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Cinema Expo & Comic-Con

I guess a lot of fans are annoyed that the clip shown at the Amsterdam Expo hasn’t made its way online. Colin spoke about it earlier this week and Greg talked about it today:

Colin: “It was a marketing thing for theater chains overseas I believe. We gave them a few big chunks of the film with temp effects, but guessing from the response I think I know which one was shown.”

Greg: “The Cine Expo in Amsterdam was for exhibitors, not fans. Basically the studios need to build up excitement with the theatre owners, and Cine Expo is the place to do it for Europe… We’re not even sure which clip was the one everyone is talking about – there are many scenes with ‘shocking’ events, so I’m less sure than Colin which one or ones were shown…”

Greg continues and says that the trailer will be released online around the same time as it’s shown at Comic-Con. They’re still going over which scenes to show with the studio and are waiting until the big summer movies have passed before they start marketing etc. Greg also said in another post that there is between 400-500 vfx shots in AvP2.

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