, the iconic creatures from two of the scariest film franchises ever are back.

Apple will hopefully put the teaser online on the weekend and I imagine the AvP2 Official Website, storyline and other stuff will be made available at the same time too. Thanks to Darkoo for the news.

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  1. meetxj9
    Please oh please, let this movie not suck.   :(   The first 1 has already taken a big bashing from fanboys and normal movie goers alike. I know the brothers were just being nice to the previous guys who did the first 1in the interview. But hey, those guys really sucked bigtime. If this 1 gets off the ground. We will definately see the revival of the Alien and Predator movie series.
  2. Jango1201
    heheh, just a thought that hit me. The brothers clearly stated that the trailer would reveal a plot, Am i correct? If that was anderson trying to do the same, we would have never had to pay  to see AVP because i got a double feature along with SPIDER-MAN 2! The whole movie was nothing but a teaser... plain and simple...
  3. Innerchaos
    Hey! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, just got done basic training! I've enjoyed the updates thus far and am ready for a fresh restart of this saga. I doubt we'll see very much in the teaser. But between actually hearing the fearful fans and making a sequel to a piece of shite, I doubt the Bros will leave us hanging with too little. I think we'll see a few quick clips with an epic battle segment (i.e. pred running at an alien, pred standing on top of a hill drawing blades, roar of a predalien without showing it,...etc.). What I think would be the greatest moment in trailer history is if they start it out with the guy who voices trailers going, "So you've seen AVP, yeah, sorry about that. This time, I'm serious, it's gonna be good." Just a thought.
  4. ShadowPred
    Judging from that quote Pvt. Hicks is already losing it. Anyway i think i might go apeshit the same way I did when the trailer for AVP came out...but hopefully this time the movie is as good as the trailer.
  5. Predboy
    Oh my god, are you serious, I never could've telled.   :o    
  6. Bio Mech Hunter
    Awesome! I can't wait! July 27th is marked and locked in.  Pvt. Hicks, I'm going to be nervous as hell, too. lol *crosses fingers*
  7. Wolfy
    maybe it will shows us a few shows of pred armour and a few of the alien, and make freaky noises, and show like an alien jump at the screen at the end making it look uber cool!     ::)  
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