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Interview with DH Press Editors

I just finished up an interview with Rob Simpson and Victoria Blake, the editors of DH Press’ Alien and Predator novel line:

“AvPGalaxy – How did you get the positions of being the editors for the Aliens/Predator novel line?

Rob Simpson – When I came to Dark Horse about three years ago the decision to do Aliens and Predator novels had just been made. Since I’ve edited similar novels based on movie franchises before, such as Indiana Jones, Warcraft, and Starcraft, it was a pretty easy fit. As Victoria’s duties here started to grow, she showed a real affection for the two franchises, so I’ve been passing the duties over to her more and more. “

It quite a long and detailed interview which covers the many things, and if I do say so myself, very interesting. We got confirmation of some new novels as well. So make sure you check out the entire interview.

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  1. Kimarhi
    One question I would've like to see asked is whether or not new stories could come out of the old universe.  For instance, could we see some kind of spinoff of the oldwar scenario, or are writers just allowed to write in the new universe?  If that makes sense.  Everywone of the new stories I read fell pretty far removed from the original darkhorse comic line.  Otherwise, good interview.
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