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I guess a lot of fans are annoyed that the clip shown at the Amsterdam Expo hasn’t made its way online. Colin spoke about it earlier this week and Greg talked about it today:

Colin: “It was a marketing thing for theater chains overseas I believe. We gave them a few big chunks of the film with temp effects, but guessing from the response I think I know which one was shown.”

Greg: “The Cine Expo in Amsterdam was for exhibitors, not fans. Basically the studios need to build up excitement with the theatre owners, and Cine Expo is the place to do it for Europe… We’re not even sure which clip was the one everyone is talking about – there are many scenes with ‘shocking’ events, so I’m less sure than Colin which one or ones were shown…”

Greg continues and says that the trailer will be released online around the same time as it’s shown at Comic-Con. They’re still going over which scenes to show with the studio and are waiting until the big summer movies have passed before they start marketing etc. Greg also said in another post that there is between 400-500 vfx shots in AvP2.

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  1. Xenomorphine
    The character of dutch was not armed for quite a while and the creature still stalked him around - still with its gun (it even 'challenged' him in the biggest possible way, when he had no weapons whatsoever to hand). It knew he was unarmed after he got out of the river (and shortly before that character plunged in it) and it still looked around to shoot him. Predators aren't stupid enough to presume that prey without tools equates to not being dangerous. :)  They only care about whether or not the intended potential victim makes enough of a fuss to defend themselves against a hulking, invisible monster striding towards them. That's virtually 99.9% of everyone.  It might well have continued to try getting to Anna if it didn't feel Dutch was a more 'important' sort of trophy. They might save an unarmed pregnant female, but almost certainly just to make sure there are future targets in the area.
  2. Pvt. Hicks
    Im 15 and have been a fan since I was 4. These films are a part of me, I can recite them word for word, visual for visual. I own loads of action figures and merchandise.  Dont say Im not a true fan just because im a kid.    ;)  
  3. Invisible Darkness
    You'll notice that I did put the word "fair" in quotations. A predator won't kill someone unless they are a threat, or armed with a weapon. Both mean pretty much the same, but I wanted to cover all sides. A better way to put it might be the have rules and Aliens do not. Still, it is a form of being fair. I'm not sure why it is questioned. The 1st Predator movie shows what I am talking about. It did not kill Anna because she wasn't armed. As Arnie stated in the movie. And the very end when Arnie used up all his home-made weapons, the Predator discarded his sholder cannon. A little hand to hand combat between the 2. Fair to the point that they had no weapons, but not at the same time because the Predator is HUGE and 10 times stronger. He only tried using his blade when it appeared Arnie was defeated.
  4. EpsilonOrpheon777
    hah! i'm 20 which means i was born 18 years before AVP was released... so that means i'm allowed to be a "true" fan right?  not because i began collecting AVP comics since i was 5, but because i was born before 2004, right?  i'm pretty sure everyone on here was born before AVP was released.  your comment made no sense
  5. Invisible Darkness
    1976 is my birth year. You do the math since you seem to have a problem with my posts that are non-threatening. I state my oppinion at times and facts at other times. Mr. Weyland is correct in saying you don't have to be over 21 to be a true fan of the films. What does being born before a film is made have anything to do with being a fan of that film??? Are you saying that people born after a movie is made aren't allowed to view it? Thats the other thing that almost would make sense to a statment like that. The movie Jaws Was made in 1975. A year before I was born. From your post that means I can't be a true fan of that movie. All I have left to say about that post is....DUMB!
  6. YautjaTheiDe
    Is there any1 here that is over 21? I hear all this true fans stuff and opinions that to me are pretty much bullshit...were any of u even born before the first movie was released?
  7. Invisible Darkness
    Aliens Vs. Predator   Nothing else needed in the title. For the true fans of both series, knowing you really only need 1 Predator going against LOTS of Aliens, is a perfect fit for the Title. Remeber, the Predators are "fair". They have advanced weapons and great intelligence. More then one Predator would be fun to watch, but maybe they will use that in the next film.
  8. Invisible Darkness
    Not strange at all. The movie doesn't come out for almost 7 months. They have given us 1 photo. These guys have repeatedly stated they won't rush into thing. They want to take the time and get it right. After the 1st film, I think we can all respect that. We have just a few short weeks remaining until they release the teaser trailer.
  9. SublimeDBC
    i am hyped about this movie i just hope to god this one actually contains some decent battles the other movie lacked any even sub par battles to be nice
  10. ShadowPred
    Well I hope that the Trailer delivers on the damn hype, because if it doesn't, well...most of us here will get mad and be pissed, I will just be dissapointed, but will still be aching to see the movie.
  11. killzone
      :-\   you know I liked the first AVP I didn't think it was brilliant but I liked it-primarily because that was the version Fox went for it got made and made enough money for us to be sitting here now discussing what we think should and should not be in the second one. I believe the DVD sold 1.8million copies in its first day ( I am not 100% on this could be wrong) The film made 69 million at the box office and technically it was put together well I though considering the budget. Anyway, that said: I am like everyone here excited about this second movie. I think it could be good. I think Fox are probably banking on making the same financial margins that they did on the first one. I am extremely relieved to hear its gonna be an R I agree about the chestburster in the first movie it was handled very badly. I am a bit ambivilent  about the whole Pred Alien thing I am not completely convinced by the idea but it might work. Either way I am so looking forward to seeing it
    The chestbursting scenes after Alien were so terrible. Well, Aliens had a descent one and the woman was cocooned. Thats why it wasn't as dramatic as Kane kicking all around on that table. Kane wasn't restained as well.  The Predators in AVP were over-done. The vision of orange was like looking through orange stained glass. The over-eggzagerated blades were unessasary. The face, again, over-eggzagerated too. The original Predator design is not broken, so there wasn't an need to fix it. They way Anderson changed almost everything about the Predator reminded me of the first 4 Batman movie. With each one the Batsuit became more rediculious.  I have no problems with additions to the Predator, but not complete changes that contradict the original.
    As far as worse ideas......well the first AVP would fit into that stat. As far as making it realistic, well you really can go wrong when doing Sci-Fi movies. I mean the realistic part of it anyways. Since it would never happen and never has, you can't compare it's realism  to real life events like you could with a Drama. That said, When you have a Sci-Fi movie established with the rules in place, then you can do it wrong. Predators hunt for sport and are "fair" in their practice of killing if you will. Aliens, well they sit at the opposing side of "fair". Not if you change they way each of them are, it better have a great explaination. If not, then you can compare it to the previous films. Namely the originals. The Facehugger in Alien attached to Kane was more than 10 minutes(AVP). Anderson never gave an explanation for the HUGE time difference, let alone a good explanation.
    "None take" to quote Hicks from Aliens. : ) It does sound a bit lame, but like I said, it's just my idea of how it could begin. Does that mean I want it to begin that way? Not at all. It is only how I think they may open the movie up with from things I have heard and read.  Inside information....not really. Any information I recieve about this movie is from the guys that post their information they recieve or other sources outside of this site. I will say this: The information given by Darkness and Co. is very reliable. I always try and double check any information I recieve and these guys here have been right on target. At least as far as everything I have read here. If they get mis-informed, they are the first to let us know. This is one of the best sites for Aliens Vs. Predator information.
  15. Orion the hunter
    ^ I think this idea for the story line has been told before by a different user, do you guys have inside information? personally I think it sounds just a little lame. I know it's a  si-fi, but i'd like it if the plot sounded a little more realistic. more so like it could happen any other day here on earth.   :-\  
    I believe the Predalien comes from the end of the 1st AVP. There may be more than 1 Predator at the very beginning of the film, but I believe there is just 1 Predator for the majority of the film. Most likely the Predalien causing havoc onboard the Predator ship and it crashing on earth with only 1 Predator and the Predalien surviving the crash. Then the Predalien seeking out the sewers and finding it's "family" with the Predator tracking it down there....Just my idea of how it could begin.
  17. cockroach
    so glad theres no pred/human team up this time. also there must be more than one predator in the whole movie as where will the predalien/hybrid come from? also hope they address the stupid timeline of the chestburster gestation in AVP (that speed up no blood proplus garbage was dum!) i say it'd take roughly 24hours... tho i may need correcting but not 10mins 'cough cough aaaargh'
    The Queen in Alien:Resurrection was killed by the "Hybrid". The statment above without the correction could also be correct by some who have watched that movie.
    Ripley killed the 1st Alien Queen in Aliens. Then the Queen in AVP was killed by both the Predator and Human. Tag-team if you will. Very cheesy too. Not sure why you are saying "finally" killed by a human Roguepl. Thats been done 2 times now. To get technical, Alien:Resurrection was killed by the "Hybrid" that was part human also. I also thought that to be cheesy. More-so than the tag-team from AVP.
    I do believe there is a queen. As far as how much of her we see is another question. The movie title is: Aliens Vs. Predator, so lots of Aliens and 1 Predator. Sounds action filled to me. Plus, lots of Aliens means they had to come from somewhere. A Queen at some point in the movie. The Predalien is still and Alien. I believe a very violent fight between the Predalien and Predator will be the final showdown for this movie.
  21. cockroach
    agree with above. they know how to work the effects...   and with regard to there being no queen in this movie. i personally think there will be a queen or else there will only be a certain number of aliens tho from the rumours sounds like the town is over run with them, also with all the town people i think it'd be a waste of hosts   also i liked the original aliens vs predator comic idea where a queen facehugger accidently gets transported to earth for hunting along with normal ones which therefore causes the outbreak... also this would explain the 'hive' in the sewers (which is a great setting & i'm sure the aliens will feel at home)... well fingers crossed. also i think the predalien will be the final face off... which would either mean the alien queen would ve been destroyed already OR the predalien destroys queen (tho already been kinda done in Alien Res) also its not a genetic cross like the new born so is purely alien in instinct so doubt the predalien hybird will kill a queen OR the queen facehugger inpregnates a predator = amazing queen predalien hybrid! but doubt that'll happen.  well what ever happens i got a good feeling this film is gna rock!
    I like the setting. The sewer system is where the Alien Hive will be. Reminiscent of the setting for Aliens. Dark and close quarters. Very claustrophobic feel to it I would think. I am not worried about the visual effects of this movie. They brothers have worked on some very big budget movies doing the visual effects. The Nutty Professor, Volcano, and Titanic. Here are the more recent big films they did: Greg and Colin's visual effects company Hydraulx has worked on big films like X-Men: The Last Stand, Fantastic Four, Terminator 3, and The Day After Tomorrow. Even if you didn't like any of these movies, the visual effects were top-notch. Rest easy guys and gals, Greg and Colin will deliver a what we were hoping for the first time around. Don't forget that Greg and Colin have also said if this movie does well, they want to direct a 3rd AVP. The wrote a script for the original, but Fox went with Anderson instead. Anything Anderson touches turns to, well we all know the rest.
    Ermac is right about it only being a teaser trailer, but the directors have also stated that it will reveal the plot to the story. It will have actual movie footage, unlike a lot of teaser trailers. No one wants to be reminded of the 1st AVP teaser which was Andersons' POOR attempt at trying to bring the true fans of both series. He had to use film footage from the original movies because his movie was "lacking" to put it nicely. Andersons' theatrical trailer also showed most of the action scenes in the movie. Another give-away that he had a poor product.  I like the fact that the cast is relatively unknown. The setting is fine. Other than going to the predator home world (Which should be used for a 3rd Stand alone Predator movie) where else could they have set the movie that hasn't been done?
  24. Ermac
    MY god I can't even begin to imagine all of us having nerdgasms for when it is released.
     I can't imagine it either, because it's just not going to happen. Man, just because we're due a teaser trailer and the title is now "Aliens vs.Predator" doesnt automatically mean this film will redeem the franchise. There are still faar too many things wrong with this movie already, ie. setting, cast, creature-effects house...
  25. Cellien
    *Copied from a thread I posted on mentioning what Greg said"  Actually.. that clears up a lot.  The big budget films right now are going to hog all the interest.. Its in the film's/studios best interest to wait till the dust settles to show off AvP2.  Nice find, thanks for posting it.
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