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Alien Hive Confirmed

Time for one of my analytical posts, I think. A question a lot of people have been wondering is where do the aliens come from in AvP2? That’s still speculation, but we’ve spoken to a couple of crew members and we can reveal that there will be a hive, most likely in the sewers – hence why the Predator was down there in the ADI Book picture. This could also explain why the aliens in AvP2 have ridged heads – like in Aliens – due to them being in a hive setting.

Well, that was most likely to do with the fact they were hibernating too and were a lot older so I don’t think AvP2’s story will be able to get around that. Okay, a hive isn’t big news but wouldn’t the presence of a hive indicate that a Queen would have to be in AvP2? So the question becomes where does the Queen come from? Read on for my full article…

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  1. Orion the hunter
    Holy F**K, these directors got a lot on their plate, if they have screwed this up it's going to be a hell of a riot...   :o    Tool=awsome
  2. Heavypred
    hey does anyone have a clue on when exactly a preview trailer clip for avp2 is going to come out? I heard it may come out with Die Hard 4 and other preview trailers you always see before a movie starts.
  3. avpguy
    it wont be and in AVP watch the facehugger is yellow and it means that its a regular facehugger but if its a queen, its Paul Anderson's fault for being stupid to make a regular facehugger into a queen and I seriously doubt that the predalien will be a queen plus it would be a good/bad idea for a predalien queen but it would result as in predalien drones, runners, praetorians, and chestbursters making it too predalien.  AVP would go down if that would happen plus there would be a huge cost of building one for AVP2 but it would sort of bring something new to AVP and fans might like it.And also like Xenomorphine said,  "Where does the alien egg come from?"   I think it'll be a regular predalien but if it were a queen, something like the queen laying a an egg at the last minute before death just like Aliens when the queen farted that last egg out=queen facehugger=Ripley impregnated=runner=happiness for the aliens.
  4. Xenomorphine
    (1) What has a hive environment got to do with breeding? There is no link. They just so happen to have breeding as one of their favourite things to do. :) The third film's creature was resting somewhere, just like the first was. It was by no means killing all of the time. As Ripley said, it was staying "close to the zebras". Every single creature has created an environment of mucous walls, including the first. Why would it be anything like an exception?  (2) Dallas was turning into an egg, as proven in 'Giger's Alien'.  (3) There are not any real differences between the creatures. 'Drones' and 'warriors' are only words to try and explain why some have a covering and others don't, when the explanation of age probably does just as well. :)  (4) The 'superfacehugger' is not definitely a reality. We don't even have proof of where that egg came from. There could have been more than one there.
  5. bigfoot
    if the alienpred  survivors if the mothership does crash  will there be another mother ship in which case will they then send a hunter pred to seek out the alienpred and the other aliens and what about the predators home world will they live in a nice big house wood fire place alien and human sculs hanging on the mantle piece     ::)  
  6. YutaniDitch
    Happypred,  the Predalien could very easily provoke a rupture in the ships' hull, or damage the controls in the control room, or kill the pilot... take your pick...   ;)  
  7. YutaniDitch
    OK, if you are fundamenting your assumption on the first Alien... but this was a different Alien, who preferred killing to nesting, so to speak...he killed Clemens and then carried his body away, he killed Spt. Andrews and most, if not all, of the prisoners, so why and when would he be nesting...? It would require living hosts to breed (Dallas was alive in the nest) so why kill ALL of the prisoners/potential hosts for the Queen which it knew was about to be born...?  That is why I think this Alien was not a drone alien (not the abandoned white alien concept from James Cameron, but the ones without the dome) but a warrior, meaning it was there to protect the Queen, and eliminate any potential threat to it (prisoners), that is why I think he was not nesting, we sticked close to Ripley and the prisoners because it was required to do so, being the Queen's 'bodyguard'...   The Superfacehugger had two embryos, one queen and one warrior, which implies that this Alien's mission was to protect the Queen at all costs, eliminationg any threat and not coccooning or nesting...   At least, that is my take...
  8. Xenomorphine
    When the prisoners were moving the explosives around, at least one of them found signs of alien mucous around, just like Dallas did. It was likely that the thing had a central lair and that would have been where it was setting up home in as an extreme way as the first one had been.
  9. YutaniDitch
    Also, if there are gonna be more than a dozen Aliens in AVP2, I think you can rest assured there will be a Queen...! There would have to be various facehuggers to impregnate the 'Gunnissonians' and it would be unrealistic if ALL the huggers would come from inside the Predator ship...!    :o       ;)  
  10. YutaniDitch
    Yes, Bodysnatcher... that is why I usually call it 'Alienpred' and not 'Predalien'...   It is an Alien, but with some characteristics from its host (outer mandibles, inner mouth, biped...) though, come to think of it, only the Alien3 did the Alien have a more human-like mouth, with human-like lips, according to directions from Giger himself... 'a morre errotic mouth' or something like that...   Check out the photos of the Alien head and the featurette with Giger talking about his concepts for the Alien in Alien3...  Also, I don't recall seeing in Alien3 a Hive or anything even remotely looking like it... Where did you see this, Xenomorphine...?       ???  
  11. BodySnatcher
    The reason people are mistaken it (Predalien) for something that might backstab or have it's own agenda is infact because it's called a Predalien when it is quite simply just an Alien like the one from Alien3 but simply from an alternate host rather than a human!
  12. SiL
    QuotePvt. Hicks... Your probably right but what about the alien the Queen gave birth to in Alien 4? The first thing it did was kill the queen. I'm just sayin this Predalien might turn out to have its own agenda.
    The 'Newborn' was a genetic freak that was all kinds of messed up. The PredAlien is simply an Alien born from a Predator host. No hiden agendas, no Predator skillz, no Alien backstabbing. It's an Alien, plain and simple.
  13. Drake
    Ok... Stay with me guys. I dunno if this has already been brought up but here goes.  Since the first time I saw aliens, and then sat through preadator 2, I practically leapt out of my seat when I saw the alien head in the trophy case on the pred's ship.  I have waited for the cross over since that first image, and I loved avp. Had a few friends that said it was ok but I completly understood and revelled in the tying of the two franchises togeather.   But to me.. This AVP2 seems to be lacking something.  On earth again huh....Sigh.Small town?... Sigh. Sounds a little weak to me. Didn't we already see this but instead of a small town it was under the ice in Antartica set in a Mayan/Cambodian/Egyptian temple?  I'd like to hope I know what the fans want, and seriously don't we all want to see colonial marines, preds and aliens in a massive 3 way bout?  Thoughts?
  14. adervish
    Pvt. Hicks... Your probably right but what about the alien the Queen gave birth to in Alien 4?  The first thing it did was kill the queen.  I'm just sayin this Predalien might turn out to have its own agenda.
  15. Xenomorphine
    All the Queens were intelligent. It would have scraped and bitten at Newt if it had been able to. The part where it was tearing down the structure Lex was hiding under, seemed to be very like the behaviour exhibited when the other one was taking out metal plates to find Newt, in the future.
  16. Xenomorphine
    It isn't a cross. It's just another Alien. It happens to use a different genetic template for a personal body design, but that's all.  'Alien 3' showed that Aliens form different hosts would not care about it. That version came from a canine, yet wa protecting what was growing inside Ripley.
  17. adervish
    Predalien kills queen after hive is created.  Predalien is a cross between both species, therefore has no allies.  Its a rightous hunter and a straight killer.
  18. avpguy
    i hope the queen was like the aliens queen and avp queen combined because the aliens queen was very intelligent unlike the avp queen and A4 queen but the avp queen was a physical queen that just goes and runs over people and bites, claws, and whips them but it'd be better if it was smart and physical and im just comparing but dont make a fuss about it like on imbd but it's like u combine superman and batman, jp t rex and jp raptor, monkey and gorilla.
  19. Trioxide
    I always laugh when people claim to have "inside" connections at a movie studio.....   I bet all of you guys who "claim to have connections" use      :P         :D       --->     >:(  
  20. ILovJesus
    No! Nice storyline, there will be a queen so da aliens will look awesum! Btw i jus want da pred to win in d end, like an explosion in da sewers n then suddenly, da pred walks out wit an alien queen's skull!!! dat would be so cool although i like aliens beter. i ALWAYS WANT DIS TO HAPPEN BUT WILL IT???!!!
  21. Dzuksi
    What if queen from AVP survived and later find frozen by humans - humans decided to transport it to some secret place for analising - but things go bad and transporter crash near some mid-west town. than she hide herself into the sewers and start reproducing aliens. Sewers seems fine because she was already in water for most time... but then it comes predalien....
  22. YutaniDitch
    I guess his 'vagueness' is a small price to pay for his help in taming our overeagerness to go and see the movie already so far still from the premiere...!  I understand how much is at stake here, for us and for Fox, so I cut him some slack...!  And it seems he took us fans into consideration while filming it, so for that alone, I thank him and hope he makes a FANTASTIC debut as a movie director with AVP2...!  Like I said, if he can make a good lemonade out of the bitter lemons he had to deal with, then I am confident we will enjoy this movie... He knows us, fans, he knows what we like about the creatures, what we disliked about AVP, it is only a matter of pulling together a story that explores their full potential...  If they do that, we will be looking back at his   :-X   posture and say 'he did good to keep us excited and longing to see this movie'...!      ;)  
  23. YutaniDitch
    Well, we all will have to wait till the movie to know how they will get on Earth, then...!   6 more months to go...    :o     And Colin always so    :-X   !  Even when he answers, we don't know what he is answering about!    ;D     ;)  
  24. Darkness
    The news about the hive is true. The rest is just my theory but I also know for a fact that something else in my theory is true.  It\'s probably the bit about the where the aliens come from that isn\'t true. If it isn\'t a Queen Facehugger, or egg-morphing, I\'d like to know what.
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